3 Tips to Handle and Clean Every Mess Life Throws at You!

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3 Tips to Handle Every Mess Life Throws At You

As a work from home mom with four jobs, three dogs, two kids, a hubby in college full time–life is *messy*!!! And we’re so pressed for time that staying up on that messy can get really challenging at times.You might think that I just collected a collage of messy photos from my archives (because, hey–I’m the kind of person who does take these kinds of pictures) but nope! Just in the past 2 weeks all three of the disasters shown below have happened and/or been discovered courtesy of one little boy who very much loves dirt and one very shedding Husky!

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Breakfast on the Go and DIY Skinny Fudgesicles with Quaker Breakfast Shakes

Breakfast on the Go and DIY Skinny Fudgesicles with Quaker Breakfast Shakes

I’ve talked before about how crazy-quick our mornings usually are and my 5 Easy Steps to Stress Free School Mornings.  You might remember that my very first tip was to plan out your breakfast. While I always know what I’m going to feed the kids, I am not as great when it comes to myself. You see, I’ve never been a breakfast person. In fact I skipped it for years until I learned that it really is a super vital part of your day, and that skipping breakfast will actually cause you to gain weight as it doesn’t give your metabolism a chance to get jump started and makes your body extra and overly hungry later on!

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Every Step of the Way — Wounded Veterans, Citi, and the Olympics

I loooooove the Olympics! Every 2 years I glue myself to the TV during those weeks–laughing, crying, and celebrating. The past few weeks were no different. While prime-time also falls during bedtime (for the kiddos–well, and let’s be honest, me too) I didn’t miss a single moment of the games thanks to our handy-dandy DVR. I loved getting the chance to watch the Olympics on my schedule this year and even got the kids in on the action–here’s a post from my personal Facebook post during them:

Amber is certainly my child because we’re watching the Winter Olympics and she’s screaming at the speed skaters for the Americans to win-hahaha!

Every Step of the Way -- Wounded Veterans, Citi, and the Olympics

Usually I saved the Olympics for during my workout routine–as you can see here! Nothing is more motivating for me to get up and move my lazy rear than to watch those Olympic athletes tearing it up and knowing that if they do it for hours and HOURS each day, 7 days a week, surely I can run 2 measly miles in the comfort of my own home for goodness sakes! One of my favorites to watch was Ted Ligety–I was so excited for him when he won his gold medal!

What inspired me even more, however, were the highlights they showed of the upcoming Paralympics. Those always made me say a quick little prayer of  thanks and then use the 2 feet I have to run a little harder, a little faster!

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#CelebrateMom March Bundle Giveaway

#CelebrateMom Monthly Giveaway

If you’ve been around for awhile you already know all about Mompact! and how they’re all about taking the time to #CelebrateMom from supporting Mom Inventors, Bloggers to stay at home moms! If you’re not familiar with them take a few minutes to go check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn a little more on what they’re all about!

This month a bunch of the amazing Mom Inventors that Mompact is proud to support are joining together to host this *amazing* giveaway!

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How To Deal With Stress Naturally

How To Deal With Stress Naturally  Kaliana

Stress. It seems like it’s a part of nearly everyone’s life these days! Even if you’re a happy, optimistic person with no history of depression, I am willing to bet that you handle more than your fair share of stress each day. I certainly do between trying to balance my 4 jobs, family, and just dealing with those every day hassles that come up as a part of life! As I recently mentioned in another post, stress is super bad for you! It can contribute to weight gain, hurt your health, and just turns into a big snowball effect of yuck! Since we’ll always have trouble, however, it’s important to find natural ways to deal with stress. Thankfully there are several natural ways to combat stress that really do work, here are some of my favorites!

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