How To Deal With Stress Naturally

How To Deal With Stress Naturally  Kaliana

Stress. It seems like it’s a part of nearly everyone’s life these days! Even if you’re a happy, optimistic person with no history of depression, I am willing to bet that you handle more than your fair share of stress each day. I certainly do between trying to balance my 4 jobs, family, and just dealing with those every day hassles that come up as a part of life! As I recently mentioned in another post, stress is super bad for you! It can contribute to weight gain, hurt your health, and just turns into a big snowball effect of yuck! Since we’ll always have trouble, however, it’s important to find natural ways to deal with stress. Thankfully there are several natural ways to combat stress that really do work, here are some of my favorites!

Get Enough Sleep — When you don’t get enough rest tiny stressors become huge one. Getting enough rest is vital to keeping everything in perspective. As a busy working professional, or as a mom to young (or let’s be honest–any) children, it can feel like getting a full, good night of rest is a stressful challenge in and of itself. It really doesn’t have to be though. Look at your schedule and set up a realistic time for you to be in bed for the night that will allow you to get 8 hours of rest, or 9-10 if you know you’ll have interrupted sleep. Create a soothing bedtime routine and stick to it each night to give your body a chance to wind down and your brain a chance to shut off for the day before you climb into bed (nothing is worse than trying to fall asleep when your mind is going a million miles an hour!). When you get consistent rest you’ll be amazed at how much better you handle stressful situations without internalizing them!

How To Deal With Stress Naturally  Kaliana

Use All Natural Mood Boosters — When you go for a walk in nature, have you ever noticed how much better you feel after just a few minutes? In Japan, they call this ‘forest bathing’. Science has proven that forest bathing lowers stress and helps improve your outlook. While actually walking through nature for this mood booster is ideal, it’s usually not possible or practical to try to do it each day. Products like Kaliana’s Stress Relief Line combine targeted aromatherapy and flower essences using only the highest grade of essential oils so that you can tap into this wonderful, natural mood booster. I’ve been trying out their Stress Relief Kit over the past few weeks–and trust me, they’ve been good ones to use it during as they’ve been crazy, busy, and stressful! My favorite product is their Fix Me Mist–a light, cool mist that you spray up into the air over your face and hair (don’t worry–it doesn’t mess up makeup!) it helps me to remember to take a few seconds to breathe in deeply, and the wonderful scent and cool, light sensation really are refreshing! My other favorite product is the Support Serum has been great to rub onto my neck at night and has become a soothing part of my bedtime routine (mentioned above!). The Beverage Booster is a little extra — like taking a vitamin! It’s results aren’t as instantly noticed as the other products, but I think the combination of them all has been wonderfully refreshing over the past few weeks! As awesome for you– I actually have a coupon code for $10 off your purchase of any Kaliana Natural Emotional Care Kit.  Just use COASTIEWIFE10 (all caps). 

Exercise — Oh, yes, I went there! It seems like exercise always makes any “dealing with stress naturally” list–but there’s a good reason for that! As I mentioned in my Painless Life Hacks to a Healtheir, Happier You post, the key is to make it something that you enjoy, not something that will stress you out itself! Also this is one of those areas where you will just have to take our word for it until you begin to feel it for yourself. A study was recently done that shows that exercise increases energy and decreases stress, but only if you do it consistently over at least 4 months. Many people go for one agonizing jog on the treadmill and give up because it doesn’t help. Start slowly, find something you can enjoy (or at least not hate) and stick with it!

There are many other methods I could mention, like eating healthy or praying but that’s all I had room for today! Please comment and let me know what your favorite way to deal with stress naturally is!

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  • I love essential oils! Definitely great for boosting your mood (especially citrus ones) and relaxing (lavender is a favorite), among other things. I also find getting together with a good girlfriend(s) also helps (adding chocolate to that can’t hurt either). Laughter *is* one of the best medicines. 😉

    • Definitely!! I haven’t tried the oils, I’m not really into that (yet at least haha…but I’ve heard great things) but getting together with friends to let off steam or just relax, enjoy and have fun is a good way too. I like getting out of town too – like driving by myself on road trips is very relaxing for me. I’m looking forward to driving up to Canada later this year.

      • These oils are more about smelling good and the power of scent, which I know you totally agree with since you–but you want to use the “real things” since fake/synthetic scents can actually give you headaches and that’s kind of defeating the purpose. Haha! Those are definitely great ways to beat stress too!

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