Two Fun 5 Minute Makeup Looks

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Two 5 Minute Make Up Looks for Under $30 #BeautyInspiration #shop

If you’re a frequent reader (if you’re not already I hope you’ll become one!) you know that I am a SUPER busy gal! That means that while I love to look and feel my best I don’t have very much time each day to fit it in. The good new is that putting on a cute outfit takes the exact same amount of time as a frumpy one does, and fun makeup looks don’t have to take all morning or be boring! In fact, bold, fun looks are often much quicker and easier than achieving a “no makeup-makeup” look is, because you just need a few key items that attract all the attention and you downplay the rest! Don’t believe the looks above took me 5 minutes from start to finish? I thought you might say that–so behold the proof! I timed doing my “Bold Lip” make up look on a regular morning and it took me just 4 minutes and 50 seconds–a whopping 10 seconds to spare to add one additional tweak if needed.

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So that being taken care of, I decided to share my two favorite, fun, 5 minute makeup looks — one look to play up your eyes and one look to play up your lips!

The best part? Both looks are not only quick they’re also inexpensive–I was able to pick up every single makeup item used in *both* looks for $30!!! Thank you Rimmel & Walmart Beauty Aisle!

Rimmel Beauty Products #BeautyInspiration #shop

For both looks you start off with the same base–so I will share the first two steps here and then show you how to take this great foundation (pun intended) and create 2 totally unique looks with it!

Step One: Foundation Tips 

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again–one of the most important parts of your makeup is the foundation! For these looks I used Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation. Since it is a matte mousse foundation a little bit goes a loooong way! First you’ll want to get a little dab on your finger or brush or sponge–when I’m working quickly I mostly rely on my hands for application. I found for this foundation it works well if you put little “stripes” of it like warpaint all over your face and then smooth it on from there.

Step Two: Conceal, Highlight, Prime

I’m in love with Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter. When you’re in a hurry it’s essential to use products that have multiple purposes and this definitely fills that roll. I use it to highlight and hide my dark under eyes, then swipe the rest of the product up over top of my entire lids to act as a primer as well–it works great! Guess they need to start calling it the 3-in-1!

Now you have a great base and can pick which direction you want your look to take!

5 Minute Makeup Look #1 — Bold Eyes for Daytime

Easy Five Minute Make Up Looks #BeautyInspiration #shop

Everyone knows that a bold eye is great for a night out–but are they appropriate for daytime? Absolutely! The trick is to make sure that you give just the right amount of boldness (no full-on smokey blue eyes please!) and to really down play the rest of your face. Right now I’m super obsessed with blue paired with greys and whites and obviously a lot of you are as well since after I pinned this outfit to my style board I got over 800 re-pins in a super short period of time! So that was my inspiration for this makeup look!

Is it somehow possible you’re not a blue/teal fan? *gasps* No worries! This look can be done with any bold color or you can even tone it down a notch by using a more neutral shade.

(random side note–when wearing this look hubby actually noticed it and complimented me on it–which I think is the first time he’s ever specifically complimented me on my makeup–so that should say something for this look!)

Step 3 — Bold Eyeliner

Now it’s time to add in your color! For this look I chose the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in Blamed Blue. It was perfect because I wanted to keep the color concentrated at my eyelashes, but wanted a little bit thicker of a line that a regular eyeliner would have provided. There are 9 different shades of this product, too, so it would be super easy to stock up on them and get a huge variety of looks with this one little makeup routine!

Just run the pencil on your top lid, as close to the lashes as you can get it with medium pressure so it provides a nice, thick line. Next do your lower lids but only on the outside half of the bottom lid–I tried it with a full bottom line but that was just *too* much for this anytime look. If you’re wanting to just dip your toe into bold color you can just do the top lid if you like! When you’re applying the pencil don’t worry about getting it too precise because the very next step is to take a smudge brush and blend out the edges a bit–don’t go too crazy, you want to keep the definition of the line but just want to give it a softer appearance–when you finish you should look like this!

Step 4 – How To Put On Mascara

The next step is a super important one! Anytime you do any kind of bold look you are going to need a mascara that can balance it out a little. I’ve found that often the best cheap mascara you can find is drugstore mascara! For this look I chose Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam–it had the right amount of “omph” I was looking for in these two looks and for right around $5.50 it’s a steal!

Mascara can be tricky so through the years I’ve found that with different types there are two methods that work the best for application — the “wiggle and pull” method, and the “blink” method.

For the Wiggle and Pull mascara application you wiggle the brush deep into your eyelash base and then wiggle it back and forth while pulling it up. For the Blink method you also wiggle the brush deep into the bash (shown in the somewhat trippy looking picture above–but I wanted you to see what I meant) and then you literally “blink” down on the brush. With this Mascara I found the “blink” method works the best!

Step 5 — Pretty Lipstick

You’re almost done! For this look you’ll want to polish off your look with a pretty but very neutral lipstick. I chose Rimmel’s Pink Blush Lipstick. It also had a bit of a matte feel to it and was semi close to my natural lips with just a little bit more of a pinky-spring feeling to it. A quick swipe is all you need and Voila! You have your 5 minute makeup look!


But of course–that’s just the one look! So here we go with

5 Minute Makeup Look #2 — Bold Lips for Daytime

I decided to wear the same outfit for both Makeup Looks just to show you how a few little changes can completely change the feel of your look that day!

Bold Lips are something that many women shy away from and I did too as I’d always loved playing up my eyes more than my lips until just the past few years. Once I dipped my toe into the world of bold lips, however, I realized that they are really super flattering and so easy!! Here’s how you can get this look in under 5 minutes too!

First follow Step 1 & Step 2 above ^^^ to get your face gorgeous matte and highlighted!

Ok–done? Here’s what to do next!

Step 3 — Little Black Eyeliner

Just in case you somehow missed the memo–Black Eyeliner is amazing!!! And you don’t have to be super skilled to wear it either–even if you struggle to get a nice, defined line *cough*me*cough* it’s super forgiving and looks amazing when smudged!

My new favorite is Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof in Kohl in Sparkling Black. If you look closely it’s a black shade that actually has tiny silver *sparkles* in it–squee!!! I love all things sparkly in my makeup!

Line your entire upper and lower lash lines with a thin line. Next use your smudge brush to soften it all up and blend it out–just like the first look do this carefully-we want a tiny bit of “smoke” to this look–not a full on smokey eye! When you finish it should look like this —> (see the sparkles?!)

Step 4 is Mascara again! Since we’re using the same product for this look as the first just scroll up to step four of the first look again ^^^^ I’ll wait!

Ok–looking forgeous with those eyes now? Then you’re ready for

Step 5 — How to Pull off Bold Lips

For this look I chose Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in As You Want Victoria. When you’re doing a bold lip make sure your lips are super smooth — rubbing them with a washcloth or (old) toothbrush works wonders!

Apply a light coat of the Moisture Renew Lipstick and “smack” your lips to distribute the rest. Then take your fingers and spread out the extra and wipe them off on a washcloth. One you blot the remaining excess you are picture perfect! If it’s a little too much for you at first take that remaining 10 seconds and layer a light lip gloss on top or an extra layer of lipstick–the one used in the first look would work great!

So there you go! Two 5 Minute Makeup Looks for under $30! Let me know if you have any questions or comments or if you have any amazing tips I forgot!

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