The Benefits of Training Muay Thai in Thailand

It’s nearly summer and that means that a lot of you are getting ready for your annual vacation! While most of us will probably only venture a state or two away from home, there are many of my readers who are international or travel internationally–so when I was given the chance to provide you with this great article I thought it might be useful and give a little international flavor to my travel section! Enjoy! ~ Nicole

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a combat sport and a form of weaponless self-defense. Many people build their opinion about Muay Thai based on movies and they think that Muay Thai is an aggressive and brutal discipline that is meant only for professional athletes. These people don’t realize that Muay Thai is a lot more than that. Muay Thai can also be viewed as a good physical and spiritual exercise. Muay Thai training will activate the body in aerobic and anaerobic way, and what is great about Muay Thai is that you don’t need to be already athletically fit so you can begin with training. Although you don’t have to be fit one thing is for sure – you will get fitter after a while!

Thailand is known for traditional Muay Thai training. The trainers there guide their students through their efforts to achieve mental focus and determination in order to develop useful physical skills like strength, mobility and speed. Muay Thai training includes training of both body and mind which is more beneficial compared to regular exercises that we see in the fitness gyms around the world. Now let’s see what else you can develop while you are practicing Muay Thai in some Muay Thai camp in Thailand.

When we talk about fitness and general health Muay Thai training improves strength, provides better body coordination, mobility and stamina. Muay Thai uses all limbs which means that it is an excellent dynamic exercise.

Muay Thai can relieve the stress that we face each day and combined with the beautiful nature of Thailand you can be sure that you will feel reborn after your stay there.

Besides that, authentic Muay Thai training is one of the best martial arts for self-defense because it provides a range of self-defense technique in addition to the attacking techniques.

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