Three DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes

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Lately I’ve becoming somewhat obsessed with DIY Sugar Scrubs! In fact, I have an entire pinboard dedicated to them called Scrub-a-Dub Dub after making several of them I realized that they are super easy and inexpensive to make–if you use the “secret ingredient” many of the recipes call for. I’ll give you a hint–it’s one of the many uses of dish soap!


For the scrub itself you only need 2 or 3 easy ingredients-you ready?!

  • Sugar
  • Palmolive Dish Soap (I bought the scents Coconut Butter, the pink, creamy one with Vitamin E, and Passion Fruit & Plumeria)
  • Fresh Flowers

You can pick these all up the next time you’re in Walmart and you won’t even notice the extra money on your bill since each item was $5 or less! Even better–right now Palmolive is hosting a Sweepstakes where you can enter to win a $2,000 Walmart gift card and weekly prizes! (that’s a whooooole lotta sugar scrub)

Palmolive is tough on grease but soft on hands, so it makes for the perfect hand/foot or even body scrub–especially in their awesome new fragrances! I’ve been using dish soap sugar scrubs for a long while now for myself and I absolutely love them–they work so well and feel so luxurious if you don’t know how they’re made I bet you’d never guess!


DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes


Now for the containers! My favorite containers to use are old candle holders (just run them through the dishwasher once the wax is nearly used it and they’ll come out squeaky clean) and old food jars. Of course you don’t want to give someone a jar that *looks* like a used Pesto jar–so that’s why I also recommend picking up some Rust-oleum. Their frosted glass and rubbed/hammer metallic lines are two of my favorites! The best containers to pick will be on the smaller side with wide, open mouths (for easy scooping!)



Be sure to spray paint in a well ventilated area and use something sturdy underneath-like cardboard. I made the rookie mistake of using newspaper on our driveway once—Luckily Walmart does sell graffiti clean up solution juuuust in case you have a spray paint mishap! 😉 Use short, quick bursts–especially with the frosted glass spray–and then during the dry time you can put your scrubs together!


These are so easy that your kids can even make them–and they’re perfect teacher’s gifts!


Put a few cups worth of sugar into a small mixing bowl. Pour the Coconut Butter Palmolive Dish Soap on top of it and mix it in, a little at a time. For hand scrub you want a semi-solid consistency where it “pours” off of the spatula but is very thick. Be sure to test out a little bit too–rub it all over your hands and wash them off. It should glide over your hands but have the exfoliating feel to it, and then rinse nicely away without any excess sugar.


Once you have the right consistency all that’s left is to spoon it into your newly painted jar! For a white scrub I love using the frosted glass as it gives it a very upscale, luxury feel!


For an extra special scrub try adding in some real flowers! Pick any of the pretty, vibrant colored, discount variety. You’ll want to make sure they have thin petals and a sweet smell so that they rub away with the scrub and compliment the fragrance.


Using scissors snip off right where the flower bud begins and the slice the whole blossom into fine lines of petal. Mix it right in with the scrub, but don’t over-mix as it might cause the petals to “melt” away.


These are best suited in interesting shaped, clear jars to show off the pretty coloring and petals inside! Most of these scrubs will keep for months, but this I would make in small batches and give it right away, so that the petals will stay fresh for the duration they’ll be using the scrub.


For the final scent I wanted to make an exfoliating body scrub, instead of one just designed for hands or feet. Because this will be used to scrub limbs I wanted it much more liquidy–but still with a nice, scrubby consistency.


I also made more of this and placed it in a larger container since it’ll be used more at a time. I was thinking about frosting this glass, but the pink was so pretty I decided to just leave it!

What is your favorite uses for dishsoap? Leave a comment and let me know! For extra inspiration you can like Palmolive on Facebook or use the #Palmolive25ways on Twitter to find great ideas from other bloggers!

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  • What a great gift idea! I can think of so many people to make this for this Christmas! I’m going to stock up on Palmolive and empty glass jars now! #client

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