Fall Bucket List: Littlest Pet Shop Playdate Party

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Like many areas of the United States we’ve been experiencing a looooong Indian summer here. Lately the days have slide nicely into the 80s with low humidity and been absolutely gorgeous. While I can’t wait to break out my jeans and boots and everything else that really says fall to me I felt like we should take advantage of the wonderful weather while it lasted, so we decided to have a Littlest Pet Shop Park Playdate Party!

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What It’s Like to Work for Trades of Hope as an Independent Contractor

As you know I’ve been sharing lately about How Anyone Can Successfully Work From Home and since my mega-post was getting MEGA huge I decided to start running additional posts to give you even more details on all the different options there are available! I hope you enjoy and find the perfect fit for you and your family!


Today we’re learning what it’s really like to work for Trades of Hope from Kelleigh Macevicius!

If you are reading this you are most likely already looking for a way to supplement your family income. I was once there, looking at all the options, trying to decide the best fit for me and my family. Let me share the top three reasons why I decided to join Trades of Hope.

1.) I wanted to be able to stay home with my daughter, this is why I was looking into a direct sales company. As I looked into Trades of Hope I realized many of their artisans were able to do the very same thing. Mothers who might otherwise have to give their child to an orphanage just for that child to have a chance to survive were now able to not only keep their children but were gaining a sustainable income, business training, and hope. This is just one artisan group of the many TOH partners with and I was given the opportunity to be a voice for these women. I had countless options available to me to hep earn an income and keep my child, they had just one.

2.) The artisans stories! I had just returned from the mission field and was missing the work God allowed me to be involved in there. Introducing me (in seriously a crazy way!!) to Trades of Hope felt like His gift to me. I checked out the “Who we Help” tab on the TOH main website and was really intrigued by what I saw. It wasn’t until after talking with a Compassionate Entrepreneur (TOH consultant) that I realized just how much of these women’s lives I could impact through selling with TOH. I decided that if I could help just one it would be worth the start up cost alone. It might sound crazy, but I didn’t think about how quickly I could “make back” the money I would spend on a starter kit, rather I was thinking “how many women can I help through selling their products?!?!?”

3.) The foundation of Trades of Hope IS helping these women. When I looked at the Trades of Hope founders I was excited to hear their stories and the passion they had for the artisans. I liked how down to earth and personal they appeared and how their first thought in starting this company was not “How can we make money off of these products while also giving American women who already have so much opportunity MORE opportunity to make money….” no, they started this company with the question “How can our lives leave a bigger impact on those less fortunate? How can we go past ‘charity’ and give opportunity to women around the world?” On the website I read the quote “Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime!” and I was hooked!

Opportunity for myself to make extra money while staying home with my daughter, opportunity for our artisans to work with dignity and the privilege to be one to share their stories, and founders who GIVE BACK (our incentives are things like “do X, Y & Z and we’ll sponsor a child in your name for a year!”) these are just three of the top reasons why I joined Trades of Hope! I hope they will be for you too.”

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Life Lessons from Classic Disney Princess Movies You Need to Teach Your Daughter

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I definitely have a soft spot for Classic Disney Princess Movies like Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast! I watched them over and over growing up, and love that Amber now loves them too!

As with everything in our lives, I always try to look at even fun things like movies, books, or toys, and turn them into “teaching moments” but do it in such a sneaky way that it looks a lot more like fun than work!

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How To Send the Perfect Care Package Without Leaving Your Living Room

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How To Send the Perfect Care Package Without Leaving Your Livingroom #AmazonWishList #AmazonHasIt #CollectiveBias

It’s mid-October already (I know–how did that happen?!) For college students that means that they are now trudging through the thick of things–tackling massive essays, exams, and loads of homework from professors who think that theirs is the ONLY class that semester.

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Buying A Gaming Earphone For A Gift? Things You Need To Consider

Buying presents for a tech enthusiast can be a challenge most of the time. The same is equally true when it comes to buying the techy person in your life a gaming headphone set. As you probably have come to find out by this point through previous shopping expeditions potentially, there is a lot of choice on the market and this can understandably be overwhelming.

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Chocolate Lover’s Cookie in a Mug Recipe

So by now you know my long-standing love affair with the original Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug recipe! I recently was messing around in the kitchen one evening when I had a particularly fierce chocolate craving and created a Chocolate Lover’s twist to the original with a whopping 3 different kinds of chocolate-y goodness inside! It was soooo delicious that I knew I just had to share it with you!

Let me just tell you–this is quickly becoming my downfall. It’s so perfectly melty-chocolate and molten-ly good without being too rich, the three different types of chocolate flavor perfectly balance each other out to meld into perfection! It will absolutely fix any chocolate craving you ever have!

Chocolate Lover’s Cookie in a Mug Recipe

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Free Disney Princess Costume Event

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Do you have a little princess in your life? As you know we definitely do! Amber and I are super excited to be attending the Free Disney Princess Costume Event at the Walmart in Tyler to celebrate the new release of the Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray, so we thought that you’d want to know about it too! Here are all the awesome details:

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Behind the Scenes in September 2014

September was a usual busy month for us with Amber getting into the swing of First Grade . She was a little bummed when she quickly figured out that elementary school is a whole lot more about sitting at a desk and doing papers all day and not so much about playing in “home center” or with “beans and dinosaurs”. She got over her initial disappointment, however, and is doing great!

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