One Word 2015 : Wait

After years of Grow and Bless I was understandably excited about what my “one word” for 2015 was going to be. Although Bless was still in full throttle, at the end of November I turned my thoughts toward the new year and start praying about what one word I could choose as my focus for 2015. This time I really didn’t have any idea, but soon one word began to press itself into my thoughts over and over again.


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Beautiful DIY Flowers From Bloominous

Legalese Nonsense: Because this idea is so awesome and the flowers are beautiful on the site I thought it would be a win/win for Bloominous to sponsor this post for us today. You find out about the great options available today and I get pocket money.

I absolutely loved my wedding. Even though it was in the days before Pinterest perfect weddings and pales in comparison to those, it was perfect for me and for us! I completely agree with Kristen perspective in her post What I Want My Daughter’s To Know About My Wedding.

However there is one teeny, tiny aspect of my wedding that I do wish I could go back and change. I had a big challenge when it came to my flowers. My colors were light blue and silver and it was super hard to find any flowers that are wedding-esque and any shade of blue. The price of a florist further complicated matters, and I ended up with a boquet that, while beautiful, just wasn’t what I was envisioning. But without much help or say  other than picking out a picture from a tiny booklet I wasn’t even sure what my options were.

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Delicious, Easy Food for the Big Game

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You already know that I love football, but ever since getting married I’ve been in a household where I am the only one who does. Hubby will occasionally join me in watching my favorite Denver team play, but usually it’s just to tease me about the game whenever they mess up (all in good fun). However, because he doesn’t enjoy the sport we don’t do anything special for the Big Game, it’s just a usual Sunday of me sitting and cheering (or yelling) and watching all by my little lonesome.

I didn’t know it, but this year that was about to change! Last fall one Sunday afternoon when I was watching my team play Amber came up and snuggled against me and started asking questions about the game. Soon Tyler came along and the proverbial light bulb appeared over my head. I had two little minds and bodies just waiting to be molded into my football loving fans. It would be quality time together and give them a (valid) reason to yell inside–win/win!

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Want God’s Blessing? Here’s a no-fail formula!

Through my “year of bless” I did a lot of thinking about wanting God’s blessing, what that really, truly looked like, and how one goes about receiving it. Along these lines when I came across the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) during my reading through the Bible I thought — Hey! These are probably the most well known Bless verses in the Bible. I guess that means I should think about them a little.

I’ll be perfectly honest, the Beatitudes never used to really “do anything” for me. Even when I did an in-depth Bible study with a group of women on Matthew a few years ago, this passage was one that I never really felt like I “got” and always seemed a little loftily-strange. Pure in Heart, Those who Mourn, Poor in Spirit – I pictured all these stereotypical “saints of old” pining away their lives for Christ. It didn’t seem like something that I could really grasp at as a 20-something 21st Century American Christian, much less put into daily practice.

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One Word 2014 In Review: Bless

January Reflections

I’m going about things in a oh-so-late manner this year, but don’t worry, it’ll all be explained later on this week when I explain what my One Word for 2015 is. Then my unannounced absence for the last few weeks and my diving into my New Year plans just a few weeks late will all be explained.

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