One Word 2014 In Review: Bless

January Reflections

I’m going about things in a oh-so-late manner this year, but don’t worry, it’ll all be explained later on this week when I explain what my One Word for 2015 is. Then my unannounced absence for the last few weeks and my diving into my New Year plans just a few weeks late will all be explained.

Birthday February

I’m not about to give any more spoilers than that, though, so with that I’ll go into my One Word 2014 Review. I’m also sneaking in my Year In Pictures throughout this post..because I feel for you to truly see how my One Word influenced my year the best way is to show you a little snapshot into each month!

Snow Day March

You may (or may not) remember that my One Word for 2014 was Bless. After a year of Grow and the ways that my “one word” so influenced the year without me even realizing it I was very excited to have a year of “Bless” especially since I went into the year much more prayerfully about my word, and approached it’s working in my life much more intentionally than before.

Every Day Life April

Once again I’m blown away with the way my One Word has influenced and colored ever part of my year. 2014 was a year in which I was really, truly, and fully Blessed. The concepts that I had begun to grasp in my year of Grow continued to flourish and ripen until they burst into a beautiful cascade of blessing in every area of my life.

May Day Fun

I was blessed by saying no to the good things and yes to the best things with a year in which I made twice as much working at home as I ever did working full time outside of the house.

Vacation June

I was blessed in my relationships with deepening love, many precious memories made, and my heart broken and open towards new thoughts for the future.

Wyoming July

I was blessed in service by finally jumping in and starting to give my time in ministry through teaching Sunday School a few times a month, serving on the Moms Inc steering team, and mentoring every week at Building Blocks.

August Selfie

I was blessed spiritually by reading all the way through the Bible for the first time in one year along with a great group of women through an online Bible study, and by starting to scratch the surface of what “praying without ceasing means” and keeping up a running conversation with God throughout each day.

1st Grade September

I was blessed by realizing that “bless” sometimes means what we think of in America today, but most often it doesn’t. That blessings come in weird shapes and forms and the hard, weird blessings are often the ones that do us the most good. That we are to “count it all joy” when we’re in trials and see them as blessings. That maybe in America we’re not really so much blessed, as we are spoiled.

Trick-or-Treat October

I was blessed…in every way I could possibly imagine, and in all kinds that I never would have thought of.

Family & Thanks November

To sum up all of “year of bless” tomorrow I’m going to share with you my thoughts on The Beatitudes–the ultimate of “Bless” verses in the Bible! That will lead perfectly into my One Word for 2015, which I’ll be sharing on Friday!

White Christmas December

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