How To Be the Best Tooth Fairy Ever

Ever since Amber first announced, in a slightly freaked out voice, that one of her teeth was wiggling I’ve been in full on tooth fairy mode! It seems like since the first one fell out there has been a non-stop procession of one tooth or another who is hanging on by a thread or popping out, and in Amber’s case it’s nearly every time been in some weird location and in some weird way! She lost one by spitting it out into the sink while brushing, another while biting into a hot dog in a restaurant and another in pancakes at a restaurant!

Through all these teeth adventures I’ve learned that being a tooth fairy is a bit more tricky than it might first seem. In fact I made this confession to you once before in The Tooth Fairy Is Tired. I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, though, and so today I wanted to share them with you!

How To Be The Best Tooth Fairy Ever

Get an Extra Special Tooth Fairy Pillow

As I mentioned I had a very special Tooth Fairy Pillow growing up that I tucked my teeth away in for the fairy to find them. I actually still have it! Before your kids teeth even start wiggling it’s a great idea to give them their very own adorable tooth pillow to let them know what’s coming up and help them to be excited about it. I recently fell totally in love with Tommy The Tooth Fairy and his buddy Sparkles The Tooth Fairy. At 10 inches they’re big and soft enough to be used as a stuffed animal while your little one is anxiously awaiting their teeth falling out.

No Tooth Fairy Pillow is complete without a pocket for little teeth, and the pocket on the back of each is generous (no squeezing your fingers in tight little spaces in the dark!!) without adding bulk to the Tooth Fairies and still leaving them totally huggable! Since they’re handmade you can even personalize the color of the tutu or the tie! I picked out purple for Amber and Spiderman for Tyler.

These are perfect Easter Basket stuffers and that’s what I’ll be using mine for this year!

Get Books & Items to Make The Experience Fun

In addition to the necessary pillow, there are a bunch of other fun, tooth losing related products out there. You probably remember The Real Tooth Fairies but if you missed it be sure to go check them out! The books and fun games on the website are perfect for little girls with wiggly teeth and also perfect Easter basket ideas!


Get a Change Purse

So the second that first wiggly tooth arrives you need to prepare! I don’t often carry around cash, but I’m pretty sure that my 6 year old doesn’t have a debit card machine (I hope not, at least). As soon as a tooth starts to wiggle make sure you have a stash of ones, quarters, or whatever amount your tooth fairy deems appropriate. I keep mine in this totally adorable little coin purse, but that step is optional. I’d explain this point further, but I think this sums it all up for me:

Marre was thrilled in the morning when she lifted her pillow to see George Washington frowning up at her. However when she returned from school that afternoon, she was devastated. What had happened? Through her tears Marre chocked out, “The Tooth Fairy hates my tooth! Why did Nellie get twenty dollars for her tooth?!” Because Nellie’s parents didn’t have any change, that’s why. ~ Jim Gaffigan, Dad is Fat

Have a Contingency Plan

Teeth don’t often fall out in nice, orderly ways. I remember tying a string around a wiggly tooth and having a sibling yank at it, but if you have a tender hearted (and tender every where else) child like my daughter it’s more likely it’ll hang on until it is forced out by some mean hot dog or tooth brush, as I described before. Fortunately we have always been able to recover the escaping teeth, just barely. Many of my friends children have had teeth fly down the drain, or been swallowed. So what happens in this plan? Why you whip out the back up of course! In the event of a lost tooth the Mommy, or child (depending on their age), just writes a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happens. You tuck this letter into the pocket and Voila! One of the awesome things about Tommy  and  Sparkles The Tooth Fairy  is that their pockets are the perfect size for little note holding!


Set An Alarm.

You guys, this one is soooo important, for real! I mentioned how “traumatized” (yes using that word extremely loosely and tongue in cheek) I was about the tooth fairy forgetting to be the tooth fairy! This is the one area you really don’t want to mess up on, and with our handy dandy smart phones there’s no excuse to. The day your child looses a tooth set a one time alarm for 9 pm. When it goes off you can pop in, wiggle your wings, and go to bed knowing that you are, indeed, the best tooth fairy ever!


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