How Earth Networks Can Help You Prepare for a Potential Weather Disaster

Earth Networks advanced weather alert system consists of lightning and weather observation stations in the US and around the globe in more than 45 countries. This network promotes understanding of weather events and their impact. By integrating crucial weather analytics into collaboration tools and meteorological services, businesses and communities can mitigate risk and ensure safety.

Weather Sensor Network

Sensors installed in businesses, schools, and stadiums collect local data for neighborhood-specific reporting. The system consists of over 12,000 stations recording more than two dozen variables each day. More than 25 terabytes of daily data are analyzed using proprietary forecasting algorithms and is delivered in a comprehensive format accessible on any device. Neighborhood information is refreshed every few minutes for up-to-date, granular weather data from over 2.6 million worldwide locations.

Advanced Tools and Services

The suite of packages offered by Earth Networks can be custom configured, so each client gets the type of data they need when they need it.

  • Lightning alerts are delivered 50% faster, with warnings for on the ground and in-cloud events as well as wind shear and downburst predictions.
  • Broadcast alerts provide up to the minute weather metrics and live-stream local images, delivering a compelling and comprehensive local report.
  • The automated outdoor alerting system for clubs and sports facilities is the first mass notification system available commercially. Lightning strikes are pinpointed with the integrated cloud-to-ground and in-cloud detection system. Alerts are automatically sent via text and email to ensure recipients are notified of threats immediately.
  • Sferic Maps provide up-to-the-minute tracking of seasonal weather conditions. This enables parks and recreation facilities to clear the grounds, keeping staff and patrons safe.

Critical Data Delivery
This advanced weather monitoring system provides critical data to a range of industries from airports and media to federal, state and local emergency systems. Visit to learn more about their GIS data services, emergency alert software, LCD weather cameras and plume modeling.

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