The Perfect Mommy’s Must Have Purse Kit

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The Perfect Mommy's Must Have Purse Kit Ad

*BOOM* and just like that, welcome to November! For us October whizzed by at lightening fast speed filled full of school, work, soccer, ninjas, and light-up princess dresses.

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Every mom knows, now that October is over we’re rocketing full speed ahead into the most crazy wonderful time of the year, the holidays! I absolutely love the holiday season, but it definitely takes our very busy schedule and kicks it up a few more notches, keeping us on the go more than ever.

Each year I try to prepare for this by making sure I have all my bases covered at the beginning of November. This helps me avoid last minute panics, and lets me actually take time to do fun traditions and enjoy making memories with my family, instead of being stressed out.

The Perfect Mommy's Must Have Purse Kit Ad

Part of this includes preparing for anything that might happen while we’re out and about. I hate it when I’m 45 minutes away from home for the day, only to realize I need something randomly, or that I’m stuck waiting with nothing to do. In order to make sure that this never happens to us, I’ve put together The Perfect Mommy’s Must Have Purse Kit. I love and use it so much that I just had to share it with you today!


As part of prepping for the holidays I make sure our medicine cabinet is fully stocked and ready to go for the “icky bugs” season that comes hand in hand with the holidays. In addition to stocking up my cabinet, I also grabbed items that were essentials for my purse kit. I could conveniently get everything I needed at Walmart, and most of the items were actually in two aisles next to each other in the pharmacy section!

The Perfect Mommy's Must Have Purse Kit Ad

The beauty of this kit is that it’s small enough to fit essential items easily in one of the pouches of your purse without much bulk, and you’ll also have it all nicely together–no more deep sea fishing for that Advil Tablet Vial! The size also makes it very convenient and easy to switch things in and out according to the season or event that you’re currently in, or you could even make up a couple of kits with different items in them prepped ahead of time.

The Perfect Mommy's Must Have Purse Kit Ad

Here’s the list of everything that I have in my  Perfect Mommy’s Must Have Purse Kit and how I put mine together!

The Perfect Mommy's Must Have Purse Kit Ad

  • Clear Purse Kit — I got this in the makeup section at Walmart, there are also some really cute patterned options, but I love being able to see what’s inside and making it cute with a printable!
  • Free Cute Mom Printable — ok, not a must, but it makes me smile! You can get it for yourself by clicking the photo above and printing, or you can download the printable here   it’s a 4×6 size and I recommend printing it out on nice white cardstock, this will keep it from getting beat up while also letting it remain flexible to fit around the items.
  • Centrum VitaMints — as you know I love my coffee and have a big thermos full each day, but this means that mints are a must for my purse. I love this option because they are adult multivitamins with a refreshingly minty taste you can take/enjoy any time of day with or without food or water. This is so perfect for me as a busy mom!
  • Advil Tablet Vial — when it comes to pain relief I always use Advil for myself and my kids, and have ever since they were old enough to take Infant’s Advil. I love that they offer the perfect “purse size” option of their tablet vial and always make sure to have one on hand! Pain medicine for you and your kids is one of those things that might be easy to forget until the first time you need it, and then you’ll never forget it again!
  • ChapStick Total Hydration — forget the lipstick I’m all about making sure my lips stay smooth and hydrated when I’m out and about. I’ve loved the ChapStick brand my entire life. Up in dry, dry Wyoming it was the only one that kept my lips from cracking! Their Total Hydration version instantly smooths and moisturizes, plus visibly renews lips.
  • Bandages — I can’t tell you how many times having these in my purse has come in handy since becoming a mom. There’s just something about my children that demands constantly having skinned knees!
  • Hand Sanitizer — I love the pretty colored, fun smelling options they have available now! (Mommy Tip! If your child gets bit by ants applying hand sanitizer will make the sting go away!)
  • Small Suckers — these are a life saver when you get stuck somewhere unexpectedly, or to help cheer up those skinned knees mentioned above.
  • Pen — it seems like no matter how many of these you put in your purse, the purse gremlin magically steels them away. I keep one floating around, and a back up in here, just in case!
  • Small Sticky Notes — even in the digital age sometimes you just need a little piece of paper!

Here are some other items that would be great to also include in your kit and switch in and out as needed:

  • Hand and Face Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Laundry “To Go” Wipe
  • Lady Products
  • Cough Drops
  • List of Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Antibiotic Cream for cuts
  • Contact Case
  • Hair Band
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Small Toy

The Perfect Mommy's Must Have Purse Kit Ad

I’ve shared with you my must have items for  The Perfect Mommy’s Must Have Purse Kit. You can check out even more great Purse Essential Ideas Here! Do you have a must have that I forgot to include? Leave me a comment and let me know so I can add it to the list!


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