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SO much! January is a notoriously slow month for influencer marketing but things for Social Fabric went through the roof last year and 2016 is off to a fast and furious start which is amazing for me as it means lots more options to work in my favorite job! Right now I’m leading 6 campaigns which is the most I’ve ever done!

The #NourishWhatMatters campaign for Lean Cuisine is wrapping up this month. I’ve absolutely loved this campaign. Before it started it had been years since I had tried a frozen meal but all the foodies and health bloggers kept showing these amazing photos and talking about how much they loved it so I just had to give them a try. Now Bob and I are seriously hooked! These meals are sooooo delicious and perfect for days I don’t have (or are just a little sick of) leftovers for lunch and also make perfect “cheat night” dinners. Our freezer now looks like this, haha!

perruque blonde

I’m also leading the #FamilyPizzaCombo campaign which has been going on since September. It’s been super fun because it’s been in batches with different seasonal content and right now it’s all about football! It does seriously make me crave Pizza, Coca-Cola, and chocolate chunk cookies every time I read the post, though, haha!

Then I’m also leading another Coca-Cola & Football campaign– #ScoreMoreFans . I love campaigns that have party posts because after throwing my Avengers Party last spring I know just how much work goes into those and am continually amazed by what other bloggers come up with.

And if that wasn’t enough I’m also running *another* Coca-Cola & Football campaign that will be kicking off next week, along with 2 Diet Coke Campaigns that will post in February.

In my other work for Modau Media Management & Mommy Bag Marketing things have slowed down considerably, which is great since I have so much on my plate otherwise. For both those jobs, I’ve stepped down out of my main roles and have taken on more of consultant role for them on an “as needed” basis, which it looks like I will be doing for both companies for the rest of the year. My mom has also stepped down from her role in Modau Media, and also as my VA, as she just got a full-time job as a reporter for the Rocket Miner — the newspaper for my hometown. So excited for her as she steps back into the career she left when I was born!



Because of ALL that I just mentioned, plus having hubby’s family around for the holidays, and then hubby off of school until the middle of this month, I haven’t gotten a chance to write much lately! I know you know this since it’s the middle of January and this is my first post since Christmas! (Yipes) This year I’m also very excited to finally begin posts to go along with my new Confident Foundation brand, and hopefully, that will become a large part of what this site’s future is!

However, even with this new focus, I never want to lose the lifestyle basis that this blog has had since it’s very beginning. I thought a great way to keep that part of it alive would be by doing a monthly snapshot into what I’m currently ….ing in all the areas of my life! This month’s post is a bit of a doozy since I haven’t updated you all in awhile, and this is the first one, after this they will be short and sweet!

I did do one post for Bobee 2016 New Years Resolution for Families with babies and small children!

I am still planning on reviewing my one word for 2015 and also revealing my one word for 2016, but since my 2015 word was Wait I thought it would make perfect sense to, well, Wait until I had the time to do it justice.



2015 was an amazing year for books ( <–check out all the ones I read last year there in a fun display) In my ever present battle for balance in my crazy life, I decided to focus my very limited “me time” into the things I love the absolute most. This means tv shows (except for while I work out) got the boot and reading came more into play! This helped me stay happy and I’m planning on continuing this through 2016, although I’m also hoping to scale back my reading time each night to make room for photo editing and taking classes online. Here’s what I’ve been reading in January!

Keepers of the Covenant (The Restoration Chronicles #2)ย 

After falling deeply in love with the first book in this series — Return to Me — I bought it and this sequel for my mom for Christmas last year, but hadn’t gotten to read it yet myself. She loved the sequel so much that this year it was in among my Christmas gifts, and I absolutely loved it! So amazing to get new understanding and perspective on Biblical accounts that don’t usually make the story books! The whole series is a must read for any Christian in my mind!

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Buffer is one of those amazing companies who have a great product, provide an amazing work environment, and are really booming right now. I’d been eyeballing their application page every time I logged in to use their scheduling tool and one of their requirements was having read this book, so naturally I was intrigued. I went ahead and bought it, read it, and on a whim applied. I didn’t get the position (which was actually fine, I love what I do now but the job sounded too amazing *not* to try for it) but I did come away with a good read. I actually loved it–I don’t know that it falls into my “life changing” category of books, but it did remind me of and reinforce a bunch of things I already knew but have let slip lately. Definitely worth owning!

Out Of The Silent Planet

Thanks to BookBub (<—if you own an e-reader you MUST sign up for their free handpicked for your taste free and discount book emails, they’re amazing!!) I was able to get the entire C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy for $1.99 not long ago–woo hoo! You might remember I read and loved, Out Of The Silent Planet a few years ago but I was just sent a computer e-book that time (it was before I had my Kindle) and sadly I haven’t gotten to read the other novels in the series. I’m doing a re-read of the first novel now and can’t wait to read through the whole series this time!

The Chronological Bible In a year ESV

This year for my “time with God” as the kids and I call it I’m once again reading through the Bible in a year but this time, I’m reading it chronologically. Thanks in part to Lyn Austin’s books, I realized that I didn’t have any idea that certain Biblical events were taking part near or at the same time. I felt like stories and books would make much more sense if I read them in a linear way. I found that through my (free) Blue Letter Bible App I was able to sign up for a daily reading plan that has my chapters waiting for me each day, in chronological order, in the version I wanted. I’m very much loving it and have gone through 101 chapters already!

Power of a Praying Parent & Power of a Praying Wife

I discovered these books last year and they really have changed my life! I’ll talk more about them in my “Wait” post but this year I’m continuing to use them daily to help guide my prayers so that I’m covering every aspect of our families life!



January has been a funny mix of winter and spring, but we’ve made all the use we can out of the pretty days and when it’s 50 or above you’ll probably find us outside with me at my desk and the kids on their bikes, scooters, or roller skates! I’ve also been having fun playing the Blizzard video game Diablo III with hubby in the evenings after the kids are in bed, and we’ve had lots ofย  Sorry and Trouble Minions Edition games family games together since Amber got them for Christmas, and Uno Attack continues to be a favorite for “just a quick game” nights, while we have just introduced them to Phase 10 when daddy wants to join in!



Every January usually sees me tackling Organizing In Small Spaces as I try to find nooks and crannies for the influx of new toys and clothes. This year it’s taken on an even bigger role, as my mind is already in “pre-moving prep” mode. This means I’m boxing up and sorting through those toys that have been outgrown and making sure everything is practical and useful now in containers that will be easy to move. I hope to go back through my organizing series and refresh and revamp them, along with adding a few new posts, soon as a result of all this!



Way back since school started and then we spiraled frantically into the holidays, I sadly fell off keeping track of, well, everything. Over the past few years, you’ve noticed that I’ve moved away from regular blog updates to help keep my accountability in my healthy living quest. At first, this came about because I started a Facebook group for accountability, after a few months that faded away as I discovered the app My Fitness Pal. Around that time, I also figured out that I actually work out consistently when I do it at night as soon as the kids are in bed. This helped me stay on track on and off for the past few years, even reaching my goal weight at one point and running my first 5k last Spring! It’s amazing how fast you slip back and beyond your old weight and goals, however. It was definitely time to refocus, regroup, and begin again! I’m also trying to do some research into other ways I can help myself out, like checking out this essential oil guide and also reading up on the best time to take probiotics.

I’m back to using MyFitnessPal faithfully (if you’re on it too you should friend me so we can encourage each other!)

To help motivate me even more both me and hubby got FitBit Charge HR for Christmas. I’m loving it so far, it’s so fun to track my activity and see just how much I am, or am not, active each day. It works in sync with MyFitnessPal so it makes it so handy to have two great apps that help me track everything so easily!



Now that I’m back to working out consistently I also get to go back to watching “my shows” once again! Right now I’m on Once Upon a Time Season 4. I’ve heard that it gets dumb after this season, so I’m planning on switching back to plugging through Dr. Who as soon as I finish with that!

While hubby’s family was here we got to go on a double date with his brother & wife to see the new Star Wars. It was the first movie we’d gotten to see in the theater in almost a year, so it was a great time! We were both not expecting much going into it (even though we always looooove us some J.J. Abrams) so we came out pleasantly surprised and very happy with it. We all agreed that we loved how he worked pieces of the older movies into it, while updating it for a 2015 action movie audience. For a tough movie to pull off, they did a great job!

Then the other night we had a fun movie night with his mom and watched The Martian. We’d heard rave reviews about it while his brother was here, and this time, the hype did not disappoint. We both love space-y sci-fi movies, especially hubby, and this one was one of the best we’ve seen for awhile! There was quite a bit of cussing in it, but the acting was great and the storyline kept me intrigued and on the edge of my seat through the entire movie. Definitely worth seeing!

In the watching section I’m also Celebrating because my Broncos made it to the Super Bowl!!! Woot woot! The whole family watched the playoff games with me and laughed as I whooped and scolded and hollered through them, as always! I’m sincerely hoping that they came make up for the disgraceful performance they gave 2 Super Bowl’s ago. Let’s Go Broncos!!

Whew! So that’s what I’ve been ….ing in January!

What have YOU been doing this month, in any of these categories? Leave me a comment, I really would love to know!

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