In February

In February I’ve been….



Still so very much, January’s campaigns spilled over into February and then we started up a ton more as well! I loved running the Big Game shops this year, who knew football parties could be so chic? REESE’S have always been my favorite candy, so I am always excited any time I get to lead a campaign for them, and combining football with REESE’S made the #HomeBowlParty Campaign so fun!

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How To Save Money by Giving Haircuts at Home


I love a fresh haircut on little boys! They always look so nice with a new haircut. I like for my boys to get their hair cut once every four to six weeks. The last time my husband and sons went for a professional haircut it was over $50.00 plus a tip. Three haircuts for a little over $50.00 does not sound too bad, especially when women usually spend more than that for an individual cut. However, I have been looking for ways to save my family money and I decided that haircuts at home are a great way to cut costs! It takes a little practice to become proficient but I think it is worth the effort. See the tutorial below to start learning how to give haircuts at home.

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About Me: Amber

Hello! I’m Amber, an oil field wife, and boymom to three very rambunctious little fellas. My family moved from Colorado in 2013 to live on a small experimental hobby farm we’ve dubbed Wandering Hen Acres, in the Piney Woods of East Texas; where we raise chickens, ducks, and other animals my husband occasionally surprises us with.

My background in art helps fuel my passion for finding the beauty in all of God’s handiwork. I enjoy life in general but a few specifics are: music on vinyl, flaky pie crusts, and the weight of a baby in my arms. I’m almost always donning a top-knot and garden boots; and am a firm believer in liquid eye liner and mascara. Being a stay-at-home mom (or “Domestic Engineer” as I call it) to three young boys has lots of fun benefits, but I find that I rarely reach my 20,000 word per day quota, and usually not with any multi syllable words — so I write!

Life in the country is teaching me to slow down and get back to basics; so my heart is to share what God is teaching me through simple country living! I am so excited to join these other amazing ladies and contribute to Confident Foundation’s goal of encouraging women towards authentic oneness with Jesus in any small way. Thanks for welcoming me into your reading space!


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About Me: Abby

Hi there! I’m Abby, and I am ,first and foremost, a follower of Jesus Christ. I’ve been married to an amazing husband for 11 years.  He is a teacher and a soccer coach, and he’s originally from Germany.  We have 3 precious kids, ages 8, 6, and 2, and they are each as different as can be.  We have been homeschooling for almost 4 years, and I’ve learned a lot in that time about what really matters most in educating and raising my children.

Some other things about me: I love sewing, and it has cured me of perfectionism (well, somewhat anyway).  Sewing something for my kids, my house, or a friend is so much fun when it doesn’t have to be perfect!  I’m passionate about healthy, natural living and I’m always looking for ways to make our food and our home healthier.  I’m also crazy about all things foreign–languages, cultures, foods…I love to experience things that stretch my understanding of people around the world.  I hope some of the things I share here on Confident Foundation will inspire and help you in your roles as wives, moms, and daughters of the King.

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Freezer Meals: Getting Started



A few years ago I started having trouble getting dinner on the table. My oldest child was getting involved in extra-curricular activities and my other two children were still very small. Between school pick-up, practices, and games I was having difficulty fitting in meal preparation and cooking time. We turned to eating out and premade/processed foods on a more regular basis. I realized that type of eating was quickly taking a toll on our health and our wallet. I started looking for a way to feed my family healthy, homemade food even on the nights when I was short on time. That is when I discovered freezer cooking and everything changed!

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About me: Darisse

I am a wife and a mom and those jobs are two of my greatest joys. My formal education is in psychology and counseling. My husband likes to tell people that I would be a professional student if that was an option! I do love to learn and read as much as possible on a variety of topics. Some of my favorite topics to learn about include personal finance, fitness, home and furniture restoration and cooking.

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Exciting Changes, New Faces



As I mentioned in my In January… post, things have been more than a little crazy in my other work areas of life, and so, as a result, things have been a little bit quiet over here on the blog. As I’m always pursuing “Say Yes To the Best” in my life, I also have continued my quest from a few years ago to look for ways to bring Blessings into my life by bringing it into the lives of others.

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New Giveaway: Kids Relief Allergy Oral Solution

As I mentioned in my In January post the weather here in Texas has been super crazy lately which means cold winter days on Monday and by Wednesday the kids are digging out their shorts, playing barefoot in the back yard, and enjoying the few, poor, confused flowers that are peeking their heads around.

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Superbook – A Christian TV Series for Kids: Thoughts from a Real Mom & Her Kids

Superbook TV Series
Legalese Nonsense: I love quality entertainment for Amber during Tyler’s naps–it helps me be able to work from home! So when CBN and MomSelect offered to send me Superbook to check out of course I said yes! All afternoon snuggles, parent evaluations, and pictures are my own!

Update from 2/7/16

So after having this TV series as a part of our life for several years now I can even more wholeheartedly recommend it! After being given nearly all of season one to review (as shown here) we purchased season 2. At ages 5 & 8 now this is one of the kids favorite shows ever and I love how much of the Bible they’ve taken into heart because of it. Recently several people at church have told us how much both my children know about the Bible, and I know it’s all thanks to Super Book and our huge variety of amazing Children’s Bibles. Hurray for amazing, fun, not corny Christian entertainment! Stay tuned for a post coming very soon about other kid’s entertainment you don’t have to feel guilty about letting them watch!

Original Post:

I’m sure you remember my recent post about Superbook and it’s July airings–were you able to catch any of the series?

I was so excited to get the entire 14 episodes for Amber to watch! The show is recommended for ages 6 and up–if you didn’t realize it the Bible can get a little “adult rated” at times–even in the classic children stories! I appreciate that Superbook recommends itself to an older audience and also that it even goes so far to give you a heads up before any shows that might have more intense scenes in them.

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