New Giveaway: Kids Relief Allergy Oral Solution

As I mentioned in my In January post the weather here in Texas has been super crazy lately which means cold winter days on Monday and by Wednesday the kids are digging out their shorts, playing barefoot in the back yard, and enjoying the few, poor, confused flowers that are peeking their heads around.

Either way, allergy season is already here, and I know it will only be getting worse as the spring goes on. In the meantime it’s a great idea to get stocked up on all the medicine you need ahead of time.

The Kids Relief Allergy Oral Solution continues to be a staple in our cabinet ever since I did a review of  it a few summers ago. Go here to find out more about Kids Relief Allergy and get the entire scoop!

So when I was offered a chance to let you give it a try and win a free bottle, of course I said yes!

One Lucky Reader Will Win a bottle of Kids Relief Allergy Oral Liquid


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