Exciting Changes, New Faces



As I mentioned in my In January… post, things have been more than a little crazy in my other work areas of life, and so, as a result, things have been a little bit quiet over here on the blog. As I’m always pursuing “Say Yes To the Best” in my life, I also have continued my quest from a few years ago to look for ways to bring Blessings into my life by bringing it into the lives of others.

Recently as I was praying and pondering on how to continue to do that this year, which promises to become a crazy one, a light bulb went off. On many of my favorite blogs the bloggers behind them have been going through similar circumstances as I have recently, where bigger and other opportunities have come up for them, leaving them overly blessed with good things. This also left them scratching their head on how to continue pursuing the things they love while not putting too many good things onto their already full plate. They have answered this by sharing the blessing and bringing on new contributors to their site. In an instant, I knew that this was not only an answer to my prayer, but to the prayers of several of my friends!

I’m so excited to be bringing on three amazing, talented, and beautiful moms. They are all my mom friends in real life, and I love how our tastes, lifestyles, attitudes, and beliefs perfectly compliment each others while also bringing entirely different perspectives and talents to the table. They all perfectly embody everything I’m hoping to encourage and teach with our new approach on Confident Foundation and our goal of Encouraging Women to Confidently Embrace Their Beauty & Talents Through Christ in Every Area of Life. I love Darisse, Abby, and Amber, and I know you’re going to as well!

Please join me in welcoming them to our little slice of the internet and be on the lookout for their introduction posts and work very soon!

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