About Me: Amber

Hello! I’m Amber, an oil field wife, and boymom to three very rambunctious little fellas. My family moved from Colorado in 2013 to live on a small experimental hobby farm we’ve dubbed Wandering Hen Acres, in the Piney Woods of East Texas; where we raise chickens, ducks, and other animals my husband occasionally surprises us with.

My background in art helps fuel my passion for finding the beauty in all of God’s handiwork. I enjoy life in general but a few specifics are: music on vinyl, flaky pie crusts, and the weight of a baby in my arms. I’m almost always donning a top-knot and garden boots; and am a firm believer in liquid eye liner and mascara. Being a stay-at-home mom (or “Domestic Engineer” as I call it) to three young boys has lots of fun benefits, but I find that I rarely reach my 20,000 word per day quota, and usually not with any multi syllable words — so I write!

Life in the country is teaching me to slow down and get back to basics; so my heart is to share what God is teaching me through simple country living! I am so excited to join these other amazing ladies and contribute to Confident Foundation’s goal of encouraging women towards authentic oneness with Jesus in any small way. Thanks for welcoming me into your reading space!


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