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Why hello there my lovely world-wide web of kindred spirits!

 My name is Rebekah M. Clark! I am 24 years old and married to my high-school sweetheart and best friend going on 10 years now and married for 7.5 of that.  Wow – just typing that makes me feel old! We have experienced many highs and lows, blessings and sorrows, (which I may share more about later in our journey together here on this blog) but through it all, I can firmly say that “God is GOOD!” I can never say it enough!


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My husband and I share two beautiful children (professional photos courtesy of Morgan Gauntt Photography) here earth-side and one darling little soul heaven- side (part of the “sorrow” part of our journey that turned into a rainbow). Our two little earth-side blessings are a 20 month year old busy little boy named Oliver and our beautiful little baby girl, Avonlea, who is 3 weeks old now. Raising them and becoming a mother has been one of the most profoundly humbling and beautiful experiences of my existence! 


I have had quite the background resume so far in my 23 years. I am adopted (open-adoption), grew up in California for 10 years before my parents became missionaries with an amazing Christian organization called Mercy Ships. The next year was spent in training with my family to become a missionary and then the two years following that I lived onboard one of their ships called the Anastasis and we traveled all around Africa and Europe, and had quite the eye-opening experiences that forever changed me (again with the sorrows and joys stories). As a missionary kid, I have also spent time in Central America and have traveled to Canada and all around the USA. After ship-life, my family moved to Texas to the Mercy Ships home base here in Garden Valley, TX.


After my husband I were married we lived a couple of years in the lovely Colorado, but ultimately ended up back here in East Texas. The community aspect and family aspect was just too much for us to be able to resist. Even though we are introverts (INFP here and husband is an INTP), we still needed that family support. My husband now works on his parents vineyard and winery, and he LOVES it! It is such a beautiful thing to see your husband find his calling and purpose! We have already seen so many spiritual and Biblical applications and metaphors/allegories that correspond with our daily life from his work on the vineyard.

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I am now a stay-at-home mom, part-time  student pursuing to become a Nurse Practitioner/Midwife, writer, reader, lover of all that is beauty, positivity, and love, classical piano player, baby-wearing, essential oil using, crunchy mama bear who is learning to find balance in every area of life and experiencing all the growth-producing highs and lows, failures and successes of that journey.   



I am so excited to be joining this community of women to bring love, positivity, laughter, tears, and fellowship in any way we can as we all grow together on this road of life.

My goal for my time spent here, you ask? Well, it is the same one that I have for every aspect of my life, and simply put: Is to live a life of love and thanksgiving for my ultimate Lover, Jesus, and for my life-song to always sing of that intimacy with Him above all.  I fail daily, but God’s grace lifts me up again every time. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart and be apart of your lives! I look forward to this bond we shall all share with kindred hearts!Many blessings and love to you all! To God be all the glory!



Rebekah M. Clark


5 thoughts on “About Me: Rebekah”

  • You are still and always have been an inspiration in my life and I adore the fact that you are doing this! Your literary mind is beautiful, and your heart is golden! Keep doing what you’re doing by loving others, living life for His glory, and sharing that with everyone you meet! It is a beautiful thing you are doing and a wonderful opportunity on daily basis!
    I love you so much, and you’ll always be my original “best friend” and shall remain my “kindred spirit” and “forever friend”!
    I miss you SO MUCH, lovey!
    God bless you and your beautiful family!

    • thank you SO much for coming by to read! I appreciate your love and support so much!!! You are one of my dearest and oldest best friends! I so greatly appreciate your encouraging words and your giving, gentle, sweet, hilarious spirit! You are so gifted and beautiful, Junta! A true forever kindred spirit for sure!!!! <3

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