Why Confident Foundation?



The world is  a whirl of blaring and confusing information for women.

Into our ears, it shouts, “You’re formidable, you’re proud, you don’t need anyone, you can do anything, you are empowered!!!!”

Then, the very next moment into our faces it hurls images and expectations. Perfectly postured and Photoshopped with body mass indexes that are far below healthy, but vaulted up to be ideal. It shames natural curves in the wrong places and praises fake ones in the right places. Skin is unsafely manipulated into the perfect shade of caramel through sun and tanning beds and creams and lotions, unless, of course, it comes that way naturally in which case you’ll probably be discriminated against because of it. Flirtations are encouraged and applauded at the same time break ups are gossiped into roaring scandals.

Exhausted, overwhelmed, bewildered–we turn to the church because surely we can find clarity and wisdom there.

Inside the church, however, is often just as confusing, though usually much quieter. Occasionally you’ll hear a mumble about how long or short or high or low clothing should be. Women themselves tend to be strictly far to one side of the proverbial fence or far to the other.

The right is wearing turtlenecks up to their ears, homemade denim jumpers down to their toes. The left side is wearing the latest fashions while trying, somewhat, to cover up the parts they know they should, while still flaunting plunging necklines and hems creeping ever higher. The similarity on both sides is that they all look confused, not sure exactly why they’re standing where they are, but as if they would just as soon continue to dance around the topic since those mumbles about how high or long or short or low tend to be incredibly uncomfortable, confrontational, and judgemental.

Given thunderstorm of the world outside and the rumblings of the church inside, women today tend to be drifting along. They’re lost and confused, uncertain and insecure when it comes to their bodies, their modesty, their talents, their abilities, their calling, and what on earth any of it has to do with their service to Christ.

Don’t despair, though, it’s not like this everywhere. Occasionally, just occasionally, you’ll find someone who isn’t so confused. A wise woman who knows that she was made fearfully and wonderfully by God himself. A woman who knows while she can happily dress in fine linen and purple, her real clothing is strength and dignity. A woman who knows that makeup and jewelry can be fun, but it’s useless without the fear of the Lord and a gentle and quiet spirit that make her true beauty shine. A woman who looks to Esther, Rebekah, Sara, Ruth, and Abigail and realizes that God crafted and created her beauty and talents. She sees that those gifts can be used to change the world, and are given to her for specific reasons and times. A woman who is most of all concerned about chastity and honoring God in any way He asks her to. A woman who is standing confident on the foundation of Christ, her Lord, despite her past and faithfully following him into her future, while accepting his grace for today.

We feel those women are too far, too few. We know the struggle it is to find them, we know the struggle it is to become them. We want to encourage you to join us as we prayerfully take this journey to become them, with and through Christ.

So that’s why Confident Foundation. It’s all about embracing the God-given beauty and talents within us, not out of pride or a false sense of self-worth, but through the beautiful, firm, true foundation of love for Christ, what He has created, and His plan for our life, in every area.

We’re so happy that you’re here, how can we help?


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