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Blueberry Hill Farms, Edom, TX

Blueberry Hill Farms, Edom, TX

  A photo posted by Nicole Elliott (@confidentfoundation) on Jun 16, 2016 at 6:29am PDT 6/30/16 Update: After I first published this 3 years ago (wow!) picking blueberries every summer here has now become a favorite summer bucket list tradition and we went again this […]

Tricks To Keep Your Household Running Smoothly & Still Have Time For Fun This Summer

Tricks To Keep Your Household Running Smoothly & Still Have Time For Fun This Summer

It’s a beautiful summer day and you have big plans! Maybe it’s going on a wilderness hike, checking out your local zoo, a day of playing in the pool, or a family movie or game day! Nothing is more exciting, and nothing can derail it […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Being a Husky Lover

5 Things You Need To Know About Being a Husky Lover

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 5 Things You Need To Know About Being a Husky Lover

Our family has always been dog lovers, particularly of medium to large breed dogs. Growing up my family had German Shepherds and Labs, and hubbies had Labs and mixes, including a Husky mix which was his favorite childhood pet. During the 7+ years that we were married and hubby was in the Coast Guard, however, it was difficult enough to tackle constant relocations and finding nice places to rent even without the added complication and restriction of a dog. Because of this we sadly had to put our love of dogs as pets on major hold.

Considering this, it’s no surprise that one of the very first things we did when he got out of the military was to go and purchase an adorable puppy for a pet for our little family. In fact, the very first weekend we arrived in Texas we headed to Canton and immediately fell in love with a gorgeous Siberian Husky puppy who we named Apollo. When we got home I discovered that he and I share a birthday, which seemed completely fitting. This July he’ll be 3 and he’s such a huge part of our family now, it’s hard to imagine life without him!

We’ve discovered over the years, however, that Siberian Huskies are definitely a unique, amazing, and challenging breed, and I’d love to share these tips and insights for anyone who is considering becoming a Husky Lover!

 5 Things You Need To Know About Being a Husky Lover


They LOVE and NEED You 

Although they’re not super clingy, one fun thing about Huskies is how much they love their owners. I had to give Apollo a good amount of loving, pets, and snuggles before this shoot so he’d get away far enough for me to take photos. I thought this shot perfectly shows this first point. Like many dogs, Huskies are especially sociable and don’t do well in isolation. It’s important to give them time, attention, and love every day.


I’ve found that the best and easiest time to do this is when we feed him each day. Since the kids help me out with feeding and watering him each day it’s a great chance for all of us to be able to pause from the busyness of the day and enjoy some sweet moments together! It’s amazing how taking time to savor the things you love truly is the simplest way to find happiness each day!

We used to purchase the same food for both our Husky and my Mom-in-Law’s Peekapoo, but now that Apollo is full grown we’re in the process of switching him over to Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend. I love that it’s made with real poultry, meat or fish as the #1 ingredient in all dry formulas, and it features a combination of crunchy kibble and tender shredded pieces for a taste and texture dogs love.


Even better, right now at PetSmart when you SPEND $15 on any Purina® Pro Plan® product, 5/31–7/5. SAVE $15 on your next purchase of 10.5-lbs. or larger Purina® Pro Plan® Dry Cat or Dog Food or Litter by 7/31. I took advantage of this and stocked up for us while shopping at PetSmart the other week when we ran into Tyler for some errands. The kids love visiting the store so they can see all the fun pets from snakes and fish to guinea pigs, while I love the huge selection of dog items!



You Need a Huge Amount of Training Time

Siberian Huskies are pack animals, which means that either they need an Alpha in their life or they will become one (read: they think they’re the boss and won’t listen to you). For us, my husband had a large amount of time off when we got Apollo as a puppy that he was able to dedicate to establishing that relationship and training him. These dogs can be absolutely amazing pets, but require much more work and dedication to get them there than many popular breeds. In our minds, it was well worth it, but if you’re a super busy family they might not be the best fit for you.

They Need to Run…a LOT

Born and bred to thrive in the cold wilderness and cover great distances, Huskies have an innate need to run and explore. To make sure this is a good thing, and not a bad thing, you’ll need to have a contained space that your dog can exercise in each day. A large fenced-in yard works best, since even though Huskies love their owners, they love to escape even more. We also make sure to encourage Apollo to run like crazy a few times a week by either playing fetch or by running around the yard with him, to help him fulfill this inner need in a productive way. We love watching him speed past in a crazy blur as he laps around the yard.

DSC_0212They Love to Dig

As part of their energy, playfulness, and love of escaping they also love to dig holes. This can be adorable, or infuriating depending on how much you spent on your yard. Much like having a sandbox for kids to funnel those urges into, having a “digging is ok” area for your Husky can help make everyone happy!


They Talk, Not Bark

One of my favorite things about Apollo is that he isn’t a “barky” dog. While he will occasionally bark, he is usually silent and observant, or, my favorite, he’ll “talk” to us. He has this adorable habit of talking, complaining, or explaining things that stole its way into my heart completely. One reason that our family doesn’t like small dog breeds as much is that so many of them tend to be “yappy”. If this describes you as well then a Husky might be great fit.

So there you go! 5 Things You Need To Know About Being a Husky Lover, this list is just the start, so of course do plenty of research before you bring any animal home as a pet! I hope I was able to give you a fun little peek into our Husky Loving world, though!

Siberian Huskies are extremely intelligent, extremely active, very playful, fun, and beautiful dogs. While they have their quirks to families like ours those quirks just make them that much more lovable. With the right amount of time, training, and proper care and nutrition like Purina® Pro Plan® Savor Shredded Blend everyone in a Husky family can be happy with experiences that are truly rewarding and worth savoring together!

What dog breed is your favorite and why? Leave me a comment letting me know!

Simple Chocolate Pretzel Bars

Simple Chocolate Pretzel Bars

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EssentialVitamins #CollectiveBias Simple Chocolate Pretzel Bars When I was expecting my last child, I promised myself that I would invest the time to take care of my body […]

“Rest.” Free Printable!

“Rest.” Free Printable!

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