Fun New Changes For Us This Fall


As you know, it’s been an exciting and busy year for us! The biggest change and news recently, of course, was purchasing our home and moving to a new town in a part of Texas I’d never been before. I wanted to be able to finally share with you what our little slice of joy looks like, and update you on some other fun changes with this post!

We absolutely love our home! It’s our Goldilocks house, just the right size, layout, and special features. The more I get to know it the better I love it, which is always a good thing! I’m also falling in love with our new hometown as well. As I mentioned the amazing parks have helped out with that!


Our next big change is that we’ve been adopted! While the kids and I were playing outside a week ago we found a teeny, tiny kitten. That’s Amber’s hand in the photo, so you can really tell just how tiny she is! With no collar and no one in sight, kitty or person wise, after playing with her awhile I decided we better bring her into the backyard. A week later no one has come looking for her, so we feel that she’s officially adopted us. The kids are beyond thrilled and I love having company each day. We’re calling her Arwen for now since we’ve been watching all of the Lord of The Rings Extended Edition DVDs  through…..again….


The last changes recently are new hair and new glasses for me! While I absolutely *loved* my mermaid hair it sadly did not last long at all and faded way too quickly. It was also a little unnerving to be the center of attention every time I went out in public. I only had people be sweet and give me compliments on it, but I decided I didn’t like being stared at everywhere, all the time. Not that I can fault anyone, I check out awesome hair every time I see it too! But because of all that I decided to freshen my blonde back up again.

I was also in the market for some new glasses. I mainly wear my glasses at night, in the morning, and when my eyes need a break from contacts. Because of that, this time, I wanted to go with something bigger (I hate having to physically look up and down to be able to read at night) and I also wanted something a little cheeky and fun. I knew from previous experience my best bet was to buy eyeglasses online. As I was browsing their huge selection I found these adorable and trendy ones that were exactly what I was looking for from

I loved how they were an adorable shape, while also being plenty big enough to see well while wearing them. What sealed the deal for me was the different colors and patterns available. Of course, I went for the blue & black combo–with this beautiful print along the side for extra fun!


The last time I went to the eye doctor I just had her give me my eyeglass prescription and didn’t purchase a pair right then. Because I had my prescription information handy filling in the information for my new glasses was a complete breeze and the glasses fit me perfectly and feel amazing and comfortable.


They’re so fun and make me feel like I’m up to something or super trendy. Both of which, I never will be, but it’s always fun to pretend, right?!

If you’re also in the market for new glasses I have good news for you! Right now you can get 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded) using special coupon code GSHOT50. With the already great prices, you’ll be getting them for a steal! 

That’s what’s up with us–what new fun things are happening in your life this fall? Leave me a comment and let’s chit chat!

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: I was given my pair of glasses from in order to tell you about them. If you need some new glasses or prescription sunglasses be sure to check them out! All thoughts, silly selfies, and exciting news is, as always, my own!



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