How To Put Together The Perfect Kitty Treat Basket For Thanksgiving

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Blessings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including tiny, gray, soft & sweet ones.

As you know, the past months have been full of great big, huge changes for our family.  In the midst of moving to a new city, getting our first home, and hubby starting a new job came a change we weren’t expecting at all. Due to a traumatic incident, we lost our family pet of four years. This would have been hard to deal with at any point, but coming in the middle of so many other huge life changes it rocked our little world and left all our hearts hurting.


That’s just when Kitty Sylvanas entered our lives and hearts. Our new neighborhood is a beautiful gated, round one that’s just perfect for playing outside and after school walks. One Monday after school we went outside to discover the teeniest, tiniest little gray kitten bouncing all over our front yard. She was super friendly and the kids and I played with her for a good 30 minutes while I kept looking up and down the street for any sign of an owner–either Cat Mamma or Human. I grabbed my camera and got some shots of her playing, to remember her by once she was claimed. After that time passed by, however, with no one in sight, I told the kids we could bring her inside to keep her safe away from the busy street, which was greeted by their squeals of pure joy.


I cautioned them that surely someone was looking for this precious little kitty and that we would just keep her in and safe until they showed up. I waited for someone to come looking, and the next day I hopped onto the local lost pets Facebook group to try to locate the owner. While many other people had posted about finding kittens, no one had lost a sweet fluffy gray one. Since she was still drinking milk and too little to be away from her mommy, we came to think that she might have been from a wild litter and got separated from her family somehow.

And just like that the weeks slipped by, Kitty Sylvanas grew and stayed, and she’s filled our hearts and empty pet home with love and cuddles and playfulness once more!


I am truly grateful for what a huge blessing her coming into our lives at this crazy time has been. With the month of November, I’m focusing on the blessings in my life, people and pets, and how much I love them and want to treat them to a happy Thanksgiving season!


For me, Thanksgiving is all about sharing delicious treats with those you love, and the easiest and the best place to stock up on those is during my weekly run to Walmart. This holiday season, MARS Pet and Walmart are inviting shoppers to  share their pet’s personality and the brands are rewarding them with a fun experiences and special offers.


Our store has an awesome Cat Treat Selection  so I stocked up on several different fun flavors and types! I put them together in a beautiful but easy Gift Basket that doubles as a kitty bed! If your cat is anything like ours, you know they love to have several comfy sleepy spots. This one is so inviting they just *might* leave your favorite blanket alone, maybe!

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate this amazing Perfect Kitty Treat Basket For Thanksgiving.  I purchased everything for it at Walmart!


  • Temptations® Classics Tantalizing Turkey Flavor Cat Care & Treats, 6.3 oz
  • Temptations® Classics Tempting Tuna Flavor Mega Pack Treats for Cats, 6.3 oz
  • Temptations® Classics Catnip Cat Treats, 6.3 oz
  • Large Basket
  • Small, Soft Flannel Blanket
  • Old towel or blanket for extra padding


Take your basket and put in the old tablecloth, blanket, or towel in the bottom.


Place your new, super soft fleece blanket on top. I went with this cute animal print, but it would be super fun to buy different holiday themed blankets and switch them out accordingly!


Place all the treats inside and present to your kitty on Thanksgiving to enjoy when you’re feasting on your treats as well!


As soon as the treats are out of the basket you can move it to your kitty’s favorite snoozing spot. It makes the perfect cozy cat bed!


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