A Birthday Wish For My Sisters

Happy New Year! I don’t know about all of you but we had a crazy 2016 with lots of mountain highs, and deep valleys. I wasn’t sad to see it go and wish for something new and exciting to come out of 2017.

Lots of people get stoked about a new year in the making and feel it holds promises of new beginnings – and maybe a brighter horizon to chase. Others could care less and treat it like any other day. I’d say I’m somewhere in between; and mainly get excited as it’s another excuse to {theoretically} host a fabulous party. It could also be because I hold so tightly to the fact that God’s mercies are new every morning and not just at the beginning of a new year.



We have a choice every day. . .

Mankind has been given the tremendous privilege of free will. We have a choice every day to wake up and serve God – thus others – or live selfishly. Every new day {in some extreme mommin’ cases, every new minute! Am I right?!} we have the choice to live in a way that reflects Christ’s love or to live in our flesh. None of us is perfect, we all have moments or days of weakness – of failure – but then G O D.

God freely gives us grace; freely gives His love. He freely gives His mercy and forgiveness. How beautiful to serve such a God! Don’t we all love a good deal and freebies? -And He offers all of that to us for free! Why are we so reluctant to take Him up on the offer? All we have to do is open our hands and receive what is already waiting for us!

I celebrated another birthday yesterday, which is part of why I’m feeling very philosophical at the moment. 29, and if I’m being perfectly honest I’m a little shell-shocked about it. Married to my Jr. High sweetheart at 21, blessed to become a mom at 22, which multiplied to 3 crazy cute b o y s; dog mom; farmer lady — and all the other things by 29. It feels like a lot of ground covered and also like there’s so much more yet to do!

Our crazy crew of boys.
{One of my favorite pictures of our crazy crew of boys. Thank you, Lord, for these little men!}
{As if there isn’t enough going on raising 3 boys – we have a backyard full of chickens, ducks, 2 pigs, and rabbits are coming soon! #CrazyChickenLady}

Some times I look in the mirror and think, “This is me?” — I don’t recognize myself. Only in the last year did that mirror’s reflection not disgust me, and turned instead, in to a gaze of pride. Not because I lost all the baby weight {which I haven’t} or in a prideful and puffed up way; rather pride in the things God has done through the person shown in that reflection. Small as they may be.

I used to jokingly call my enormous and very swollen pregnant self, “The Sacred Vessel”, but I shouldn’t have joked because it’s true. We are each truly a vessel used to do God’s work; He made each unique in their appearance and abilities. As an artist I’ve always felt that the female form is amazing to behold… The babies carried in that belly, the babies nursed into toddlers with those breasts, the wisdom starting to show around those eyes, the shoulders that at times seemed to carry the weight if the world, the countless people helped with those hands. The wear and tear from a life loved and lived well is worth it. (I promise to remind myself of that if/when I go though another season of self loathing.)

Since it’s my birthday {week} I’m making my wish… My wish this year is that each of you readers, my sisters in arms, hears my heart’s cry to know how valued you are. Women are magnificent creations. Each of you is a fearfully and wonderfully made gift. A gift – to God, to your families, and to the world. You are capable of giving so much to the world, and you do every day.

Hold your head high in whatever season of life you are in and know that you are priceless.

Through every diaper change, you change the world; every phone call you take from a hurt friend, you change the world. Through going every day to the job you’d rather not be at, every crock pot meal, load of laundry, diaper changed, PB&J made, volunteered hour, late night with sick kids, carpool drop off, husband encouraged {whew!} — you have changed the world. The tasks might seem small in the moment but you change the course of a dying world with each one.

Hold your head high in whatever season of life you are in and know that you are priceless. Any time you feel discourage or underappreciated please remember this: the God that spoke the universe into existence loves you and chose you to be His. At the very least, we can have confidence in Christ and what He’s doing through us.

Blessings & Peace to each of you ~ Amber

Recently discovered the airbrush effect on my phone. You should try it! #ShamelessSelfie
{Recently discovered the airbrush effect on my phone. You should try it! #ShamelessSelfie}


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