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It’s screaming towards the end of April, Easter whizzed on by, and I just can’t believe it! With the passing months, my hair has continued to change its look as well. This time having Mermaid Hair has been a lot of fun. While I loved my bright blue look from last summer, it was not only expensive it also faded out really quickly and a little awkwardly. So when I got the itch to do it again I decided to go the DIY route and to plan on my top half fading out super fast from the roots down. As a result, I also kept enough dye to freshen up my blue twice. Now I’m letting it all fade out, though, and the result right now is this fun color mash-up which I feel like is just perfect for spring!

Through the last few months I’ve also been continuing to play around with my new Younique makeup products that Kristen sent me to review, and so today I wanted to bring you one more tutorial, which turned into three!

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Pretty, Easy Makeup Tutorial – Three Looks using the same products!

I started out using the Touch Glorious Face Primer as my primer. Like I mentioned in my last makeup tutorial I love how silky smooth it feels! I’ve also noticed recently that I don’t need to use as much foundation when I use the primer.

hairpieces for men and women

The next step is to apply the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation foundation all over. It has this very unique (or should I say YOUnique — sorry, had to insert terrible pun) dispenser. I almost always use liquid foundation but I’ve never seen one quite like this before. You’re to shake it well before using it. The texture is thin and also feels silky smooth when you put it on.

Now it’s time for the eyes! I used the  Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette.  For all three looks, I wanted to keep the eyes pretty but a little downplayed since last time I focused mainly on them in my Easy Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial.

Take Determined and put it all over your eyelid. Use Ecstatic lightly from middle to the edge of your eyelid. Blend middle and two other colors together using tickled. Highlight the corners of your eye lightly with smitten. Fill in eyebrows using brow liner or eye shadow.  Apply Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ or your favorite mascara.

Look #1 Easy, Pretty Every Day

It’s that easy to achieve look #1! This pretty, downplayed makeup look is perfect for day to day life or when you want to go for a “no makeup, makeup” look that’s just a little more polished.

Now you’re about to see how adding just one more product makes a makeup look radically different. We’ll be going for a bold lip look now. The first step is to make sure your lips are smooth. It’s easy to exfoliate away any chapped skin using a rough face cloth or an old toothbrush or a lip scrub. I always like to re-moisturize with a lip balm at this point since my lips love to be dry. Now you’re ready for the next makeup product – Splash Liquid Lipstick there are a ton of fun, bold colors to try out but for this look I used Sensual.

So the thing to know about this is that a little goes a LOOOOONG way. I found it worked best if I dabbed a bit on as shown here, and then used my fingers/a clean applicator to blend that amount out. When you’re done you’re left with this!

Look #2 Beautiful Bold Lip Night Out Look

Ta Da! Just like that, you go from daytime subdued to bold night beauty. This is the perfect tutorial for when you are going from work or taking care of the kids to a date night or a special event.

Bold lips are so much fun, and you shouldn’t be afraid to try them out! If you would never feel comfortable flaunting a deep berry lip, though, don’t feel bad! Bold looks aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine! Most of all makeup should be about making YOU feel beautiful, not about embracing the trends. If you want a little fun and flirty, but not too much, my last look is the perfect middle ground between looks #1 & #2.

Look #3 Subdued Bold Lip 

This look is perfect for those who want to take their look up a notch, but are not ready to commit to a deep, bold berry lip. For this look follow all the tutorial up to the final step. You’ll still use Splash Liquid Lipstick in Sensual, however, use just a tiny dot on your bottom lip and spread it all around so it creates a pretty berry color without being bold or dark at all. Next layer on Moodstruck Minerals Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain in Sappy. The layering creates this really pretty lip that still creates attention but isn’t so bold.

So there you are! 3 totally different looks with the same products and just a few small changes! Which is your favorite look? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Did you miss my last makeup tutorial? Check out my How To Do An Easy Purple Eye Tutorial by clicking here! It’s a video tutorial so you can see almost all of the products I use in this tutorial in action!

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