How To Survive Summer in the South

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Recently I sat wiggling my toes into the sand at the park and texting my dad. “Hey!” I told him, “It’s 86 degrees here today.” He responded, “No way, we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow!”

Summers in Wyoming are 75 degrees, no humidity, and lots of outside fun up in the mountains. Summers here in Texas usher in 100+ degrees and enough humidity when you walk outside you feel like you need a shower, or that you just took one. I might always be surprised by this drastic change, but I wasn’t about to let it beat me or keep us inside. In the years since we moved here, I’ve developed an arsenal of tips and tricks on how to survive summer in the South. Come to think of it, though, almost all of them are perfect for summer anywhere. So feel free to use them even if you don’t have to battle triple digits for months on end!

How To Survive Summer in the South

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and more sunscreen

This is my number one summer (let’s be honest, year long) tip for everyone, everywhere. Protecting your skin is so very important, for so many reasons. This is even more true when you’re on the paler side of the spectrum like my family is. In Texas, we get to enjoy being outside nearly all year long so having a great sunscreen is a must. When summer approaches I always go through our stash, toss out any old or expired tubes, and run to Target to restock. I want to make sure we have a ready supply for all our summer fun, so I won’t be scrambling around at the last minute. Right now is the perfect time to stock up, because with the purchase of $15 in sun care (in store or online!) you get a $5 Target GiftCard! Score! (offer is running 5/21-5/27 so don’t miss it!).

This year I picked up Neutrogena Sheer Zinc® Sunscreen for a several different reasons! It has naturally-sourced zinc oxide, it’s hypoallergenic, oil free, won’t clog pores, and it’s also sweat and water resistant for 80 minutes. One of the biggest reasons I purchased it, however, is that it is Dermatologist tested and was Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™. As you might recall Amber has suffered from eczema for years now, so I make sure all the products I purchase are ones that she can use! I picked up the regular Broad Spectrum SPF 50, and also their special Neutrogena Sheer Zinc® Face Sunscreen version as well.

Get in the habit of getting Neutrogena Sheer Zinc® sunscreen on everyone first thing in the morning during the summer. It has a great texture and rubs in easily with no scent. When you make it a part of your morning routine you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting. Also make sure to take Neutrogena Sheer Zinc® sunscreen along with you, and re-apply as needed. This will depend on how long you’ll be in the sun, and how active and wet you’re getting. I love how their sizes make them just perfect for slipping into my purse or camera bag!

Guzzle Water

Sky-high temperatures and humidity zap energy and water right out of you! The best way to combat this is to guzzle water all summer long. We have several large, reusable bottles that I keep full and handy. To keep us cool I fill them to the brim with crushed ice and then add water in. This keeps the drink icy-cold and refreshing even if we’re outside in the heat for awhile. If you have trouble drinking enough water try putting slices of lemon, mint leaves, or cucumber into it. They all give it a fun, light flavor!

Get Creative About Being Active

As I mentioned, life in the south is just about the opposite of the rest of the country. During February while everyone up north is shivering and battling snow my family is playing at the park. Come July we hear of everyone else going for hikes while triple digits try to keep us locked inside.  Our family thrives outdoors, though, so we’ve just had to get creative! My favorite way to be able to enjoy the South outside in the summer is by playing in the water! Whether it’s a trip to the beach, swimming pool, splash park, running through the sprinklers, or water balloons it’s easy to get outside and have some fun. No one wants to feel trapped inside with the AC blasting for 3 months.

You don’t only have to rely on water for outside fun, though. Picking the times your family gets outside strategically opens up all your favorite activities. First thing in the morning or right at sunset usually have beautiful weather during southern summers. Take advantage of it and run to the park, take a walk, or squeeze in a hike or bike ride. The bugs love these times too (especially dusk) so just be sure to bring along your favorite insect repellent as well!

Think Outside the Shorts Box

The Texas standard issued uniform for all women seems to be t-shirts and shorts. Shorts have just never been my cup of tea and don’t flatter my body type. However, I knew I wouldn’t survive summer in the South in any kind of pants. Last summer I had a light bulb moment when I turned to dresses as the answer. Sundresses in a mix blend or soft cotton are often even more cool and comfy than shorts. Adding soft, flowing, comfy skirts and dresses into your southern wardrobe arsenal makes you look amazing because they are universally flattering. Plus they also gives you so many more options for enjoying those hot summer days!

Now you’ve got all the bases covered! Pair these easy steps together for an amazing summer you can spend making memories, not worrying about the heat.

What are your best tips for surviving summer when the temperatures are sweltering? Leave me a comment and let me know! And don’t forget to take advantage of the great Target GiftCard offer in-store & online!



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