Signs Your Credit Card Information Has Been Stolen

Businesses are targets for credit card fraud. This criminal behavior causes major problems for owners and patrons, especially if customer financial data is stolen. Because of this threat, Merchant Account Solutions offers point-of-sale systems that have advanced security features. If you are victimized, there are signs to look for that can help minimize your financial loss.

Bills Arrive Late

Are your bills arriving late – or not all? If so, contact your vendors. Chances are identity thieves have rerouted your mail to a new address, so they can use your personal information to apply for and to max out credit cards in your name.

Creditors Call You

Are creditors calling you about unpaid bills for good or services you never purchased? If so, there’s someone making purchases with your credit card information. Your customers will have the same issue if criminals breach your customer database. Advanced technologies like Clover POS system have built-in fraud and security protection that helps prevent ID theft.

Statement Errors

Look at your bank and credit card statements carefully. Pay attention to any unusual charges, especially small ones. Hackers often make small transactions first before making huge purchases. Call your financial institutions when you notice any suspicious account activity.

Credit Issues

Criminals often apply for multiple loans and credit cards using stolen financial information. They max out the accounts and leave their victims with unpaid balances. If you have been targeted, you may experience the following:

  • Loan applications declined
  • Credit application turned down
  • Unfamiliar accounts appearing on your credit report

You can get a free annual credit report from Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Monitor your credit regularly, so you can stay on top of what’s being reported to these firms.

If you encounter the issues above, take action immediately. This may involve filing a police report and/or contacting the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. To protect your patrons’ financial data, use one of these advanced POS platforms.

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns To Listen

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen

This post has always been one of my most popular on Pinterest, and it’s too perfect for the  summer season not to share again. If you have a little one in PreK or Kindergarten, or if you’re a teacher of young children of any kind you’ll want to own this book! I will say, though, that even my 8 year old still enjoys reading the Howard Series 4 years after we added him into our home library, this lovable little bunny is just a lot of fun!

Here is my original post:

I find that as a parent I try to make sure that most of the shows that my children watch and the books that they reads (or that I read to them) are not only entertaining and wholesome, but also have some type of lesson or learning aspect about them. Fun, silly, “just because” shows definitely have their place–but I want to make sure that we use every opportunity to teach them valuable life skills in a way they don’t even realize that they’re learning!

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen couldn’t have come at a better time as Amber has been having a few problems with learning to listen. You know, REALLY listen and obey right away.

In Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen Howard is having a little problems with listening, to any and everyone including parents, friends, and teachers. Not because he’s purposefully being bad, there is just so much to be distracted by! This book is great because it shows the cause and effect of not listening, such as punishments from teachers, hurting friends or himself, and losing privileges, which are all shown in an engaging writing style. This book is great because it also shows the good things and rewards that good “really listening” bring!

We both loved the fun pictures and the discussion questions at the end of the book too.

This book is absolutely perfect for any pre-k – kindergartner or above who is having a little bit of difficulty in this area! (and don’t they all from time to time??)

Be sure to check out their website We Do Listen Foundation for free lesson plans, read alouds, and more!

If you love this book be sure to check out our reviews of the other Howard B. Wigglebottom books as well!

Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey On His Back (a book about lying)

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Courage





4 Questions You Might Have When Applying for an ITIN


Applying for an ITIN number can be a daunting task, so it’s a common occurrence that questions exist throughout the process. The information below should be helpful in answering some of the common dilemmas that arise.

What Type of Documentation is Necessary for the Application?

There are several types of identification that will be accepted by the IRS:

  • U.S. Passport – this can be provided without additional ID.
  • U.S. Driver’s License
  • Foreign or U.S. Military identification card
  • Valid Visa from the U.S. Department of State
  • Voter’s registration card from another country
  • National identification card
  • U.S. State identification card

For applicants who are being claimed as dependents, school papers or a valid birth certificate are needed. Also, there are other documents that have to be included with the ITIN application. These include an original and legal U.S. federal income tax return, and, in some cases, the SSA letter of denial is also necessary.

How Long Does it Take to Get an ITIN?

Generally, the IRS processes all ITIN applications in under 10 weeks. The more common time span is between 6 and 8 weeks. If everything was in order, then the applicant’s assigned ITIN should have arrived in the mail by this time.

What is Form W-7?

The W7 form is the official government form which must be completed in order to be assigned an ITIN. It is not possible to apply for an ITIN without having first submitted this form.

Who is Required to Have an ITIN?

Those who do not already have a Social Security Number, and are ineligible for the same, should obtain an ITIN number. Many different circumstances require an ITIN. For example, dependents and spouses of a U.S. citizen, resident alien, or a Visa holder need to have an ITIN number. This is also true of resident and nonresident aliens who are required to file a tax return with the U.S. federal government.

There are many steps to securing an ITIN. The above details should help to clarify some common questions regarding the process and the paperwork. For more information, visit the  ITIN W7 application website today.

How Earth Networks Can Help You Prepare for a Potential Weather Disaster

Earth Networks advanced weather alert system consists of lightning and weather observation stations in the US and around the globe in more than 45 countries. This network promotes understanding of weather events and their impact. By integrating crucial weather analytics into collaboration tools and meteorological services, businesses and communities can mitigate risk and ensure safety.

Weather Sensor Network

Sensors installed in businesses, schools, and stadiums collect local data for neighborhood-specific reporting. The system consists of over 12,000 stations recording more than two dozen variables each day. More than 25 terabytes of daily data are analyzed using proprietary forecasting algorithms and is delivered in a comprehensive format accessible on any device. Neighborhood information is refreshed every few minutes for up-to-date, granular weather data from over 2.6 million worldwide locations.

Advanced Tools and Services

The suite of packages offered by Earth Networks can be custom configured, so each client gets the type of data they need when they need it.

  • Lightning alerts are delivered 50% faster, with warnings for on the ground and in-cloud events as well as wind shear and downburst predictions.
  • Broadcast alerts provide up to the minute weather metrics and live-stream local images, delivering a compelling and comprehensive local report.
  • The automated outdoor alerting system for clubs and sports facilities is the first mass notification system available commercially. Lightning strikes are pinpointed with the integrated cloud-to-ground and in-cloud detection system. Alerts are automatically sent via text and email to ensure recipients are notified of threats immediately.
  • Sferic Maps provide up-to-the-minute tracking of seasonal weather conditions. This enables parks and recreation facilities to clear the grounds, keeping staff and patrons safe.

Critical Data Delivery
This advanced weather monitoring system provides critical data to a range of industries from airports and media to federal, state and local emergency systems. Visit to learn more about their GIS data services, emergency alert software, LCD weather cameras and plume modeling.

24 TV Shows You Can Feel Good Letting Your Young Kids Watch

21 TV Shows You Can Feel Good Letting Your Young Kids Watch_edited-1


Alright, first off can we all just promise to be honest with one another for a few minutes here?

It’s Mid-July. If you live in the south and you walk outside your glasses are probably fogging up from the humidity (I’m totally not lying–this happened to me yesterday!!!!)

While you are a totally awesome parent who does everything from creating an elaborate Summer Fun Pinterest Board to actually managing to DO some of those fun ideas, there is going to come a point and time this summer when you will NEED to put the kids in front of some screens so you can work or even just gain some sanity back! (And, well, I’m pretty sure you might be at that point).

Trust me, it happens to us all! If you’re concerned it might happen a little too often this summer I’d recommend doing a Ticket System and having your young kids do chores for TV time – it’s worked great for us for several years now! These days we do a much simpler, scaled back version I’ll be posting about soon–so watch for that!

Although I think screen time in moderation is completely OK for kids (especially when they earn it!) it helps when you know they’re watching great shows that aren’t annoying, dumb, objectionable, and that they might even learn from! Because I’ve made it something of a mission to track down these kinds of shows for my own kids I wanted to put together a list just for you of our favorites! It could probably be a lot longer, but I only wanted to share shows that we’ve personally watched and loved! Most of these are available on Netflix instant streaming, too, which makes them even better, and ALL of them are available through Amazon to purchase. Most are also found on PBS, Disney Jr., or Nick Jr. if you have cable/satellite/or access to a DVR.

All of these shows are great for the ages of 3 to 7-year-olds. Since I haven’t ventured past that territory yet I don’t know much about great shows for older kids, but if you do please let me know by leaving a comment. I have a feeling it’s going to get even more challenging the older they get!

Educational Shows

Wild Kratts — this fun and educational show features the Kratt brothers and teaches kids all about different animals and their “creature powers”. One of our favorites I love how educational it is without being annoying and the kids love the fun features, suits, and “powers”.

Zaboomafoo — Hand in Hand with Wild Kratts is what I think of as the partner kind of show which is also by the Kratt brothers and also teaches all about animals, which we love! In my mind this show is probably 3-5 year old range and Wild Kratts is more targeted for 5-8, but kids in any of that range could enjoy both.

The Magic School Bus — I grew up on this fun and educational show and I have loved re-watching (and enjoying it just as much) with my kids! My little guy loves learning about our bodies and the episodes about the digestive and immune systems are some of his favorites!

Super Why — this was one of Amber’s all time favorite shows when she was little and I think it’s a big part of the reason she knew all her letters and the sounds they made when she was tiny!

Wordworld — Another Amber favorite and why she got a great start on reading young. This is also one of my favorites, I just adore the characters made up of the letters!

Wishbone — I grew up on this TV show and it is one of my all time favorites. The kids recently got some of the DVDs as presents and now they love it as much as I always did! This is an especially great one for kids in the upper 6-8ish level, and even older kids will enjoy it. I think my huge love of classic literature started with me falling in love with the storylines in this TV series!

Liberty Kids — Another one for the older age group, this is amazing for teaching kids about the American Revolution and  all that time period in history. I love that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin are household names now.

The Octonauts — if you love cute, adorable characters combined with learning ALL about the different kind of ocean life your family will love this show! It’s a top favorite of both the kids–and they still play with their Octonaut toys *all* the time!

Little Einsteins — this is one of Tyler’s favorites! I love how they use the different kinds of (not annoying!!) music and also teach things!

SuperBook — I already did a whole post about this series, but now that we’ve had and watched them for almost 2 years I absolutely LOVE them!! They do such a great job of sharing Bible stories in a fun and accurate way, as well as weaving in valuable lessons that apply to kids “real life” in the shows!

Bo On The Go — this cute, funny little series is all focused on getting kids excited about moving (it’s perfect for those rainy days when you can’t play outside). Bo needs the kids to fuel up her energy and they do that by moving around.

Blue Clues — a classic that came just after my childhood, as a teenager I turned my nose up at Blue and Steve but as a mom I decided I LOVED them! The story lines are engaging for kids and teach all kinds of things.

Sesame Street — ok, ok. So as long as you’re not living under a rock you know about the classic learning program, but, just in case you ARE living under a rock, you should give it a whirl as well. It’s kind of hard to have an American childhood without at least a little bit of it.

Team OmiZoomi — another super cute one, Team OmiZoomi is unique in that its focus is to teach basic math skills through fun story lines.

Book of Virtues — these are great because they have a different focus for each DVD, but it’s broken into TV-length shows. They focus on everything from Fairy Tales to Greek Myths to Bible stories focused around a center theme like Courage, Honesty, or Faith, and all woven into kids daily problems and each with a lesson!

Sid The Science Kid — I’ll be honest, this one *can* get a little annoying and the songs will get stuck in your head (hubby can’t STAND it) but the learning value is good enough it’s at least worth checking out to see if it pushes your annoying buttons or not!

Jake & the Neverland Pirates — ok this one is a little light on the learning side, and might slide more into the next category, but the “gold doubloons” make for good counting learning–especially if you have a little pirate lover.

Just For Fun

While these shows do try to teach things like getting along with others, or life lessons, they are really (in my mind) more about fun. They’re all still very cute, age appropriate, exemplify good behaviors and kids love them!

Rescue Bots — this is the kids newest LOVE. They have watched all the seasons through more times than I care to think about!! It is super cute, however, and I love that it’s a Transformer Spin off that is age appropriate.

Busy Town Mysteries — an adorable show about solving mysteries with the classic Richard Scary characters.

Kipper The Dog — if you don’t like English accents this show isn’t for you, but if like me you love them then it’s a must check out. Sweet and mellow it’s perfect for even the littlest ones!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood — SO sweet! If you grew up on Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood you need to check out this spin off of it that has sweet family oriented lessons.

Sophia The First — princess loving little girls will adore this fun show about a peasant turned Princess.

Ninjago — another kid favorite, this one is probably the silliest one I let the kids fall in love with, but overall it’s just funny and one that your kids will love!

Sherrif Callie’s Wild West — a little on the fluffy side but a lot of fun!

So there you go! 24 amazing, fun, non-annoying TV Shows you can happily sit your kids down in front of!

((And yes, yes, yes–no screen time for those under 2, and please limit your kiddos screen time–I find that if mine watch more than the recommend 2 hours or under each day they start to get cranky and have bad attitudes, regardless of how great of shows they’re watching, so just save the marathons for those days when you REALLY need them for sickness or sanity sake 😉 ))

I know I’m missing some–comment with your favorite kid TV shows that meet all these criteria–we’re also always looking to expand our list!



Why Say It With a Sock Is This Summers Hottest Trend?

Companies that offer monthly subscriptions have become quite popular. You can find subscriptions for jewelry, makeup, clothing and fashion accessories. Say It With a Sock is a subscription service that sends its recipients one new pair of socks each month. Customers end up collecting socks that fit their style, whether that’s funky, professional or somewhere in between. You can tailor the products to your personal style by signing up for the boy’s, girl’s, women’s or men’s sock club.

Stay Abreast of Latest Fashions

When you sign up for a men’s or women’s sock subscription, you want to know that you’re getting the latest and greatest styles. This company remains a hot trend by traveling around the country and the world to learn about the different fashions that are coming to footwear. With this knowledge, the company is able to offer socks in the latest materials, styles and brands.

Offer Holiday-Specific Options

Not only does the women’s or men’s sock club give you a fresh pair of funky socks each month, but it can also provide a gift for a loved one. The company tries to offer special products designed with major holidays in mind. These holidays often include the following:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Fourth of July

You have the choice to get these holiday inspired socks for yourself or gift them to someone you know.

Know What Makes a Great Sock

The company is able to be one of the hottest trends of the summer because it sends out high-quality products to subscribers. Even though you may not be familiar with every brand offered in the club, you can be confident that the socks you get will be durable, fashionable and comfortable. You can have this assurance because those sourcing the products know what goes into making a great pair of socks.

Do you want to join one of the hottest trends of the summer and grow your funky sock collection? Check out the various subscriptions available through the women’s or men’s sock club from Say It With a Sock.

Interior Brick Walls Can Look Awesome, Here’s How

Pampering the interiors of your house can be a brilliant way of giving yourself some rejuvenating feel. A well-crafted interior can immediately give an upswing to a dull environ, both physically and mentally. Whilst having the idea to revamp your interior, there are some definite pre-requisites to it. There are a whole lot of ideas available commercially, which can both attract you as well as baffle you at the same time. So take some time to understand your want and personality and get yourself a blueprint ready in order to avoid any mishap!

Many Ways to Design Your Den

Stylish wall panels have made itself quite an attractive catch in the market for those undergoing interior designing. This has definitely become possible for the wide variety of fashion in which wall panels have become available. They also cater to a lot of purposes in any numbers of ways. Whether it’s your living area or where your bed-time couch sits, modern wall panels have become quite successful.  These wall panels provide a wide canvas for your creative ideas to get well expressed. You can paint them or put fascinating pictures or even wall hangings which can further elevate the ambiance.

Brick Walls Are In

The chicest way to pull up any setting these days is to incorporate a well-finished brick wall. Once these stylish wall panels are introduced into the interior landscape, there is not much else to do but let them do their job. These beauties are amazingly stylish and modern looking which makes it ideal for bedrooms, kitchens and essentially for the living areas. If anyone of the walls existing in a room is given a brick wall finish, then very easily an elegant set up is created without putting much effort into it. To add to the crown, one can always opt for the ones with a glossy finish which can very well be the template everyone would want to replicate.

Brick walls are not only style-friendly but also something which modern-day beings are mostly looking for- low maintenance. Cleaning them with a simple washcloth is all one would require keeping these creative pieces as good as new. The brick walls are also suitable for bathrooms, in which case one needs to be careful regarding molds. The bricks should be well sealed in order to prevent such situations.

Modern wall panels in brick finish come in different colors to suit various settings; soft pastels for the kitchen, vibrant colors for the living area and so on. At times if the brick panels seem too much then it can be well balanced with some artistic artwork, mirror designs and so on. Wooden panels or cupboards can further accentuate the depth in brick walls illustrating more visual elegance.

They Are Worth It!

Planting good aesthetics with different types of interior decoration is one thing and to maintain them, in the long run, is absolutely a different swing altogether. These scientifically designed panels are of innovative styles with utmost longevity, durability as well as flexibility.

They are essentially crafted with such attachments which make them appropriate for wall fittings. Being available in different styles, crafts designs and finish, they each resemble uniqueness and can very well decipher the same effect on the ambiance it surrounds. Starting from wooden texture wall panels to brick ones, glossy to matte; you wish for it and you will be served with it.

Just pretty does not work and hence the panels are so structured that they can restrain fire, water, and any such damages. Besides, they are environmentally friendly as well as they are non-toxic and impact the environment in no harmful fashion.

Easy –Peasy!

Charting a plan to install an interior modeling with panels is just as easy as actually doing them in reality. Being easy to install and not requiring the humungous time which otherwise interior designing takes, make these panels inspiring and applause-worthy. Built with gypsum, brick, acrylic, steel, MDF, leather and such other varieties, the vast array of choices produced for the consumers are absolutely lucrative.

Since majorly these panels are crafted for educational, medical and industrial sectors, there are various ways in which they are put in the forefront. They can magically transform any ordinary space into a high definition scenario. Starting from hotel lobbies to the corridor, entrances to exits, these classy panels are all that one requires producing the perfect exquisite feel.

Things to Remember

  • Depending on the material your panels are made of, maintain them effectively. Different materials eventually demand different kinds of attention.
  • Cleaning the surface now and then can keep the dust off, keeping the lustrous outlook at its place.
  • Long durations of sunlight exposure to wall panels of kitchen, bedroom, and lobbies etc. can damage the finish. To prevent this from happening curtains may be utilized wherever possible.
  • Keeping the panels dry and devoid of stains as fast as possible, if any is important.
  • No water droplet should linger around for a while and should be removed to avoid conditions which help the development of fungus.
  • The more care you take, which is not very tiresome, the more time you get to see these panels in an upTight condition.


When the entire world has something new to offer always, interior decoration with panels have somewhat created quite a satisfactory position of its own. It can glorify any space in a mesmerizing manner which makes it a very popular one. With thousands of styles available, they can never go wrong or mishandled. Its easy installation and low maintenance have somewhat made it into quite a success. A little bit of care can go a long way and help these make an ideal setting. The very presence of these panels has the tendency to represent luxury which people these days are always hunting for.

Delicious Fresh Cut Fruit & Odwalla

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FreshCutSavings #CollectiveBias

Summer is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited for warmer weather and all the flavors that accompany the season, especially all the fresh fruit!

Summer doesn’t exactly mean things are winding down, which is why Odwalla and ZICO products are the perfect staple to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Whether they are part of a breakfast, or a pre/post workout snack, these products are a perfect on-the-go solution to those that are trying to make a “better-for-you” choice.

For a limited time at Albertsons and Safeway you can Save $1 when you buy any (2) Odwalla 15.2 fl. oz. or ZICO 13.5 fl. oz. and (1) Fresh Cut Fruit. Offer valid with digital coupon.

Click here to load your card to offer

Enjoy all the flavors of Fresh Cut Fruit without the hassle – ready for snacking or to add to your own fruit smoothie or smoothie bowl!

Don’t pass up these #FreshCutSavings – available for a limited time!

*Participating products:

  • Odwalla 15.2 oz bottles
  • ZICO 400mL

Offer valid 5/16 – 6/12 and while supplies last. Purchase must be made in a single transaction. Digital coupons are not valid unless downloaded to your Loyalty Account.

Retailers include: Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Tom Thumb, Randalls, Shaws, Star Market, ACME, Pavillions, Carrs, and Jewel-Osco retailers.

5 Brilliant Ways To Save Money This Summer

Today was the last day of school for the Elliott’s and we are officially happy dancing our way into summer!

Summer for most people brings with it a lot of fun, but that can also mean a lot of extra expenses. Those vacations, road trips, summer camps, and celebrations add up faster than you can say “How is it already June?” So today I decided to bring you some brilliant ways to save money this summer. The best part about them? Any busy-crazy parent or working professional can do them! No complicated schemes or cutting coupons or figuring out things (( #aintnobodygottime for that))

1. Save Energy

I know, I know! But listen, what better way to talk about *saving* money than by giving you a chance to WIN some??!! Complete this Spot the Watt game challenge and be entered to win a $100 gift card! Test your energy-saving knowledge among your family and friends as you navigate your way through three interactive rooms. Learn tips in each room to help you save energy, and money, along the way.

This is such an easy, painless way to save money. Adjust your habits just a little and it will amaze you how much these little savings add up! This is especially so important if you live somewhere HOT like we do in Texas!

2. Trim the Fat–Literally

Summer is a great time to re-tackle your food budget. How are those New Years Resolutions doing? No guilt here, I totally understand! With the warm weather comes a great time to re-commit to healthy living. Hubby and I have been on a healthy living kick over the past few months. It has included participating in races and fixing our eating habits. A huge added benefit? Skipping out on eating out and convenience food has actually saved us a ton of money!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Eating out has, and always will, be one of our favorite splurges. But as we’re getting healthier I’m finding that I’d much rather save up and savor that nice, sit down steak. It doesn’t even bother me to totally skip out on the cheap, fast food options. Though they may seem cheap, compared to cooking for yourself they’re actually super pricey!

And, shocker, losing weight really doesn’t have to involve all those quick fixes or elaborate plans that cost you an arm and leg. Hubby is down 40 lbs (go him!!!) and I’m down 10 just because we quit doing the dumb things we knew we needed to, we controlled our portions, and we did the next step….

3. Re-think Getting Healthy ((newsflash, it doesn’t have to cost a bunch of money))

This one goes hand in hand with the one above but it deals more with exercise. Of course, you need to find what makes you want to actually get healthy, and that’s worth whatever cost! However, I’ve found that personally, I’m a lot more motivated by things that don’t involve a ton of money. If you’re somewhere that’s nice in the summer get outside! Running outside is so much more fun. You might also find a local adult league, there are lots that cost very little or are free. Or spend a little money upfront and purchase a piece of exercise equipment and then USE IT! ((the key)).  What we’re currently doing is investing a little money in participating in races, then doing all the training on our own for free ((running outside, together, with the kids at parks, on our treadmill, pushups, situps etc)). Having the goal in site gives huge motivation, and the training doesn’t cost us anything!

Right now we’re currently training for a 5-mile obstacle run in the fall. Yipes!!!

4. Keep Entertainment Cheap

As I mentioned, keeping the family entertained over the summer can add up FAST! While vacations are amazing and you should splurge, take a good long look at your entertainment expenses this month. Do you *really* need all those subscriptions? How many are you using? We’ve always saved tons of money by not having cable. For the kids we also only have them play free things, with the exception of our one subscription that we play together as a family. Rethink how many camps and special outings you want to send your kids to as well. Chances are great they’d have JUST as much fun playing outside in the neighborhood, running through the sprinkler or throwing water balloons around. Unplug them and then *gasp* let them use their imaginations!!!

Another *amazing* option for summer fun is Vacation Bible Schools. Especially if you’re in the Bible Belt like we are, these are running all summer long. They’re fun, safe, free, and generally welcome even kids from other churches in town with open arms.

5. Break Up With Your Cell Phone Contract

Another huge money drain that so many people still have is contracted cell plans. We switched to a pay as you go service years ago and are savings hundreds as a result. The best part? The service is JUST as good with the plan we’re currently on, we still have unlimited data and minutes. Check out your local stores and see what they have to offer. You’ll probably be shocked at what you could be saving!

So there you go, 5 ways to save big bucks that aren’t that complicated at all! Do you have any amazing money saving tips please share them in the comments!

And don’t forget to Complete this Spot the Watt game challenge and be entered to win a $100 gift card!

Wedding Makeup Trends for 2018

While weddings are one of the happiest moment a couple can have together, they can also be extremely stressful, especially for the bride.

As the bride, you want to look elegant and beautiful. To achieve that bridal look, you’ll have to keep up with the current trends in the bridal beauty community. Luckily, there are many sources out there with a variety of information and inspiration on what you can do to feel beautiful on your special day.

Sometimes the amount of information presented on these bridal sites and sites like Pinterest can be overwhelming for a bride-to-be. You can rest easy though as this article contains the latest bridal beauty trends for 2018.

Messy Hairstyles

You may be familiar with brides doing their hair up into tight, intricate braids and buns, but this bridal season has seen more free-flowing locks and updos that don’t look so maintained.

Braids are still big, but you’ll find them not as tight as they once were. With strands framing the face, braids can look romantic but effortless. These messy updos look un-fussy and contemporary, allowing you to add an edge to the classic looks from the past.

You can easily get the messy hair look by taking a hairstyle you may already have in mind and asking your hairstylist to add some texture to it. Styles that are popular right now include simply wearing your hair down, braiding it into a side swept and loose fishtail braid, or having it in a bun.

Your hairstylist or you yourself can create texture by adding waves to your hair before pulling into an updo or teasing it. If you’re doing your hair yourself, sites like can provide you with insight into what hair products can help you achieve the look.

Minimal Makeup but Strong Brows

Heavy makeup has long been the look that people went with to achieve doll-like skin on their wedding day, but brides have been embracing their natural features this season. The components of this no makeup look include dewy, glowing skin with slightly flushed cheeks and the lipstick color of a fresh-bitten lip.

While minimal makeup is being applied to most of the face, the brows are getting more attention. Bold brows frame the face and can really make the rest of your features pop. They’ve been popular in general beauty circles for a while now, so it makes sense that they’ve transitioned into bridal makeup.

To get this natural look with bold brows, you want to focus on three things: skin care, highlight, and the shape of your brow. Skin care is important because the healthier your skin is, the less makeup you’ll need.

Make sure you’re cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin regularly in the weeks leading up to your big day. On the day, apply concealer, tinted moisturizer, or light foundation to hide any trouble spots or blemishes. You can achieve the look of dewy (not shiny) skin by applying a hint of highlight on the cheekbones, just below your brow, and the corner of the inner eye. Make your brows stand out by gently filling them in, following the shape that you want. Apply powder over them to make them last all day or night.

Brown Eyes and Pink Lips

In keeping with the natural trend, brides are going for simple matte browns for the eye look with a bit of eyeliner. It’s a look that will make your eyes pop without being too out there. For your lips, you’ll want to go for pink and glossy to get that fresh-bitten look mentioned above.

To achieve this look, dust whatever brown you prefer over your eyelid. Feel free to add a bit of darker shades to give the look some depth but don’t go too overboard. Go with whatever eyeliner look best suits the shape of your eyes. Lastly, you’ll want to avoid brown mascara. You may be tempted to match the eye shadow, but nothing will make your eyes pop more than solid black.

Pink on the lips bring out the natural colors of your lips. Many people are afraid of pinks as they can be too bright, but the wide range of lip colors out today should make it easy to find a pinkish color that suits your skin. If you’re still not convinced, corals can also work well.

The Bottom Line

While you’ll want to look your best for your big day, it’s important to remember that you feel comfortable as well. Go with makeup that makes you feel your best even if it’s not necessarily on trend.