Three Toddler Bath Products You Must Own

Three Toddler Bath Products You Must Own
So I’m sure if you have a toddler you probably already know and love the most common bath time products like the Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups and you’ve long since realized how handy regular cups and spatulas from the kitchen are for keeping your little one entertained in the tub for hours. You’ve also probably discovered that nasty, icky black gunk that squirts out of cheap water squirty toys (hint–those cheap rubber ducks are adorable but don’t buy them from Wal*Mart!)

Since you’ve already discovered all of this I wanted to tell you about my three current favorite toddler bath time products you might not know all about yet but that you’ll definitely want to own!

1. Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash – you might remember how impressed I was with the Dial Coconut Water Body Wash that I recently tried out so when I saw that there was also a new Dial for Kids wash out I couldn’t wait to try it–especially when I saw that there was a formula made especially for kids over 2. The toddler age is usually where the super mild baby products aren’t cutting it, but you don’t want to use full strength products–especially not if your kids have super sensitive skin like mine do!

The peachy clean fresh body wash smells wonderful and since it’s Hypoallergenic & artificial dye free I can even use it on Amber’s eczema prone skin–yey! Anytime I find something that smells good that I can use on my kids I’m all over it! It does a great job as a shampoo on Tyler’s cropped locks-and suds up really nicely as well! (hint–be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post for a chance to win some from me!)

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 Waterproof Bath Books

2. Waterproof Bath Books are about the coolest things ever. Toddlers are super independent and more than a little bit naughty–so when they get to do something “wrong” (a book in bath tub no no!!!) and it’s actually ok (a special bath time book, yes yes!) it goes over really well! We were given the classic The Rainbow Fish bath book as a gift when Amber was tiny, but there are a huge variety of books to choose from that come in this fun, float-able fashion!

Avon Naturals Kids Finger Paints

3. Avon Naturals Kids Finger Paints  My mom got two of these for the kids at Christmas and they have absolutely *loved* them! I love that they’re all natural so that they don’t irritate the kiddos skin, and their seriously fun and then soap up and rinse off of the tub very easily–even when the kids get it *everywhere* (compared to tub crayons which are fun but can be  a pain to clean off). I loved these so much I bought them four more for their Valentine’s Day gift and we’re already almost out again!

These are awesome for learning letters, shapes, and colors for your toddler and Amber uses a paintbrush to really “paint” pictures on the shower walls–you can also mix the colors (blue and red) to create purple and it’s a great way to launch into color combinations with your preschooler!

What Are Your Must Have Toddler Bath Products? Leave me a comment letting me know!

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Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: I was provided with the Dials Kids Natural Body Wash to rub a dub scrub with and giveaway. The bath book linky and the cutie caterpillar are affiliate links to Amazon. All other products, links, options, and cute naked baby pictures are not compensated and everything is my own wonderful advice and opinions which can never be bought.

Nicole Elliott