#SoFabCon {and what it means to me} #LuvSoFab

My Story:

 The name of the blog is really just the beginning. Though I thought I would be a Wyoming Girl turned Coastie Wife for at least 20 years, Life, as life does, threw a couple of curveballs our way and it became apparent that the Coast Guard wasn’t where we as a family needed to stay. So suddenly I find myself to be a mom to two, in her late twenties, whose hubby is back in college full time for Electrical Engineering (think–lots of Physics, Chemistry, Calculus and formulas so complex they make my eyes cross) on the GI Bill for support alone (max credit hours and complicated classes over eight years after his Associates means no time for a minimum paying job–it makes much more sense for him to focus on getting great grades and a great job in the future than poor grades and a few hundred dollars a week now).

My Office:

 I’ve been working from home for over 3 years now– Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, and Blogger–I wear many hats to keep my office looking like the picture above. Once our lives shifted, however, my job importance shifted as well. From “a little extra spending money” to “a way to pay the bills” my work as a Blogger and Social Media Maven has taken on a whole new light. Before I was able to skip conferences and put them off as “maybe someday” events since it was really all “just for fun” and a way to eat out at Outback every now and then. Now I know I need to kick my game into high gear, and I can’t do that by myself. I need to pick the brains of successful bloggers, attend conferences where I can take notes on what I’m doing wrong and what I can start doing right, and network and create friendships in cocktail dresses. I’ve always known I had the best job ever–now it’s time to really start living like it! 
While I’ve been chipping away at becoming a better blogger for the past 5 years since starting this blog, I’ve found that I’ve learned the most in the past year and a half–after becoming a Social Fabric Member. I’ve been shown that since I’m trying to take and share fabulous pictures I should make them *big* and *beautiful* to show them off, that the process and the story is really more important than the product, why SEO should be a part of my everyday vocabulary, that busy sidebars are dumb and weren’t doing me any favors, and that the old cliche “Content is King” is cliche for a reason! If I could gather all these tidbit that have vastly improved my blog and increased my monthly income in ways I’d only hoped for I can only imagine what knowledge I  could glean from a few days away to really focus and learn!
My Future:
These smiling faces are why I do what I do. They’re my passion, my motivation, and my number one job. They’re the reason I will work my butt off to be able to live out my life long dream of staying at home and loving on them while helping to support my best friend {hubby} and make our family an asset, not a leech, to society, our in-laws, and everyone else whose love and support is getting us through the tricky next few years! Everything I learn at #SoFabCon will go towards helping me support them, live my dream, and become the best little blogger I can possibly be!

I can’t possibly express what this conference would mean to me, what the amazing and fun shops I’ve been able to do through Social Fabric #Cbias have meant in the past, and how amazing and precious the friendships that I’ve developed through this network have meant–they encourage me, challenge me, and cheer me on–and that is something that I love being a part of!

All of this is why I #LoveSoFab and can’t wait to be a part of it!

Nicole Elliott