Is Genesis History? Movie Review

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: I was given access for me and the kids to watch Is Genesis History once in order to provide my thoughts on it! All opinions, adorably inquisitive kids, and conclusions are my own.

Amber is in that formative, value defining stage right now. As a parent, it’s thrilling and crazy and scary, all at the same time. I can see her take our viewpoints as her parents, and start to wrestle with if she believes them for herself. We’re in the stage of LOTS of questions right now.  Because of this, I was immediately intrigued when I read that  Is Genesis History? was inspired by the director’s 10-year-old daughter who began asking questions about science, history and the Bible. Since we’re in the same place I was excited to have potentially found a great resource for Amber, and for us as well.

Now, usually with a movie like this, there is a WHOLE lot of evidence hurled around. Of course, all this evidence usually supports whichever viewpoint the people making the film believe for themselves. Also, all other viewpoints are largely ignored, glossed over, or only the most ludicrous aspects of them are discussed.

One thing that I *loved* in Is Genesis History? is that they do bring up, explain, and discuss the Naturalist View/Conventional Paradigm for each topic that they cover. They don’t make people who believe in it sound like a bunch of idiots, and they do acknowledge that many intelligent professionals believe in that. However, they then also cover the Creationist View, and why and how the same data can be interpreted from that viewpoint and how it works. I really appreciated that there was no mud slinging, just a group of professionals sharing how their life’s work in a variety of fields has increased their faith.

Yes, you read that right. This is no one single Pastor thumping the Bible throughout the film shouting that you should believe it, because you should believe it. They sought out real, specialized experts who *all* hold a Ph.D. in a huge variety of relevant fields and discussed real questions that we all have with them.

I was also very impressed that the quality was great! That’s something that often has to be sacrificed in lower budget films, but this is an amazing quality film that is super interesting and engaging throughout. Even the kids were interested–all of the animals, cool locations, and of course the dinosaurs, kept them watching. In fact, after seeing the dig in Wyoming for dinosaurs both kids now want to be Paleontologists when they grow up!

One of my favorite things that I learned from this show was that they’ve found dinosaur bones that still had tissues with cells ((Jurassic Park anyone??)).

They broach a HUGE range of relevant topics, discuss how *both* viewpoints interpret the data and explain why it is completely logical for us as Christians, and intelligent adults, to believe that Genesis *is* History. I also appreciated that when there are topics that we cannot explain, they honestly said that, instead of just ignoring it.

This was SUCH a great film. I found it very interesting, engaging, and one that I would happily recommend to both my fellow Creationists and those many friends of mine who believe in the Naturalist View. I believe it handles it in a responsible, mature, and intelligent way, which is what I love to see on *any* kind of topic in which there is a division. Here is the trailer so you can get a feel for it yourself!

Is Genesis History? Will be in select theaters for one night only, February 23rd!!! So be sure to check out if it will be playing near you, and if it will, please go! I promise you won’t regret it!

If it’s not, feel free to check out the Is Genesis History website, and be sure to pick it up when it comes out for purchase!



Movie Review of 40 NIGHTS

Movie Review Time!

By way of our rural mail carrier; who drives a big boat of a vehicle and not a one of those cute little mail trucks you may see in town, I received the movie 40 NIGHTS from! This film is biblical and deep – it’s about the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert preparing himself for the trying days ahead of him and his crucifixion.


40 NIGHTS really spoke to the humanity of Jesus; His inner struggle between fear and faith, until He reaches resolve in the desert – that His death is the only way. It was biblical but there are some liberties taken, without going overboard. The acting was really great and the cinematography was so interesting and done very well!

One of my favorite scenes was a very earthly one between mother and son. Jesus was recalling a moment he had with Mary. He was working when she asked him,

“Are you well?”
His response was a quick, “My health is fine.”
But how is your head and heart?” She asked more pointedly.

It was a real and believable moment that very well could have happened, just as it does every day in homes across the globe. A mother knows.

As mothers we love our children so deeply and sense when they are hurting or burdened with something heavy. Created in God’s image – He loves us infinitely more and is concerned for us in the same ways a mother (or father) is for their child. Above all He cares about the state of our hearts.

We get so busy with life (myself included!), with summer outings, vacations, meal planning, the approaching school year, and the lists go on! But The Lord wants to know, how is your head and heart? If we don’t care of the health of those two vital things then we will not be very effective as mothers, spouses, friends, and so on.

There is so much to glean from the scriptures during the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the film 40 NIGHTS sheds light on many of those truths.

Overall I thought this was a great film and one I think my husband and family will enjoy watching as well! I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it for young children as there are a couple of emotionally intense scenes and a lot of dialogue that will go over their heads – but it could also be used as a good teaching opportunity.

I would like to thank for sending me this movie to watch and in return give an honest review of the film! My thoughts and opinion of the film are of course, my own. I look forward to jumping online to purchase more wholesome family films from in the near future – and you should too!

Blessings ~ Amber

Noble the Movie



The movie Noble is about the life of Christina Noble, an Irish woman from the mid 1900’s, who has had a very difficult and trying childhood and life growing up in Dublin and then moving to England, but throughout it all she holds onto, even if just by a thread of hope, her faith in God.

In the midst of her suffering and crying out to God for understanding and beseeching Him with questions about if He has forgotten about her, she has a vision of children from Vietnam consumed by war and devastation that their little innocent hearts does not deserve to have to endure through. She dreams of children, who are desperately in need of love, protection, and help. She vows that one day, somehow, she WILL go to Vietnam and carry out her vision that God has placed within her heart. The movie goes through her journey in Vietnam in 1989, as she is trying to set up a home for the street children so that they can be safe, loved, nurtured, educated, and receive any medical care they need.  The movie also has many flashbacks about her life as she was growing up and all the intensity and sorrows she went through to make her into the woman she was destined to be.

Her spirit is one truly comprised of gold to go through all the pain she went through, and yet to still have a song on her lips, radiating joy in her heart and love for the “least of these”, the poor and abandoned children, in abundance. She is such an inspiration in how she pours and selflessly gives out of herself to these children in desperate need on the streets of Vietnam. She is as bold as a lion, and in the movie, she even rescues some young girls from being preyed upon by evil predator type men who have nothing but the vilest intentions with these young girls, which adds for quite the dramatic plot twist as she “storms the castle”, so to speak, for these young souls. She is a hero in the truest form of the word, in my humble opinion.

The movie was such an inspiration and very moving.  I found this movie to be quite surprisingly splendid and refreshing because sometimes, with more feel-good/faith films, they can be quite cheesy and low quality, but this movie was quite the opposite. I loved the more serious parts, and how they were expertly broken up by little scenes of humor and amusement that left me giggling and smiling.

The actress who portrayed Christina Noble, Deirdre O’Kane, was delightful! She had such a passionate and vibrant acting personality, and the Irish accent in her voice, both singing and speaking, was beautiful to watch and hear!

In this movie, I laughed, I cried, I was, to say it again, very much moved by this movie.

Watching Christina’s story drew something out from within me, it reignited a passion, so to speak. Children are the future, and we are called by God to love the children, widows, and orphans (James 1:27 and Psalm 82:3 in the Bible), and for someone to embrace that divine calling so selflessly and fully with a wide open heart and boldness of a lion…that is true faith and religion in my opinion. Serving with abandon and loving everyone you come across with and protecting them from themselves even. There is no greater calling, than to be NOBLE and BRAVE and to LOVE, no matter the personal cost (John 15:13)!

Have you seen this movie yet? What were your thoughts on it?

Beloveds, my ending question is one that convicts me to the core and puts my priorities in alignment, and that is: What is something both noble and brave you would accomplish with your life if you were guaranteed NOT to fail because God was on your side?????

To find and connect with other “noble” women, search the hashtag on your favorite social media “#sheisnoble”.

Now may I add this as a follow up to that question?

GREAT NEWS!!! He IS on your side, and if He has placed a dream within you…no matter how huge or minuscule, if it is from Him…NOTHING can get in your way. Fear has no place where love is (1 John 4:18), and God LOVES you and is FOR YOU! Go be bold and brave like Christina, and do great things for the Kingdom and for His glory alone! You are VICTORIOUS in Jesus!!!



Now for some homeplay (homework but better):

Here is the trailer for the movie and a link to their phenomenal, beautifully done website! Go check them out and give them some lovings and go watch this movie!

Here is the official synopsis from their website:

“They broke everything but her spirit. They took everything but her dream. NOBLE, the award-winning feature film, is the incredible true story of a fearless Irish heroine driven by her daring vision to escape the slums of Ireland and risk everything on the streets of Vietnam.

Winner of six U.S. film festival awards, including the Panavision Spirit Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the powerful biopic drama written and directed by Stephen Bradley is heralded by critics as “raw and genuinely powerful,” “captivating” and “moving.” The Hollywood Reporter calls it “a joyful and rousing affirmation of the human spirit that will resound widely.”

With great affection, as always,

Rebekah M. Clark

Superbook – A Christian TV Series for Kids: Thoughts from a Real Mom & Her Kids

Superbook TV Series
Legalese Nonsense: I love quality entertainment for Amber during Tyler’s naps–it helps me be able to work from home! So when CBN and MomSelect offered to send me Superbook to check out of course I said yes! All afternoon snuggles, parent evaluations, and pictures are my own!

Update from 2/7/16

So after having this TV series as a part of our life for several years now I can even more wholeheartedly recommend it! After being given nearly all of season one to review (as shown here) we purchased season 2. At ages 5 & 8 now this is one of the kids favorite shows ever and I love how much of the Bible they’ve taken into heart because of it. Recently several people at church have told us how much both my children know about the Bible, and I know it’s all thanks to Super Book and our huge variety of amazing Children’s Bibles. Hurray for amazing, fun, not corny Christian entertainment! Stay tuned for a post coming very soon about other kid’s entertainment you don’t have to feel guilty about letting them watch!

Original Post:

I’m sure you remember my recent post about Superbook and it’s July airings–were you able to catch any of the series?

I was so excited to get the entire 14 episodes for Amber to watch! The show is recommended for ages 6 and up–if you didn’t realize it the Bible can get a little “adult rated” at times–even in the classic children stories! I appreciate that Superbook recommends itself to an older audience and also that it even goes so far to give you a heads up before any shows that might have more intense scenes in them.

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When Calls the Heart – Lost & Found DVD

Legalese Nonsense: I was sent a copy of When Calls the Heart to view it–because how could I tell you my thoughts otherwise? All nitpicky opinions are, as always, all my own!

Ever since I first read the Love Comes Softly Series as a teen, I’ve loved all of Janette Oke’s books! So when Hallmark starting making series and movies inspired by her books I was excited about it! I learned quickly, however, that “inspired by” means just that–these might have the same titles and character names, but the stories in the movies/series are very loosely based on the books. They are great in and of themselves, but if you are expecting a great book to tv adaptation you’re going to become disappointed quickly. I learned this with the Love Come Softly movie series, so going into watching When Calls the Heart – Lost & Found DVD I was expecting something similar, and I was right. This DVD is actually the first 2 episodes in the When Calls the Heart Series–so don’t expect the full season. It’s just enough to give you a great taste for the series and leaves you wanting more.

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The Confession DVD Review

The Confession DVD

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: It wouldn’t be nice to send me one movie and not another, so I was very happy when I received The Confession to review. All teary eyes, snuggly chick flick nights, and nit picky opinions are, as always, my own.

Movies that end on cliff hangers always leave me waiting anxiously for the next one–and as I mentioned The Shunning did just that so I was super excited when I found out that the next movie in the series, Beverly Lewis’ the Confession, was finally here! Since watching the movies I have picked up two of the books in the series, but I’m waiting to get all three before I start reading them-so I don’t have the ability to compare them to the books (yet). I’ve learned I like reading the books after movies though-since that way movies aren’t a let down!

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This Is Our Time DVD

This Is Our Time DVD
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: We were sent a copy of This is Our Time because how will I critique it if I haven’t seen it? As you will read I always give my honest opinion which is, as is the cute film critiquing hubby I mention, all my own!

When our expectations of life have a head on collision with the reality of life our faith can get tested to its max. In the book The Gospel Centered Woman Wendy talks about the “prosperity gospel of conservative Christianity” — the notion that if we are living for God, doing His will, and following what the Bible says we’re supposed to do then our lives will go well and we’ll be blessed. I do find that this tends to be the way we thinks as Christians–so how do we respond when we’re serving God and tragedy strikes?

This is the center theme to This Is Our Time  which follows the lives of five different students after they graduate from college. Each has great challenges to overcome as they seek what they should be doing and who they should become.

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The Woodcarver DVD

Although we don’t watch a ton of TV at our house hubby and I both enjoy snuggling up at the end of the day or on weekends and watching a good movie or one of our favorite TV shows together. My favorites are good clean films that also have a great, unique storyline, good production value, and great acting. And unfortunately that’s usually extremely hard to find!

Well I now have a new movie to add to my favorites list! The Woodcarver blew me away! I watched it last night and it was truly awesome. It made me laugh, and it made me cry (real tears–more than once!) and it left me with that warm fuzzy feeling inside that great movies leave me with (am I the only one that happens to?) I loved all the the characters and the acting was extremely good (which is always harder to achieve when you have several tense/tearful scenes) as was the production value.

The story line is about a troubled teenager whose parents are in the midst of a divorce and a lonely man who has lost his wife of 40+ years to cancer. It gives a great view of very real and common problems in life and how God can work through them all. I’d highly recommend it for the entire family!

I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising