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Hawk Nelson Made
Legalese Nonsense: Being a long time Hawk Nelson fan how cold I not say yes when offered the chance to review their latest album?! all skeptical hubbies and lyric loving opinions are, as always, my own!

Today for the Music Lover on your list I’m recommending the newest CD from Hawk Nelson, Made.

When I first got this cd in hubby took one look at the cover and said, “Oh–so they’re all hipster main stream now, are they?” And yes, I admit at first glance, and even at first listen, Hawk Nelson seems to have taken the turn that many of their counterparts have in turning away from their original hard edge rock-punk vibe and falling into the trend of high selling, crowd pleasing, punk pop, worship music  vibes.

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Sanctus Real Run CD

 Sanctus Real is one of those bands that I’ve always heard about and knew who they were without ever owning any of their CDs or really knowing their music. I’m always looking to get acquainted with bands better so when I was offered the chance to review their new CD Run I couldn’t wait to jam out to it!

After reading other fan reviews of the CD it seems that as a band Sanctus Real has had an evolution similar to that of Kutless which I described in my last review of their CD–they started out as a more edgy off-of-mainstream Christian band but have developed over the years to have more a Christian Radio sound and vibe. Personally, however, I think in Run Sanctus Real does a perfect job of this!
Smooth and rocking, kind of rock, kind of pop, kind of modern country this CD encompasses all my favorite vibes and rolls all of that into twelve great songs that also have great, bold, non cookie-cutter (for most songs) lyrics.

My favorite songs on the CD are Commitment which is one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard and Nothing Between.

Here are some of the lyrics from those two:


It’s no mystery what the difference is between a love that lasts and one that’s caving in. 
It takes more than a feeling if you want to survive in a world that blurs the line between wrong and right, trades True Love for a sacrifice.
I want to finish, the way we started. 
Just two broken souls clinging onto Jesus.
We’ve seen his faithfulness and grace, I want to love you that way.

Such a beautiful picture of what true love really is–*swoon*

Nothing Between

When I’m watching the walls burn to the ground around me
I just want to know what it is you’re trying to show me

I will walk through the fires of life 
I will wait in the darkest of night
I will follow you into the fight if that’s where you lead me
I don’t know what you want me to see
But I know where you want me to be
Close to you, Nothing between

I love the play on the old hymn “nothing between my soul and the Savior” while it makes it much more relatable and real–simply great!

Personally I am now in love with Santcus Real and I can’t wait for their next album! If you’d like to see other reactions-especially from the die hard fans don’t forget to hop on over to Amazon to listen to snippets to see what you think!

Nicole Elliott

Loved by JJ Heller

I had never heard of JJ Heller before I got her newest album Loved (Deluxe Version). After listening to this album many times over the past several weeks I couldn’t be happier that now I know about her! Loved is a beautiful folksy/poppy mix of music that is right up the alley of the genres I’m loving these days. Although a Christian album the lyrics of Love do not overly scream Christian. However unlike in many cases this doesn’t bother me as the feeling and depth of the album still lend it a great credibility and strength. I love each of the gentle, sweet songs on the cd–no “skip it” tracks in this album! My very favorite song on the CD is Stay:
Stay with me, and you’ll be surprised
There’s a world of color, beyond black and white
Open your eyes, let in the light
You’ll see when you stay with me

Whether you’re a fan of sweet, folksy music or a fan of Christian albums with character and richness Loved will be a perfect CD to add to your collection. I’m definitely going to be checking out her previous albums! Don’t take just my word for it though—right now it has 5 stars on Amazon so be sure to hop over and listen to the snippets and read the other reviews!

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Nicole Elliott

Kutless Believer CD


I have had a long standing love for Kutless. As I mentioned certain cds become the soundtracks of my life, and every time I think of Kutless I’m always brought back to driving around in my little Neon, going to college, and hanging out with my cute boyfriend who introduced me to their music. I’ve been a fan ever since their very first self titled album Kutless–back when they were a lot grittier sounding. Although my now hubby (he was the cute boyfriend who told me about them!) misses their more hard core rock feel I love the band that they’ve grown and developed into and Believer is a great example of what they’ve become. Their lyrics have always been one of the things I really love about them and this album provides those on top of their great sound. The song “Even If” is now one of my new all time favorites–it is SO amazing! Here are just a few lyrics:

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