The Sparkle Box: A Gift with the Power To Change Christmas

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The Sparkle Box

I’ve been sharing lately how much I adore Christmas and all that it includes and represents. I’ve also shared, however, that I am saddened when I see the over commercialization, greed, and wrong mindsets that it can represent. Now–don’t get me wrong–I’m all for presents, for buying great products from wonderful companies–I’m hosting a gift guide for goodness sake! But if you’re doing it to fuel your child’s “gimme gimme gimme” attitude or going into credit card debt to do so then something is wrong and you need to take a step back.

I loved reading The Sparkle Box: A Gift with the Power to Change Christmasto Amber. It’s designed for children ages 4-8 and it really fit her perfectly! This touching story is about a very special gift under the tree and how giving to others shows a child the true meaning of Christmas.

Sparkle Box

 During the Christmas season Sam (the little boy) family focuses on all the fun of Christmas–but also focuses deeply on giving to others without. On Christmas morning Sam gets to open the sparkle box to discover pieces of paper listing all the acts of kindness they preformed throughout the season of joy. His mom explains that the Sparkle Box was the families gift to Jesus on his birthday.

The book also contains a Sparkle Box for you-you can see Amber holding ours up above! I’m excited to fill it with our acts of kindness–like filling up a Operation Christmas Child Box!

Though designed for children–what a great concept this carries for adults as well–how many scraps of paper will you be able to put in this year? What are you doing for Jesus during his special season of the year??!!

A wonderful book destined to become a classic–I think everyone needs a copy of The Sparkle Box don’t just take my word for it though–go read the Amazon reviews-5 stars so far!

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Little Star by Anthony DeStefano *Review*

In addition to loving all the wonderful decorations of Christmas I also love all of the wonderful stories it brings! The past few years I’ve been slowly buying my old favorites along with new favorites to add to our collection for Amber & Tyler. Little Star will definitely fall into the second category! It is the story about the Star of Bethlehem I love how it shows that even little “insignificant” people (or stars) can make a huge difference and change the world (something any child will instantly relate to) I love the way it is almost a type of Christ in how the little star ends up sacrificing himself for others but will always live on. I actually gave it as a present to my brother for his daughter for Christmas and he told me later that it made him tear up! It was a very touching, sweet story that I know my children will enjoy many times over in the years to come!!

Be sure to read the Amazon Reviews as well–so far it has 4 stars and 138 reviews!

The Snowman’s Song Review

I love everything about Christmastime! The lights, the songs, the decorations!
Most of all I love the stories! Most important I love the Christmas story, but there are several other beloved stories too! Like The Littlest Angel, and A Christmas Carol.
Now I can add The Snowman’s Song: A Christmas Story to the list! This book is beautifully illustrated and has a sweet, heartwarming story. I especially loved when the Little Snowman referred to Christmas as the birth of our Savior and the whimsical rhythms and unique storyline make it a delightful bedtime story. It’s a little on the longer side-so I would recommend it for ages 3 and up unless you have a captivated little one!
Although it’s a tad bit old for Amber right now within the next few years I know she’ll learn to love the story and ask for it again and again! For right now she loves looking at the pictures and pointing out all the stars and snowmen 🙂 I enjoyed reading it as an adult and know this story would please older children as well!
Be sure to read the other reviews on Amazon as well-it has 5 stars!
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