Chocolate Lover’s Cookie in a Mug Recipe

So by now you know my long-standing love affair with the original Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug recipe! I recently was messing around in the kitchen one evening when I had a particularly fierce chocolate craving and created a Chocolate Lover’s twist to the original with a whopping 3 different kinds of chocolate-y goodness inside! It was soooo delicious that I knew I just had to share it with you!

Let me just tell you–this is quickly becoming my downfall. It’s so perfectly melty-chocolate and molten-ly good without being too rich, the three different types of chocolate flavor perfectly balance each other out to meld into perfection! It will absolutely fix any chocolate craving you ever have!

Chocolate Lover’s Cookie in a Mug Recipe

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Friday Food ~ Chocolate!!!

So this has become my *favorite* saying lately–True Story!!! Because, honestly, although we all know I’m on my quest to get *(even more) Slim & Trim there’s no way I’m ever going to get the point I give up chocolate! So when any company or any person or any *anything* for that matter asks me the question, “Would you like us to send you some chocolate?” The answer is a resounding Y E S !!!!

Recently I got the chance to try out two unique and exquisite looking chocolate bars from Chuao Chocolatier. When I posted an Instagram pic to Facebook it ensued a whole lot of “likes” and discussions of working for chocolate–haha! Also one of my friends mentioned that she’d tried their spicy maya and her hubby liked it but she had to get used to it first since it was such a different concept.

I’m not a spicy person–I’ve never understood the appeal of spicy food, to me it’s just hot and makes my mouth feel like it’s on fire–not tasty!! However I’m willing to try *just* about anything once (as my gagging down escargot…once…proved) so I decided to give the spicy maya bar a try!

I was pleased that it wasn’t nearly as hot as I thought it might be. The dark chocolate hits your taste buds first..yummmmm….then you get a nice little kick in the mouth in the form of a spicy aftertaste. The best thing I can liken it too is eating a gourmet dark chocolate covered hot tamale candy! What surprised me the most was that the kiddos–especially Tyler–*loved* it and they quickly polished off the rest of the bar when I offered them “a taste”. Haha!

I was *most* excited about trying out the Rocky Road bar! Whenever I see Rocky Road I instantly equate it with ice cream and it makes me super nostalgic to when my mom and I used to order it in Farson, Wyoming (if you’re ever driving up to Yellowstone National Park be *sure* to stop in Farson and get a cone/cup of ice cream!!!)

So anyways I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into my oh-so-sweet bar of memories! When I opened it up the first thing I noticed was the back of the bar–check it out! It was so funny to me to see all the goodies just “hanging out” Haha! The bar was absolutely delicious but I have to say that I think I would have liked it better if the marshmallows and almonds would have been chopped up and spread throughout the bar so that it wasn’t like I was just getting a bit of only marshmallow or only almond ever now and then. Since the ice cream has the “chunks” in it I can see how it feels more “legit” that way, but for some reason it just didn’t click with me as well!

Both bars were definitely a lot of fun and much more grown up and exciting than your checkout line variety! If you haven’t tried Chuao Chocolatier you will definitely have to!

Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts on Spicy Chocolate and what the weirdest food you’ve ever tried is!!

Nicole Elliott

Friday Food For Dessert ~ Whole Fruit® Sorbet

Here in the Elliott house we try to focus on eating healthy foods–but of course we love our “special treats” as the kiddos call them. So when we got the chance to try out  Whole Fruit® Sorbet I jumped at it!

Sorbet is usually a kiddo choice here, (mommy has to admit that she normally prefers her chocolate ice cream). However, when I found out that Whole Fruit® Sorbet were Voted Best Flavors by Cooking Light Magazine I decided that maybe Mommy and Daddy would be trying these out!

My hunch was right!  While these were definitely wildly popular with both of the kiddos I’m afraid to admit that Bob and I ate most of the Sorbet! (and yes, all five 16 fl. oz containers are long gone!)

What did we think of the flavors themselves?  Amber’s favorite was the strawberry that contained large chunks of–yes–REAL strawberries (yum)! Bob’s favorite was the Valencia Orange because it was the Sorbet that tasted the most like ice cream and the least like fruit (haha!). Tyler–well–Tyler ate them each and all with wild abandon and pronounced each “Sooooo nummy nummy nummy.”

And what did I think? My favorite was definitely the lemon–I’m a sucker for frozen lemonade that they sell out of on the sidewalk stands in Boston. Although I’ve tried to find a good substitute that I could buy from the store I’ve never had any luck–until now! The just right smoothly soft, sweet and sour delight that is the Whole Fruit Lemon Sorbet left me eating the whole container on my own and wanting more! I was also a huge fan of the strawberry and raspberry kinds as well–the raspberry had a REAL raspberry taste and texture to it–with raspberry I can really tell when it’s a “fake raspberry syrup” taste or “the real thing”!

If you think you’ll “like” Whole Fruit® Sorbet as much as we do be sure to go check them out on Facebook and pick one up at a store near you!

Nicole Elliott

Delicious Drinkable Desserts

Delicious Drinkable Desserts

In our house we try to eat pretty healthy but the kids look forward to getting their “special treats” every now and then!  Lately the weather has gotten really chilly in between the really nice days, and on one of those blustery, drizzily days last week I decided to do something a little fun for dessert!

Torani Syrup

I recently was sent two bottles of Torani Syrup in Peppermint and Salted Carmel thanks to SheSpeaks and decided it was time to give them a whirl. Right after I got them I noticed them in the coffee aisle at our local Wal*Mart–I’d never seen them there before! Since I was making the desserts for the kids, however, I opted to not include coffee in our treats! I went to the Torani website for inspiration and came across two ideas that I knew the kiddos were sure to love!

For the first super simple, super tasty dessert I warmed up a glass of milk, put a teaspoon of peppermint syrup, and added mini candy canes as a garnish. The kids both thought it was wonderful. Tyler proclaimed it to be “Oh so yummy YUMMY.” The best part of this is it was a really healthy dessert option compared to most!
DIY Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Everywhere I turn lately I’m seeing all these recipes and products for gourmet hot chocolate.  I decided with Toranis help I could make (or perhaps fake?) a decadent dessert drink with items I have on hand all the time.
DIY Gormet Hot Chocolate
1 Pack Swiss Miss
1 Tsp Torani Salted Caramel Syrup
1 Cup Water or Milk
Mini Marshmellows
Chocolate Syrup
Heat the water, add chocolate mix, and syrup. Stir. Top with mini mellows and drizzle with chocolate sauce.

 The end result? A drink so scrumptious looking (and tasting) you’d think it did come out of a fancy shop!

Don’t forget to pin this so you can make it too!

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