Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

I have a great offer for you! Thanks to MyMemories Software (remember I just did a review of them *here* ) I will be bringing you some great digital scrapbooking freebies weekly! I’m excited because I’ll be downloading them for myself as well! 😉 The really great thing about them is that they are in png format so no matter what digital scrapbooking program you use these will work with it!

Remember if you use My Memories Software coupon code STMMMS65515 You can get the great deal of getting $10 off the software and $10 in free merchandise from!! Since the software is only $39.97 you will be getting a great bargain! This would make a wonderful Christmas gift! You can purchase the software Here.


Click HERE to download (includes 5 Page Elements 2 quick pages)

Everyday Mom Ideas

So today I wanted to tell you a little about one of my *very* favorite blogs! Everyday Moms Ideas has an amazing combination of Recipes, Giveaways, and (my favorite) Free Digital Scrapbooking Kits. The best thing about her kits is that it is super easy to find pretty and frilly kits but to find kits to scrap boy stuff–well that can be quite the challenge! And with my little wild man pretty pages and cute embellishments just don’t quite cut it! Being a mom of boys herself she makes *fabulous* free kits that are perfect for using on boy pages. I really adore her stuff, she’s one of my favorite designers! So be sure to hop on over and stalk her err….follow her blog, on Twitter, and “like” her on Facebook! You won’t be disappointed!

MyMemories Suite Digital Scrabooking Software *Review & Giveaway*

As many of you know by now, I’m some what of a digi-scrapping addict! In case you missed it I talk about how I came to begin digitally scrapping here. The bug that bit so hard has never gone away! I still also do pages for my scrap-for-hire site, Artistic Albums by Nicole. Although I’m not actively promoting it I just got 2 big orders from loyal customers and have been staying up late scrapping!

If you have followed me along my scrapping journey you know that up until this point the only software I’d ever used was Photoshop Elements. While it is true that PSE is wonderful for scrapping it is also far from user friendly! I actually ended up crying (literally) when I first was using it because I had spent an hour trying to figure a certain thing out and even with online tutorials I just couldn’t get it to work! I don’t get easily flustered or frustrated but I was pulling my hair out! Also PSE running price is right around $100-for you frugal (total side note, isn’t that a lovely word–we no longer have to be called “cheap” or “tightwads” -no we’re frugal!!! but I digress) if you are *frugal* like me that price is enough to make you drop the digi dream right there.

The wonderful aspect of MyMemories Suite is that it is extremely user friendly and also affordable! I put the above layout together in about 15 minutes and that was with never using the software before at all! (even with knowing PSE it still takes me a good 30 min to an hour to complete a layout start to finish) This layout is extremely simple but as I said, it was my very first try with using the software. They have a great feature in that it can be as easy as them building the pages for you, or you can build it all yourself, as I did above. You can still use their templates but I was pleased that I could move the photo slots around, delete them, or adjust their size-so even when using templates you can truly make the page your own. I took a picture so you can get a feel of what it looks like when you first open a template:

 Another thing that I loved about this is that although it does come with a bunch of pre-built papers and embellishments already in the program, if you have digital scrapping kits on your computer you can actually go ahead and use them as well. I had actually fallen in love with MyMemories digital kits before I’d ever used the software or was approached by the company. I used the Coming Home kit that I had previously gotten from them to do the layout above, since I felt that it was only fitting! Their digital kits are extremely high quality, I love them! The ones I got are also scrap-for-hire friendly–which instantly endears them to my heart as well 😉

Just in case you’d like a little more in-depth look so you can see all of the great things that you can do with this software (you can create things like calendars, photo books, cards, videos and lots more!) here is a video:

Welcome to the Family! from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

I saved the best for last! If you use Coupon Code: STMMMS65515  You can get the great deal of getting $10 off the software and $10 in free merchandise from!! Since the software is only $39.97 you will be getting a great bargin! 

One Lucky Reader will also win their own MyMemories Suit Digital Scrapbooking Software! Just enter using the Rafflecopter Form below! Also please feel free to let me know if you like the Rafflecopter Form–or if you prefer the old comment way better!

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Fancy Pants Guest Blogger

My friend Abbey over at Living My Moment just recently had a darling baby boy! Since she’s busy with her toddler and new baby she had several people guest blog for her while she adjust to life as a mom of two. I was fortunate to get to blog for her, and my post is now up. It’s all about digital scrapbooking and the advantages of it, so I’d love it you’d go check it out! You can find it here.
I’ll be headed over the river and through the woods to Bob’s family for Christmas and then over the whole country in January to see my family. During these times I’m looking for some fabulous guest bloggers for my own blog! If you’d be interested in helping me out, shoot me an email and we’ll set something up!

My top Digital Scrapbooking Sites

So I know I really shouldn’t be giving away advice or suggestions on digi-scrapping since I have a business doing it…I really should tell you there’s no way you can do what I do and just to let me do it for you and charge a bunch, hehe!!!! But I’m too nice and I want everyone to love it as much as I do!!! So here’s a list of sites where you can find tutorials and free (for personal use) kits with papers and elements and everything you need to begin your digi-scrapping adventure. 😀

Also just to rehash what I think you already know–I use Photoshop Elements (6.0) to make my layouts.

Shabby Princess –this is the site that got me started on digital scrapping, they have a good “Creating your first layout” tutorial and one for doing the photo in all b&w except a few parts. Great free digi kits too!!! They are personal use only though.

Two Peas in a Bucket –they have an awesome PSE class going on once a month right now that I am learning tons from! 🙂 If you look in the shop under digital scrapping kits and put the price from low to high you’ll find their free stuff 🙂 They are also personal use only though

Summer Time Designs –Summer is great and has some of the most fabulous papers I’ve ever seen, I actually purchased her commercial license so I could use all her stuff in my business, that’s how much I love it!!! But for anyone who wants to use it just for personal use it’s all free! 😀 I used her kits in the design of this blog as well.

RAK Scraps –you have to join the site but they have an awesome Mega Kit that comes out each month with a ton of stuff!! Some of it’s great, some not so much, but I just weed through it and delete anything I don’t think I’d ever use

Melanie Violette — (Has seemed to go MIA, which makes me want to cry because I LOVED her stuff…leaving the link up in hopes she’ll restart one day!!)

Digi Scrap Depot –this is a great place because it takes a ton of scattered freebies out there and brings it in to one location 😀

The Scrappin’ Cop–her stuff is for the more advanced digi-scrapper…if you’ve been playing around with it for awhile and want to start playing around with making your own stuff or just recoloring grey scale items you can’t beat her stuff!!!!! She also has some amazing elements, like buttons and ribbons and such.

Scrap Girls –they have one nice summer freebie kit and they also do a great daily newsletter with a freebie. I’ve gotten 3 of my “muses” published with them 🙂

CoffeeShop — amazing free actions and texures for PSE–I love love love this blog!!!

BrushEezy–these guys don’t have papers or elements but I just discovered them last night and they have a ton of free amazing brushes!!!! 😀

Kevin and Amanda–tons of completely adorable fonts including a bunch of handwritten ones which I love to use on my layouts!!!

I also periodically google “free digital scrapbooking kits” and just surf and you can find all sorts of goodies that way! Hope this helps and if you know of any great sites that I haven’t mentioned, by all means please let me know!!! I’m always on the lookout for new sites! 😀

I made the swirly sticker using a brush from brusheezy and following the tutorial from Two Peas 😀 I love getting new goodies and learning new things!!!!

It’s official!

So awhile ago I mentioned the fact that I was starting my very own scrap-for-hire business and that I’d let you know when I had everything all settled–well, it’s official! I’m now the proud owner of Artistic Albums by Nicole. I actually decided on a name and even started doing business eons ago, but never got around to blogging about it. 🙂 I even have my own seperate business blog you can all check out:

So far I’m absolutely loving it! I’m so thankful that Heather talked me into doing this and plan on keeping it up indefinitely. It’s the perfect way for me to bring in a little bit of extra money while doing something I love and expanding my skills in it. Since this is now such a huge part of my life I thought I’d blog a little about digital scrapping and how I got into it in the first place.

I guess the best place to start out would be with scrapbooking in general. I first started (paper) scrapping in my senior year of high school. Since I was homeschooled I didn’t have a year book, but wanted a way to document my last year of high school. I decided to make a scrapbook of it as an alternative. My mom got me materials and a class as my birthday present that year and my love-affair with scrapbooking began. I made an awesome senior year album and then set scrapping away for a while.

Once I got married I knew that I just had to scrap all the awesome pictures I had. Luckily we were able to get an amazing photographer when she was just starting out and before she became “famous” ( and since I had a cd of the pictures it was super easy (and cheap) for me to get them all printed out and scrapped.

I also created a Coast Guard album for my husband and all his experiences in the Honor Guard. I really did love scrapping, but I got frustrated because it was so expensive and I just didn’t have the patience to do the pages up to the level I wanted them to be. Sitting for hours stitching and sanding and inking just wasn’t my idea of a good time. Once I got pregnant I knew I would want to scrapbook all of my future child’s babyhood. I picked up a few scrapbooking magazines to give me some fresh ideas. I kept gravitating to certain layouts in the magazine and was surprised when I realized that they were all done digitally. Even more surprising to me was that they all said they were made using Photoshop. I knew that you could edit photos in Photoshop, but had no idea you could digi-scrap with it, or how on earth that would even work. When I started a blog last summer I saw that my friend Jaimin had hers all decked out and adorable with a super cute background. I followed her link for the instructions on how to do it and was directed from there to several sites that had digital scrapbook papers that you could download and also use for blog backgrounds. Already intrigued at the idea of digital scrapping I looked all over these sites, specifically , to learn more. I also found tutorials. When my in-laws told us that we could pick our b-day presents off of and I saw Photo Shop Elements I knew exactly what I wanted. I got it, started downloading kits and checking out other sites and more tutorials…..and eventually that lead me to where I am now!!!!

So far I’ve gotten many more ppl interested in digital scrapping for themselves than I have customers, but you know what? I’m totally fine with that. 🙂 I love showing people this amazing new hobby that’s so much fun without being hard or ridiculously expensive. If in the end my business end up in me “teaching” more people about the joys of digital scrapping than ever making a bunch of money off of it, I’ll still feel it was worth all my effort!!!

Mother’s Day page & what’s new with us

Well now I’m only a couple of holidays behind–lol. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to put journaling on this page underneath the picture….so I thought I’d post it since I couldn’t make up my mind, lol.
Amber started crawling this week!!! She’s been getting around pretty well for awhile now by scooting and doing these flips and twists across the room but day before yesterday she started really truly crawling. It’s already getting her in trouble though. I was so excited because we have a fireplace to hang our stockings over this year and they looked way too cute!!! Well somehow Amber managed to get ahold of my stocking and started tugging at it which caused the stocking holder (an adorable very heavy duty ceramic snowman) to fall right on her head!!!! :S Oh no!! Of course she starts screaming bloody murder and since Bob and I had been right by her on the couch I had looked up just in time to see it hit her 🙁 Needless to stay I was pretty freaked out! She did get a pretty nasty bruise but it actually looked worse last night than it did today so I think she’ll be just fine. Now I’ve just got to keep her from pulling the tree down on top of her…..
So Bob has decided not to go to school after all. Once we got here and he started looking into things more in depth it looked like it would be a lot harder on us in several different ways than we had originally thought. He still has his application in with the Laramie PD but they made it sound like they won’t be hiring anyone for awhile and we stop getting income from the CG the end of this month. Bob has put his 2 weeks in at Wal*Mart because he absolutely hated it and it was making him miserable. So now the main option he’s looking into is joining the Army. Of course I’m not very happy about that option at all–to put things mildly–so please be praying for him and me as we (still) have to make some tough decisions.
Well I think that’s about it for us here. I’m just now getting over a nasty cold–I ended up catching one after all!! Amber was sick again this week too so no fun!! But I think we’re all on the mend now so that’s a good thing!

What’s new with me….

Been busy busy getting my Avon stuff all set up and good to go lately. Haven’t gotten any orders yet but I guess I shouldn’t be dissapointed since I have only been doing it a few days and I know everyone is busy crazy getting ready for Thanksgiving. We’re going to end up having just us for Thanksgiving again this year. Go figure–I finally live close to my family and still can’t get together with them for holidays! Both my Dad and Bob have to work on Thanksgiving (boo hiss) so I’ll be cooking a turkey for me and Bob before he works. I do get to go see my family that weekend though and we’ll be having their Thanksgiving meal that day–so it does work out that I’ll get to celebrate with them, just not on the day. Bob will be staying here during my weekend visit since he has to work 8 hours both days.

Good news so far on the cop front. 🙂 He went in for his oral interview board and was the very first to be interviewed out of 17 total candidates. He got an 80% and was bummed out about that because he was sure it wasn’t high enough to get into the top 5–which would be the only people to move on to the next part of the hiring process. Well he got a call yesterday telling him that he had come in 6th–oh man! But–hurray–they informed him that they had decided to take the top 6 candidates! 😀 So now he has to fill out a background check application that basically lists everything from where he’s lived since he was 15 to when he last sneezed…haha. That has to be in by December 15th then we wait…the cop said that about 50% of people don’t usually pass the background check (Holy cow!) but Bob has never been in an accident (that was his fault) and never gotten a ticket–can you believe that? Good grief–I think the cops will die of joy when they see how squeaky clean his record is. Haha. Then it’ll be on to the polygraph. Now we’re both really hoping he will get this job so please keep us in your prayers! 🙂

Amber’s doing much better now. She’s pretty much over her cold–just a little runny nose still, and one of her teeth has broken through. I know we’re in for a few rough days when the other one breaks through but am enjoying her being pretty much back to her happy self. She actually slept through the entire night last night for the first time since she was 5 1/2 months old or so…YIPPEE!! Haha. Which is amazing because our lovely college age boy neighbors in 201 decided to have a huge loud obnoxious party that lasted most the night :S It’s something else sitting in your living room and hearing ppl right outside your window yelling about the other person puking all over the stairs–ICK!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a quick break from Avon tonight to put this together. I didn’t have the embellishments I wanted for this layout so I ended up figuring out how to make them myself and am pretty happy with how it turned out 😀 I just love Photoshop 🙂 If I hadn’t mentioned that before….haha 🙂