Fall Festival Deals Across the USA

Legalese Nonsense: I love doing fun things with the kids so when I was given the chance to go to a festival in exchange for sharing discounts with you it was a no-brainer!

It’s almost Fall! Here in Texas that’s hard to believe with the temperatures still reaching into the 90s, but as I see the leaves just beginning to change I’m excited to know that cooler weather and everything fun that Fall brings is just around the corner!

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do is bring Amber and Tyler to a fun fall festival this year–so when I was sent this list of great festivals and discounts I knew I had to share them with you! Download valuable coupons for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches and Fall Family Activities all across the USA!

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It’s a Treasure Hunt!

We all know that the kiddos are having lots of fun hunts this weekend involving Eggs, Chocolate, Bunnies & Baskets. (remember, Amber and Tyler have had 3 already!!) Well I thought that it might be fun for you to get a chance to do some hunting for a prize too! (because kids should get to have all the fun–am I right??!!)
Right now Shoplet your source for Office Supplies has a great Treasure Hunt deal going on! Just watch the video below which is a fun, short one on how eProcurement can help out your Small Business! It’s super simple to set up and can save you lots of time and money in the long run. In my opinion buying anything online is just so much more simple.  Still asking What is eProcurement? Well watch the video and you will find out all the details much better than I could explain–oh and did I mention you will save too?! 

Here’s how the treasure hunt works! Just watch the video below and take note of all the  “treasure code price tags” hidden within the video and then enter them here to get savings off! (Look up in the right hand corner where it says “treasure hunt” and click on the plus sign) The more you find, the more you’ll save (up to 10%). Don’t forget to share the fun and savings with all your friends across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest–wherever you love to get your Social Media On!


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Hot Mama Designs Discount Code

Do you remember the review I did from Hot Mama Designs right before Tyler was born? I still love their products so I wanted to share this update and special code with you!

 Shannon Sunderland & Sahra Cahoon form the dynamic duo of Hot Mama Designs.  Hot Mama Designs rejoices in celebrating motherhood, family and the one-of-a-kind feeling of the handmade object. Their inspiring designs are created to tell stories and celebrate life. Celebrate Family ~ Celebrate Motherhood ~ Celebrate You!
We rejoice in the art of metalsmithing!  As artists we are intrigued by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which is (loosely translated) the beauty of things that are unpretentious and unconventional. In our mass-produced world, our jewelry celebrates the one-of-a-kind feeling of the handmade object.
My Readers Get 20% any order of $100 or more.  Promo Code: mamalove226  #mamajewelry

These would make a wonderful Christmas gift to any Mom or Grandma on your list!

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10 Tips for Clothes Shopping Online

If you’re my Facebook friend this picture will look awfully familiar as it’s my new profile pic. I’ve gotten SO many compliments and likes on it-so thank you! 😀 Want to know my secret? Everything I’m wearing I got online!
As you know you can purchase basically anything and everything online these days-from food to mascara. However like many people I used to shy away from purchasing clothes online. Recently I’ve been purchasing clothes online with more and more success-so here are my top 10 tips for clothes shopping online!

1. Know what pieces you can and cannot buy online This might sound tricky but it’s not. For me I always have a hard time shopping for pants “in the real world” however dresses and tops I can pick out a million of with no problem. How this translates into online shopping for me is that it’s “safe” for me to pick up dresses and shirts online but I steer clear of purchasing pants that I can’t try on.

2. Measure! You can easily pick out pieces online if you’re willing to take just half a minute and double check their measurements against their chart. Just because you *think* you’re a size medium don’t make the mistake of not checking. Many places have good return policies but do you really want to go through the hassle?

3. Know your cut The next time you’re shopping or window shopping in a store take a little time to grab a bunch of different cuts of dresses or shirt to try them on. Be sure to grab ones you’ve never tried before! Once you find what looks the best on your body it will be easy to identify and buy that online. I’ve found that with my short torso and small bust I look great in dresses that have high waist lines-now I can easily look for that when dress shopping online.

4. Check for customization options Did you know that some online sites like eShakti allow you to adjust your dress so that it gives you the perfect fit? I’d never knew this before and I thought it was so awesome–all the benefits of having a tailor without the hassle of actually having to go to one-or to go anywhere!

5. Pay attention to key words and fabric type If you’re a mom words like “body hugging” or “stretchy” are probably not what you’re looking for! Be sure to pay attention to the fabric and how it hangs and how that will translate to your body-not the model’s body.

6. Don’t be afraid of color Recently my wardrobe has gotten a little towards the black side. I didn’t even realize it till my mom in law pointed out my lack of “happy” clothes. Bright, beautiful colors are very much in style right now so don’t be afraid to go for them! A good rule of thumb is to pick a color you already know looks great on you and jazz it up with a different color-as I’ve done with the teal and yellow combo on this Rosette trimmed blooms dress. I can’t wear yellow as a solid-it makes me look sick-but splashed throughout the dress it makes for a gorgeous combination!

7. Don’t be afraid of print I’ve always been one who has gravitated towards print and bold clothes but I know many people are a little intimidated by it. You can wear patterns no matter what your size-just make sure they’re a good proportion to your body type. If you’re a little gun shy try a fun pattern out on your accessories first.

8. Look for special touches As when shopping for any clothes little extras can make all the difference. One of the main things that drew me to this dress was the rosette trim on it. It fits in with the current trends-but is not so over the top that I won’t want to wear the dress a few years from now.

9. Read Reviews One of the things I love absolutely the most about buying online is that I can do my homework beforehand! Since you can’t physically touch and feel the item online doing a search to make sure others had a good experience with the company and product is a must! For example I can tell you that this dress is absolutely made of quality material and worth every penny-I know I’ll be wearing it for years! It’s easy to find reviews through many websites or just type in what you’re looking for and then “review” in Swagbucks

10. Shop the Sales After you’ve taken your measurements and done your homework be sure to watch for sales and special codes. eShakti is having a 40% off sale right now and you can use the special  eShakti coupon code DA22XTT for another 10% off through July 31st. Always be sure to check cash back sites and search for special codes on blogs before buying! Also it’s a great idea to follow your favorite brands through Social Media as they often post special codes and discounts just for their followers!

I received this gorgeous dress in exchange for my honest opinion. All tips, hints, and modeling pictures are my own

Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

I have a great offer for you! Thanks to MyMemories Software (remember I just did a review of them *here* ) I will be bringing you some great digital scrapbooking freebies weekly! I’m excited because I’ll be downloading them for myself as well! 😉 The really great thing about them is that they are in png format so no matter what digital scrapbooking program you use these will work with it!

Remember if you use My Memories Software coupon code STMMMS65515 You can get the great deal of getting $10 off the software and $10 in free merchandise from MyMemories.com!! Since the software is only $39.97 you will be getting a great bargain! This would make a wonderful Christmas gift! You can purchase the software Here.


Click HERE to download (includes 5 Page Elements 2 quick pages)

Mompact Holiday Giveaway

Have you heard of Mompact yet? It’s a wonderful company that is all about Mom Supporting Moms..in Business! They have an amazing Direct Sales opportunity that is just starting out, along with an amazing Blog Ambassador program. Did I mention they also have amazing giveaways all the time? Here is their latest one–you can enter it on the Mompact Facebook page Here or through the Rafflecopter form bellow.

Happy Holidays!
This holiday season we are giving away a Deluxe Gift Basket to one special mom or child.  The winner will be able to choose between the Boutique Baby Shower Basket or the Kids Collections Basket.  Win it for yourself, or send it as a gift.  Winner will be selected on December 21st in time for Christmas Shipping.

If you’d like to purchase the items found in the basket (great Christmas presents!!) You can find them here –this week only they’re 25% off when you use the code HOLIDAYGIFT25!

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Cute Affordable Glasses

One thing that many of you might be surprised to learn is that I wear glasses. Even people who are very close to me usually exclaim that they had no idea I wore contacts/glasses until it comes up for some random reason.

The thing is that for a very, very long time eyeglasses held a huge stigma for me. I had to get them when I was in about 3rd grade, and since praticality trumps fashion at that age I got the great big coke bottle round kind that took up half my face. By the time I hit 7th grade or so this look was really killing my fashion style….of course I’m sure the huge bangs and braces didn’t help anything either…yeah….not many pictures of me during that time period!

It wasn’t until just recently after switching to only contacts around the time I turned 15  that I decided to give glasses another try. After I got over my “cool kids don’t wear glasess” stigma it quickly turned into “you want me to pay how much for an eyeglass??? Thanks anyways!”

Then I discovered the amazing world of being able to buy eyeglasses online! Suddenly I could find cheap, affordable, and CUTE frames! I decided on purchasing a pair of the “nerd” glasses that are all the rage now (hubby think they’re super hot, rofl)
This post was brought to you by GlassesUsa.com they’re a great website that offers cute  and affordable glasses, and right now they’re having their Fall Sale, here’s the details:
Buy any 2 pairs of glasses and get all 3 protective lens coatings AND U.S. shipping for FREE. Code: PERFECTPAIR
Take $25 off any order of glasses with Transitions lenses with the code: Trans25
Take 10% off any order. Code: Blog10

Be sure to “like” them on Facebook to keep up with their latest sales and discounts!

Totsy: Holiday Dollie and Me Gorgeous Outfits

Ok first off I have to apologize for the major influx of posts today! I thought I was done but I seriously had to share this one with you! I’d heard of Totsy before but never take the plunge and purchased anything. When I say this priced at $20.75 for BOTH dresses (they were $58) I quicked boogied over to check it out! Awesomely the biggest size they carried 6X is exactly what Amber wears and I used the code BACK2SCHOOL which gave me an additional 10% off and since it was my very first order it shipped for free meaning I only ended up paying $18.68 for them! Plus I can choose to either get the FREE subscription to Family Fun magazine OR a $10 rebate! This means that I can have paid as little as $8.68 for these dresses–and if you’ve bought little girls Christmas dresses before you know that you can hardly get a Wal*Mart dress on clearance for that price!!! They have a ton of other dresses too–I had the worst time deciding between this one and the gorgeous purple dress, but since we’ve done purple the last 2 Christmases and I’m on a b&w kick this one won out 🙂

I’d highly encourage you to head on over to Totsy and check out this and the other great sales they have! I know I’m sold!

A great big thank you to My Litter who gave me the heads up on this deal!

MyMemories Suite Digital Scrabooking Software *Review & Giveaway*

As many of you know by now, I’m some what of a digi-scrapping addict! In case you missed it I talk about how I came to begin digitally scrapping here. The bug that bit so hard has never gone away! I still also do pages for my scrap-for-hire site, Artistic Albums by Nicole. Although I’m not actively promoting it I just got 2 big orders from loyal customers and have been staying up late scrapping!

If you have followed me along my scrapping journey you know that up until this point the only software I’d ever used was Photoshop Elements. While it is true that PSE is wonderful for scrapping it is also far from user friendly! I actually ended up crying (literally) when I first was using it because I had spent an hour trying to figure a certain thing out and even with online tutorials I just couldn’t get it to work! I don’t get easily flustered or frustrated but I was pulling my hair out! Also PSE running price is right around $100-for you frugal (total side note, isn’t that a lovely word–we no longer have to be called “cheap” or “tightwads” -no we’re frugal!!! but I digress) if you are *frugal* like me that price is enough to make you drop the digi dream right there.

The wonderful aspect of MyMemories Suite is that it is extremely user friendly and also affordable! I put the above layout together in about 15 minutes and that was with never using the software before at all! (even with knowing PSE it still takes me a good 30 min to an hour to complete a layout start to finish) This layout is extremely simple but as I said, it was my very first try with using the software. They have a great feature in that it can be as easy as them building the pages for you, or you can build it all yourself, as I did above. You can still use their templates but I was pleased that I could move the photo slots around, delete them, or adjust their size-so even when using templates you can truly make the page your own. I took a picture so you can get a feel of what it looks like when you first open a template:

 Another thing that I loved about this is that although it does come with a bunch of pre-built papers and embellishments already in the program, if you have digital scrapping kits on your computer you can actually go ahead and use them as well. I had actually fallen in love with MyMemories digital kits before I’d ever used the software or was approached by the company. I used the Coming Home kit that I had previously gotten from them to do the layout above, since I felt that it was only fitting! Their digital kits are extremely high quality, I love them! The ones I got are also scrap-for-hire friendly–which instantly endears them to my heart as well 😉

Just in case you’d like a little more in-depth look so you can see all of the great things that you can do with this software (you can create things like calendars, photo books, cards, videos and lots more!) here is a video:

Welcome to the Family! from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

I saved the best for last! If you use Coupon Code: STMMMS65515  You can get the great deal of getting $10 off the software and $10 in free merchandise from MyMemories.com!! Since the software is only $39.97 you will be getting a great bargin! 

One Lucky Reader will also win their own MyMemories Suit Digital Scrapbooking Software! Just enter using the Rafflecopter Form below! Also please feel free to let me know if you like the Rafflecopter Form–or if you prefer the old comment way better!

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