Easter Basket Ideas ~ Best Books and DVDs

This post is originally from 3/10/2013 — we still love and read these books and watch these movies all the time, though, so I wanted to share them in case you’re looking for a few awesome fillers for this year’s basket!

Ready or not Easter is *right* around the corner! This year it’s March 27–so it’s an early one! In addition to the classic candy and toys my two favorite items to include in my kids Easter Baskets are Books and Movies. Here are my favorites this year for putting your kiddos Easter Basket!

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Easy Easter Centerpieces

Although I can hardly believe it Easter is just right around the corner! Our family always enjoys Easter–as you’ve seen through our family Easter Sunday updates from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 (can you believe this blog is almost 6 years old?! Wow!)

I’ve also shared my best Easter Basket Ideas with you, and the Best Easter Books & DVDs. 

So today I decided it would be great to share a few

Easy Easter Centerpiece ideas!

Easter Easter Centerpiece IdeasDSC_0185

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My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book

You might remember that I just did a post on the Best Books & DVDs for Easter Baskets –well I just found one more book that I need to add to that list thanks to a book I was recently sent to review!

My Very First Easter Story Sticker Book is a very cool combination of a preschool style sticker workbook and a children’s story book.

Throughout the book there are “missing” pictures that your child has to find and match the stickers that go there. Amber spent a good 45 minutes doing this one afternoon and she absolutely loved it!

The ONLY thing that I didn’t love about the book was that the stickers are on the thinner side and for some with little ends I had to peel them up for Amber because they ripped otherwise. Not incredibly surprising considering the very inexpensive cost of the book (right now you can buy it for just $5.99!!) but I did want to mention that.

The illustrations are darling and I loved that it told the *entire* story of Easter beginning at the triumphal entry, covering Jesus visiting the temples, the last supper, the betrayal, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. Most children’s books cover only one aspect of the Easter backdrop story-not all of them, so that was a very cool thing about this book.

Not only do they cover everything they do it in a way that makes it easy to understand and evokes deeper conversation about the events with the parents. Amber and I got into a very interesting discussion about Jesus throwing over the tables in the temple since that wasn’t a story she’d heard of before this. In addition to the storyline each page is broken up into the main storyline on top and then suggestions on the bottom that are kind of like a study book question section-if you’re reading to a younger child (like when we read the book to/with Tyler) you might just use the bottom section, for an older child you might use just the top, or for an elementary school child you might use it all at the same time. For the last page (pictured above) it sums up Jesus life in 8 little squares which is pretty cool as well!

For everything it includes this really is an amazing buy and I would highly recommend including it in your child’s Easter basket this year! Be sure to check out the other reviews on Amazon as well–so far it has 5 stars!

Nicole Elliott

Easter 2012 Adventures

In spite of hand, foot, and mouth disease, and Daddy having to take off on the day, we still managed to have lots of Easter fun which included…..

Fizzing tablets evoking smiles, colorful crayon swirled eggs, and vibrant cups of dye

Enjoying Easter baskets with goodies abounding
Finding hidden colorful eggs

Eating scrumptious treats
Coloring fashion show for big & little girls
All in all, a very fun two days! How did your Easter go?

Easter Basket Ideas

Day after tomorrow is Easter–as hard as that is to believe! Just in case you’re one of those “last minute” shoppers here are some great Easter Basket ideas to help make your weekend shopping a little bit easier!

Candy ~ Easter candy is, of course, a must! In fact Easter ranks as the biggest candy selling holiday-right after Halloween! This year why not try a different twist on this though, by making some candy together? You can make some tasty (and healthy!) No Bake Energy Bites (my kiddos new favorites) or if you’d like something more traditional why not whip up a batch of your very own Reeses Easter Eggs <--we'll be making these tomorrow and I can't wait!!! Or why not try your hand at an *adorable* Easter Bunny Cake? It’s a great way to fit in some quality time with your kiddos if you let them help, and I promise they won’t mind them not being actually IN the basket as long as they get to eat them!

Books ~ A new book (or two or three or five) is a MUST in our Easter Baskets! You can’t go wrong with classics like Guess How Much I Love You but my favorites are Easter related books, especially Bible related ones. I *love* The Easter Story board book–a sweet and gentle way to introduce children to the TRUE Easter story. Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter is another favorite at our house–a simple, sweet touchy-feely board book it’s lots of fun! Easter is also the perfect time to give a Children’s Bible as a gift. We often got new Bibles as presents on Easter growing up–the one I still use daily is one from one of my last Easters at home (we got Easter baskets every year until I moved out–it was always so much fun!)

Bubbles & Sidewalk Chalk  ~ sweet, simple, cheap, and well loved–Easter is the perfect time for outdoor fun presents!

Little Fun Toys ~ Toys like Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters are sure to be the biggest hit of your Easter basket! These little guys shake, wiggle, run around and wobble when you turn them on. They come with their own little worlds (complete with curbs so they don’t run away completely)

Here is the Bobble Bots Moshi Monster set that my kiddos got as an early Easter present (they’re so spoiled! haha!) They both *love* it! When Tyler saw the little guys running around, jiggling, and bumping into each other he started laughing hysterically and couldn’t stop–it was hilarious! The only thing I’d caution about these is that they run out of “juice” rather fast–the kids liked them so much they left them on pretty much non-stop, and now one of them is out of batteries after just a week. The great thing is that you can still play with them even when they stop running around (and then it’s a lot less noisy anyways!)

Another cool thing is that each set comes with a special code that unlocks fresh new content in the online virtual world of www.moshimonsters.com for those of you whose kiddos are older and/or allowed on the computer 🙂

One lucky winner will get a chance to receive the same starter set as I did (for a late Easter present!)

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