Make a Wizards Hat with Bic Markers

We’re finally getting settled in here in our new home in Texas and trying to get into a routine of things. Over the past week I’ve started up doing preschool again with Amber & as the weeks go on I’m planning on using Pinterest to come up with all kinds of fun crafts to do since she *loves* craft time!

This past week we made this super fun, super easy Wizards Hat-just in time for Halloween! Although we’ve never been big on Halloween I do think that the costumes are fun and we enjoy the pumpkins each year.  The supplies we used were:

The first thing Amber wanted to do was color the spider with our new BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Marker and then we gave him a cute little smiley face (he’s a nice Spider you see?)

Then it was time to get our glitter on around the brim!

Next Amber wanted to decorate the ribbon. We’ve been learning about patterns for school so she did a dot-dash pattern all along it.

Tip: When using permanent markers always put paper between them and the table-if you *don’t* at first Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will take it right off of hard surfaces like kitchen tables!

Then it was my turn! I stuffed the hat  so that it would keep it’s form and I glued on the ribbon winding around the hat and added on our cute lil spider.

Ta Da! A fun craft that doubles as dress up-my favorite kind!

One lucky winner will receive their very own 36 pack of BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers!

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We were sent our uber fun and colorful BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers for free through All cute smiles, fun crafts, and adorable smiles are our own.

Nicole Elliott

A Last Minute Halloween

Take one much-to-small frilly dress
Add a Little Diva Tutu and some purple sweat pants
Put in some hair bows and top off with a Little Diva tropical flower clip
And you have a completely thrown together at the last minute costume that’s simply adorable!!!
I wasn’t going to “do” Halloween this year…Amber’s too young for lots of  candy or trick-or-treating and we don’t have any friends or family around here to go visit. At the last minute I decided to buy a pumpkin. I figured at least we could carve it together as a family, Amber would like that right?
She loved it! She wouldn’t touch the slimy guts but had a great time scooping them out with a spoon.
On Halloween Amber’s Christmas present arrived. I suddenly was struck with the idea that I could use the tutu for Halloween and then put it away for Christmas. She’s 20 months, it’s not like she’d care!!! I’m so happy I did because we had so much fun going on our daily walk with her dressed up as a princess 🙂

Even Mr. Goose got dressed up for Halloween!

Here’s my outfit….can’t you tell? I’m Bella Swan!! 😉 ok….maybe not. But at least I’m rocking the uber pale skin and red-hair-in-the-sun look! Yey for Twilight for making pale people cool!
And yey for a last minute Halloween that was a great success!