The Octonauts Sound the Alert!

The Octonauts Toys
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Tyler’s birthday came a few months early when these darling toys arrived at our doorstep. All picky opinions on toys, second moms, and cute kiddo and toy pictures are my own.

When it comes to toys and kids tv shows my Mother-in-Law and I often have differences of opinions (she knows I love her dearly and we are living together at the moment so I’m allowed to poke fun at her now and again–yes, Mom, I AM difficult to live with).

I’m slightly snobbish all about old school toys that are more about fostering creativity and imaginative play then they are how many bells, whistles, and annoying sounds come along with it. When it comes to shows they need to be educational, cute, and not annoying for me to watch (since I’m always sitting right there watching it with the kiddos)! My second Mom’s top toy priorities are cute, funny, noisy (but only if it’s hokey noisy–like the shrieking cow or a hamster that sings Kung Foo Fighting) and as far as shows go as long as it doesn’t have talking toilets in it she’s usually good.

One area where our tastes actually overlap is Fisher Price toys. I love that their Little People toys are heavy duty, darling, and encourage lots of imaginative play. She loves them because they’re just stinking cute. One of the shows we both agree on is The Octonauts — me because it it’s cute, not annoying, and it teaches about the oceans the creatures, and their environments. My second Mom likes it for the same reasons–and the kids watch it! So when I found out that Fisher Price was coming out with an entire line of Octonaut Toys available at Toys R Us…well, you can only imagine that it was only a matter of time before they became a part of our household!

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