How To Go on an Epic Mini Adventure With Your Kids!

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How fun!! Great tips for fun with your kids that's cheap or free! How To Go on an Epic Mini Adventure With Your Kids!

The other day I walked into Tyler’s room to find him filling his backpack. He looks up and exclaims, “Mom! I’m filling up my pack with survival supplies, and then, I’m going to go *exploring*!! In the real woods! But….could you come with me, maybe? You know, to keep me safe?”

After this conversation, I told him that I thought us exploring in the woods was a great idea, and it was also a great idea to bring me along. I just love watching my kids develop their very own unique personalities which are now completely evident. Tyler especially has flourished in developing his interest and desires and communicating them in this past year and his “isms” keep me laughing daily! I am also always looking for ways to raise the kids to be sympathetic and respectful to others, and I believe family time together is a key component to all that!

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Simplify Your Life ~ Simplify Your Products My Healthy Home

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Simplify Your Life ~ Simplify Your Products My Healthy Home #shop

Pressures begin to build–work, school, after-school activities, recitals, pets, check ups, visits, holidays, vacations, overflowing inboxes, overflowing counters. All piling higher and higher on the ever spinning plates that I as a work from home mom am forced to juggle around each day. Throw in an unexpected curve ball like a nasty spring illness and things start to fall, crashing to the ground and shattering in stress-filled and messy pieces all around.

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We All Have “That Moment” happen — Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi to the rescue!

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Legalese Nonsense: I’ve needed all the help I could get the past month, so I’ve been super thankful for products that have helped make my life easier like Purex UltraPacks with Oxi–getting sent a bag to tell you about it? Even better!

So the past few weeks have been beyond absolutely insane.

{I know you’ll want to hear all about it, it’s a tale of terror and woe–but don’t forget to scroll aaallll the way to the bottom because there’s some really important news *cough*freestuff*cough* that you’ll want to find out about!}

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Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin

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Look at those cute, eczema free legs!!


Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: I was sent some super great smelly fun Purex to help get my juices flowing (and laundry clean) for this post. All eczema babies, smelly good loving hubbies, and stunning pictures of, gasps, a laundry room are—as always, my own!
As you all know by now Amber has eczema. Though it’s caused by many different factors and each varies for each person who suffers from it, a big cause of it can stem from the chemicals, dyes, and fragrances in laundry detergent and fabric softener.
Once I figured out that our detergent was what was causing Amber’s flare ups to really increase I stopped using it right away—but then I was left with a dilemma—was there anything other than the way too expensive baby detergent I could use?
Thankfully there was! And many companies like Purex are listening to us and creating affordable Free and Clear detergents. Soon I switched all our laundry into “free and clear” mode and switched from liquid softener to vinegar and dryer sheets.
There was just one problem—while the free & clear did a great job and left Amber’s skin breakout free there was no scent to our clothes anymore. Now, depending on your personal preference this might actually be good news all around, but hubby and I both love good smells—we both love and wear perfume and cologne, light candles daily, and use good smelling sprays and diffusers in the bathroom. So after awhile hubby started reminiscing about the days when our towels smelled good to—instead of smelling “like nothing”
 Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash Detergent, laundry detergent, laundry soap
Apparently the Purex masterminds eavesdrop on us because shortly after this discussion took place I heard about Purex Natural Elements Tropical Splash Detergent. It looks, smells, and washes just like the traditional kind of detergent—but with no artificial dyes and being hypoallergenic I can use it on all of our laundry, and it hasn’t broken Amber out!!
Tip: when trying to figure out what your child’s eczema triggers are, or when trying a new product with any type of smell be sure to use it on something like one blanket or a load of towels first. This way if there is a reaction it will be a mild one and you can know to stop using it before a real flare up happens.
Finally, I can have sweet smelling towels and a rash free girl all together—and it doesn’t get much sweeter (smelling) than that!!
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