Effortless {Late} Summer Beauty Tutorial

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Can you believe that it’s mid August already?! Here in Texas summer is just really kicking off with the temperatures climbing up-up-up and they’ll continue that way until October! With the mix-mash between scramble and lazy that only the last few weeks before school and regular routine once more brings; these days I’ve been relying on my favorite makeup tips, tricks, and products for a look that’s as fun and effortless as sleeping in late after staying up till the wee hours of the morning watching Sherlock Season 3 on Netflix (which I may or may not have just done…..favorite tv show ever!!)

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Two Fun 5 Minute Makeup Looks

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Two 5 Minute Make Up Looks for Under $30 #BeautyInspiration #shop

If you’re a frequent reader (if you’re not already I hope you’ll become one!) you know that I am a SUPER busy gal! That means that while I love to look and feel my best I don’t have very much time each day to fit it in. The good new is that putting on a cute outfit takes the exact same amount of time as a frumpy one does, and fun makeup looks don’t have to take all morning or be boring! In fact, bold, fun looks are often much quicker and easier than achieving a “no makeup-makeup” look is, because you just need a few key items that attract all the attention and you downplay the rest! Don’t believe the looks above took me 5 minutes from start to finish? I thought you might say that–so behold the proof! I timed doing my “Bold Lip” make up look on a regular morning and it took me just 4 minutes and 50 seconds–a whopping 10 seconds to spare to add one additional tweak if needed.

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Hot Holiday Look – 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

lace front wigs

It’s no secret that I looooove makeup! So when I was approached by Conde Nast to see if I’d like to try out a whole bunch of Mary Kay Makeup in exchange for re-creating a hot holiday look with my own twist, well let’s just say I was dancing around the Christmas tree full of joy and glee! (no, I’m not exaggerating, just ask my Mom-in-Law!!) I’ve used and loved Mary Kay over the years, and I remember my mom always using their foundation the entire time I was growing up.

The look I was selected to recreate was the Silver Screen Siren–the classic beauties from the 40s era! I was sooo excited because this is one of my favorite eras, so I was tickled to get to re-create it! I knew it would be the perfect look for going to the Nutcracker with Amber and Diane. There is an awesome production of it here in Tyler with accompaniment of a live Orchestra & the main dancers are flown in from the New York Ballet Company. Although I went to The Nutcracker nearly every year growing up (and was in it once!) this year was the very first time either of them had been, so we all got “dressed to the nines” to celebrate!

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Makeover Hairstyle Edition

So you might remember how just a few days ago I posted about changing my hairstyle constantly. ( If you didn’t read my post about hair damage go do so now–I talked about some great product in there! And after this post you’ll see why I need it more than ever, haha) Stick with me–before and after pictures at the end of this post!

So anyways-I soon discovered that there is nothing like taking a bunch of pictures of your grown out really-looking-blotchy-because-got-them-forever-ago highlights and your long overdue trim LOONNGG hair to spurn you into desperately needing a makeover!

A shot that didn’t make the cut last time because I was like ACK when I saw it!

Add to that the fact that many of my friends on Facebook were starting to chat about getting new hairstyles and I really began to get the itch!

The icing on the cake was the fact that my friend Heather (who lives here-I have several Heather friends now, haha-I guess just awesome people have that name) asked if anyone would like to come model for her so she could practice taking pictures with her fancy new camera and get comfortable with editing. Yes, please! I have to post headshots all over the inter-verse for my jobs and you lovlies that I had decided that I should probably upgrade from the “stuck the arm out and took a picha Instagram” shots.

So the makeover quest was on! First I decided to do away with the blotchy highlights-blondes might have more fun but they also spend a whole lot more money. I decided on chestnut brown after an agonizing 30 minutes staring at boxes and finally ended up Chestnut Brown-it was close to my natural color with an extra umph I hoped the chestnut would bring.

Next I went to Pinterest (naturally) and searched for my new hairstyle. I’ve been playing with the idea of doing bangs again because I had them the entire time growing up but then they went out of style so I grew them out shortly after we got married. Now they’re back in style and super cute so to find my new look I just went and typed in bangs then pinned away. Then I picked my favorite because I thought I could pull it off, it didn’t look super tricky to style, and it would keep my length while giving it more style and thinning it out.

The final result?? Volia!!!!



What do you think?! Do you ever get mad urges to completely change your look?

Nicole Elliott