Staying On Track Through Organizing

A Peek into my life! This was from this week 🙂

As a work from home mom staying organized and on track with ALL that I do is quite the feat. I’ve found that I can manage well if I have good structure to our days, and if I stay organized!

Recently in one of my blogging facebook groups we started up conversations on how we keep on top of everything-specifically blog posts, but also life in general. It was great seeing the different processes and tools that everyone uses and definitely gave me some inspiration!

The tools that I use to help keep “my brain” in order are Google Docs and my Plan 2 B Planner (shown above)

I love Google Docs because it’s basically the Microsoft Office Suite but in an online format–so when thing happen like you spilling a glass of water on your laptop happen (yes I just did that, yes I cried) you don’t lose ALL your documents! I use it for our finances budget spreadsheet and for keeping track of blog posts (there is a method behind the madness!!)

I’ve talked about how I have a step by step plan for every day of the week as a guideline and then for the big tasks that are needed to be done that specific day I write them out in the to do list you see above. When I get something done I get to x it off my list, if it doesn’t get done I cross it out and it usually rolls over to the following day. I really LOVE this planner as it has a monthly page and then the weeks look like this–just what I love/need!

Since I have a good system in place that just needs a little tweaking for my plan lately I’ve been turning my attention to how to manage ALL my social media accounts better. You name it–I probably have an account there! I’ve found sites like to be a super interesting idea and way to pull everything together and make it more manageable–instead of having the 100 tabs open like I normally do–yepp right now I have 2 email accounts, directions, a website, and my blogging tab open…….

What tools and plans do you use to keep your life organized? Anything you really love and would recommend?