My Not-So-Recent Wins

I’ve been really slack in posting my wins lately! Sorry about that! I haven’t won a whole lot though so I kinda let the ones I won awhile ago pile up 🙂
This is the cutest “freebie” I’ve gotten so far 🙂 A free manicure! When I went to get my eyebrows waxed today the owners son came over and wanted to paint my nails. As he’s 2 1/2 I didn’t think he could but he proceeded to give me a base coat, then a color coat, then a top coat–all in the right order!!! The owner and his wife kept apologizing, I thought it was absolutely hilarious! 😀 It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten any kind of manicure so I’ll take a free one…even if a toddler is giving it! 😉
I found out about both these great freebies from My Litter Of Six a Jiffy Cookbook and a free year subscription of Parenting! 😀
I won this for RSVPing to the Lipton Twitter Party and telling them what my favorite Lipton Tea is. It’s SO good!!! I love hot tea and drink some every night!
Won this book from a giveaway over at Spot On Your Pants. You have to check out her blog…she’s is absolutely hilarious!!! I love it!
Another Really Working From Home win! 🙂 It’s now my goal to eventually own all of MariLee’s work! And…a little hint…very soon there will be a chance for you to win one of her amazing books 😉
This is also a Really Working From Home win! They have a great giveaway on their blog every week, and right now pretty much every day! I just loved this necklace because not only will it be a conversation piece, it reminds me of home!
Won some awesome Avon stuff from Single Mama Challenges she also has another blog where she hosts most of her reviews and giveaways and that one is The Single Mama Review Corner
Won this awesome bar of soap from Dolce Mia at the Trick-or-Tweet Twitter Party. A big thanks to Sarah for telling me about it as I won twice!!! I’m giving my second win of the night away as a gift however, so you only get to find out about this one!
Won a $25 gc to The Eco Store and used it to get all this! Their stuff is nasty chemical free so will be perfect for Amber’s sensitive skin! I won it over at Everyday Mom Ideas totally in love with her blog! Go check it out!!!
Homemaking Cottage Button
And my most recent win was a subscription to the Deluxe Edition of The Homemaking Cottage. Seriously awesome!!!! So many great recipes and ideas and tips and hints! I love, love, love it and need at least more 2 more hours added to each day so I have time to check it all out!

My Latest Goodies

Here’s my latest batch of presents!
Kusmi Detox Tea, very fancy-pants and quite tasty!!! From Energizer Bunny Mommy Reports
The book Bo’s Cafe from Frugal Creativity (I think I need to start waking up early, I have 8 books I currently need to read (not counting the ones I do for devos!) Ack!)
Famous Dave’s Self Tanner from Guessing All The Way (maybe these white legs won’t be so white anymore!)
Awesome Nature Valley Kit (nut clusters, stainless steel water bottle, binoculars, flash light, back pack) from One Day, One Dollar at a Time
Bet you’ll never guess where I got this gorgeous flower clip!!! If you said Little Diva Tutus, you’re right! She was so sweet and sent me this for posting my earlier reviews of her fabulous hair stuff! (so do I get another for posting this review? Tee Hee! Totally kidding!) The more I find out about her and her website the more I love! She has several special tutus that she donates part of the tutu and an additional tutu to St. Judes. How great is that? I also want to let you know that she has a blog and is currently running two “You Name It, You Win It” Contests!
Orglamix mineral eye shadow from My Four Monkeys Seriously was impressed with this one!!! When I opened up the package I poured out the contents and above is what I found. A card addressed to me, congratulating me on my win, rose petals that were sprayed with some kind of amazing perfume, and my eye shadow in that adorable bag! No wonder she has a 100% postive reviews from hundreds of people in her Etsy shop! (Hint for all your small business/direct sales laldies out there, little touches make BIG impressions!!!!) As for the eye shadow itself I heart it!!!
Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash from Heck of a Bunch (and you can’t tell it here but this is huge!)
A Toddler Interpretor Pack from the Let’s Party Moms Twitter Party hosted by A Giveaway Every Day and The Bragging Mommy. As you know I love baby sign language but only had taught Amber a few things since I never had a book on it. This has a ton of signs and I can’t wait to teach her new stuff!
Susan Marlow Book and Lapbook from The Gaerte Gang. I make a point of only entering giveaways that I could use if I won right now! As in I don’t enter any giveaways for crib bedding or trikes. I figure I should let people who can use that right now win, it’s just the nice, and ethical thing to do in my mind. I made an exception with this giveaway because I thought the book looked cute enough that I would enjoy reading it, don’t laugh! I love kids books! And then I’ll keep the laptop for when Amber is old enough 🙂 Free homeschool curiculum, woot!
I was also lucky enough to win a custom logo/watermark from Jana at JES Graphics. How cute is that?! I’ve been needing something to use as a watermark but was at a loss to what I wanted to use. This is absolutely perfect! Be sure to give her a holler if you need anything for your business! You can also check out her blog, which is where I won!

Remember the huge awesome over at It’s So Very Cheri I kept blogging about? Well all that blogging paid off! I won a fabulous blog makeover from Southern Girl Blog Designs . Since I had just spent hours of time on this blog’s layout I decided that this would be perfect for my Artistic Albums By Nicole blog! She did a wonderful job!!! Go check it out! And if you’re not my follower over there, I would heart it if you’d become one 😉

Phew!!!! Soooo much great stuff right?! 😀 If you’d like a chance to win some fabulousness too be sure to enter all the great giveaways I have going on right now!!!

Much More Love….

As long as I keep winning, I’m going to keep sharing love 😀 Here’s my latest treasures:

My torso is quite short so it also doubles for me as a tube top 🙂 My hubby is one of those dreadfully honest people and he’d been telling me I needed to get something like this so I was so excited when I won!
What would you do for a klondike bar? I said I would give Bob’s ex girlfriend a hug…(trust me, that’s saying a lot!!!!)

Apparently it was good “karma” because I won 🙂

Major love going out to this next win!!! I won this 8×10 on Twitter from @Mslori411 her Etsy shop Photos by Lori H is full of gorgeous pictures like this one, go check it out here! They’re all super reasonably priced too, I can’t wait to get a frame for this and put it up in Amber’s nursery!!
I’m not much of a Halloween person and because of that we have several Fall decorations but no Halloween ones. These two things, however, are sooooo stinking cute!!! Thanks so much to Reflections By Kathy for the giveaway. My kitchen is 10 times cuter now!
Isn’t she beautiful?! Every time I look at her I wonder what happened to my little baby and when on earth she turned into a little girl!
But enough of that mommy’s pride stuff 🙂 You see more than adorable flower in her hair that’s making her look way too cute and grown up? It’s another one of my Twitter wins from Little Diva’s Tutus. Seriously, how much cuter can it get?! Here’s two other hair accessories from them. If you haven’t checked them out yet you need to. If you have Twitter be sure to look them up too! @LittleDivaTutus

Spreading the Love–Part 2

So I’ve recently discovered that I have a hidden talent, I’m great when it comes to winning random stuff! 🙂 This luck doesn’t go all the way to the super huge big prizes I enter for, but various strange wonderful, smaller prizes. 🙂 But hey, either way the make my day and here’s my thank yous for my latest wins!
I won a 24×24 Wall Graphic from fabulous Uprinting and A Listmakers Life 🙂 Although I haven’t gotten to order it yet I’m planning on getting it (it won’t let me upload it so I can show you, so sad) made and hanging it up over Amber’s crib. I think it will be perfect since it’s not “babyish” it’s something she can keep in her room always!

I won some Tupperware from Really Working From Home’s huge opening celebration giveaway. If you haven’t checked them out yet you really need to! I have met the most wonderful women from there and feel very lucky to be featured on the site! Thanks to Chris Carol for the Tupperware giveaway and if you need any be sure to check out her website here.

I also got this fabulous Mommy Bag from Really Working From Home. Check out all the goodies inside! If you’d like one all you have to do is put Really Working From Home’s button on your blog and mail your information to Marilee. You’ll even get a special present just from me inside 😉 😀 Want a bunch of these for your mommy friends or mommy group? Let MariLee know and she’ll hook you up!!!!
Another great site that I’m featured on that you need to check out is Living My Moment. You can get free advertisement with them if you have a mommy business! I won a book from Really Working From Home’s head lady MariLee Parrish on their site. I chose this devotional book. She has a ton of great books she’s written in Really Working From Home’s book store, I’d highly recommend any of them! Also Living My Moment is currently giving away an adorable halloween tutu that I’d love to win for Amber! You can check it out here.
From Joyful Money Saving I won the cookbook Spice Up Your Life. I’ve never cooked Indian food before and am planning on trying out the yogurt chicken recipe this month, I’ll let you know how it is! I got a personal message from the author written to me on the front page so I thought that was pretty awesome 😀
I have discovered a new friend in Kirsten from Kirsten NOT Kristen. She threw a giveaway where the top 3 commenters won a prize. Apparently she wasn’t expecting crazed women to stalk her blog because of it. LoL! I came in 2nd after deciding to let Kim get first place since it was her birthday. I got 1 Travel Tin and 1 Room Spray from Scentsy. If you’re looking for some great Scentsy products Kirsten is your girl! She has a great referral program and scent club so be sure to check those out!
I was so excited when I found out I won some Avon from Tracey, the Avon Lady! Even though being a rep didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped I still love their products! So if you need a new Avon lady since I quit being one I’d highly recommend using her 🙂 Anyone who does giveaways is awesome in my book and deserves your business! I love the AM/PM Solutions moisturizer I won…it’s great!!!
I recently also joined the wonderful world of Twitter. If you’re on and want to hear mostly about the giveaways I’m entering you should follow me 🙂 @coastiewife321 I won an adorable hair accessory on Twitter from Little Diva Tutus. Seriously–how cute is this?!
I also won a prize during the Lands End Twitter Party. It was my first Twitter party and I really didn’t know what I was doing, lol! They were giving out an assortment of sweaters and knitting items like yarn and books. I answered a question, and won, but instead of the sweater I thought I was getting I won a knitting book. Oops! I wrote to the Lands End rep the next day explaining my mistake and asked her to please send the book to someone who could use it since I don’t knit, and no one I know does. She wrote back asking if I’d just like them to send a sweater instead–how nice is that??!! I received what I now affectionately refer to as “the bumble bee sweater” is does make me look like a huge one…either that or an avid Michigan fan…Haha! But it is soooooo comfy and I wore it several times through this nasty flu I’ve had the past week 🙂 I’m definitely a Lands End fan now in any event…talk about great customer service!
All right, now that you’re all insanely jealous of me 😉 I will wrap up my post. 😀 I also won things from Your Fun Family and Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves but since I’m giving them away as Christmas gifts I can’t tell you what they are for now 😉

Thanks to ALL of the wonderful blogs and sponsors, and now it’s your turn to go out there and win something–start with my giveaway! 🙂 Good luck!

Spreading the Love

Before I left for Wyoming I posted an entry about my latest addiction–giveaways!!! At that time I’d only won the Piggy Paint giveaway. We received that when I got home and I just had to show you how cute Amber little tooties look with it!

I also was SO excited!!!!!!!!! When I won the other giveaway that I had blogged about, then one for the 16×20 canvas print! I received it in the mail and it’s completely fabulous! Here’s a picture of it on my wall! Thanks to Orange Juice for hosting the great giveaway and to Uprinting for doing it!!! 😀 I chose this picture because it’s of Boulder Lake in Wyoming. We went here every year, many times two or three times a year, to camp. I have such wonderful, precious memories of it and it’s one of the few spots I went to growing up to that Bob has been to also. (my brother Ryan took it, he’s getting to be quite the talented photographer!)

Once I got home I was so happy to find out that I won one of these adorable little guys from the fabulous 1+1+1=1 blog! I’m saving it for Christmas to give to Amber 🙂

I also have recently discovered the wonderful world of LIVE giveaways–first comment wins! How much fun is that??!! I won a great votive from Prim and Purdy and some gorgeous jewelry from Creations by Crystal Rose. Heads Up for you! Crystal is hosting another live giveaway and sale this Friday at 11 a.m. (eastern time) head on over to her page, become a fan, and leave her a comment saying I sent you! (be sure to tell her before the giveaway, and you’ll need to RSVP for a chance to win another piece of jewelry)


I saved the best for that! Since I’ve been getting so many wonderful things I decided it was time to give back!! I’m having my very first giveaway and if you’re a Mom, you can go enter it here! Hurry because you only have till September 12th. You’ll find 13 other giveaways including mine so it’s definitely worth checking out!!! I’m also featured on the website (which is fabulous!) so be sure to go check out my feature on the Moms Like Me page 😀


Good luck and happy entering!

Winning and Flying, both so exciting!!!!!!

So my latest obbsession is blogstalking. It all started when Jaimin sent me a link to Her Cup Overfloweth and it was all downhill from there! First I just started following all the great blogs with ideas for toddlers, then it was on to the homeschooling blogs, and now my newest thing is entering all the great giveaways I’ve discovered so many blogs do. Who would have thought it??? I’ve ever seen some of them giving away really big stuff….like brand name strollers and gliders and everything! Too cool! I’ve been entering them like crazy but didn’t really expect to win anything. Well this past week I got word that I actually did win something from this blog. It was a $20 gift certificate to Piggy Paint, non toxic kid and environment-friendly finger paint. How cute is that gonna be???!!!! I can’t wait to paint Amber’s nails! Now getting her to sit still so I can…that’s gonna be a whole different story…..

Also the girl who runs the blog I won from approached me with the idea of doing a giveaway from Artistic Albums. I was thrilled! I’d played around with the idea, seems like a great way for some cheap advertisement!! And I’d like to “give back” to all the mom’s out there like me too. I didn’t know if I would be thought of as worthy of a giveaway though, haha. But apparently I am! 😀 So stay in tuned for more news on that! 🙂

I will be going MIA for a little while, well more like a long while….next Monday me and Amber are flying back to Wyoming for a whole month!! WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I’m SO very excited! The fair is next week and I’ll get to see Phil Vassar and Emerson Drive in concert plus all the other great things that come along with the Sweetwater County Fair…..funnel cakes, gryos, and all the great displays! I also can’t wait to bring Amber out there this year and take her to the petting zoo and to see the bunnies and cows and horses! 😀 We’re also planning on going down to Lagoon (an amusement park) in SLC, camping, and all sorts of other things. I’m so sooooo sad Bob doesn’t get to come but he used up all his leave during our hop-out-of-the-CG-just-kidding-hop-back-in fiasco. But although I’m gonna miss him gobs I’m SO excited! This is the first time I’ve gone home in the summer since I got married. 😀 😀 😀 😀 So anywho….I’ll be checking my email and be on FB I’m sure but probably won’t get around to blogging myself for awhile. Hope you don’t miss me too much! 😉 I’ll give ya a great BIG update when I get back!! 🙂 One of my best friends due date is August 27th so I’m flying back here the 26th of August. Of course today her baby dropped though :S So it looks like despite my best efforts I might miss the little boys grand appearance…I told him to stay in but apparently he’s not listening! 🙂

Alrighty….enough rambling…..Till next time!

It’s the little things…..

Sometimes the smallest things can make such a big difference in your day. Several weeks ago I found out that I had won some perfume from a survey I filled out for Allure. I was excited about it but figured it would be some tiny little bottle but it still made me happy at the time. Those who know me know I absolutely love perfume 😀 Well I finally got it in the mail on Sunday (ok so it came Saturday but that’s the day we checked it, lol) and I was so excited when I opened it up and it was Marc Jacob’s Daisy. It’s worth $50-60 depending on where ya buy it and smells sooooooooooooooo good!! And as you can tell it’s a good size also, lol. It completely made my day!!!!