Looks for The Holiday ~ Easy Holiday Nails

Since I’m currently helping run the #ThisisStyle campaign for SocialFabric my mind is now turned to all things fashion and beauty more than ever! I find myself looking at people in the school pick up line going, “Oh her outfit is so on trend!” Or, “Wow her makeup is complementing her skin tone and nails perfectly!” It’s too funny!

Because of this being very much “on the brain” I thought it would be lots of fun to bring you a few awesome posts about Looks for the Holiday — I’ll be covering clothes, makeup, and accessories — but today I wanted to start off with Nails! This is a looooong post but hang in there–I want to give you the *whole* story about this product, and remember–there’s a giveaway at the bottom!

Jamberry Nails VS Nailpolish
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: If it has to do with beauty, friends, and a review-I’m bound to say yes! All glorious nail pictures, skepticism, and Jamberisms are my own!

Looks for The Holiday ~ Easy Holiday Nails

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge fan of pretty nails–but I hate the time and hassle they represent. So basically ever since I’ve had kids I always keep my toe nails painted (or try to–until they totally chip off..yeah….) but my finger nails are always, sadly, naked. The only time I have to do them is during the kids bath time once every couple of weeks (usually I’m working–like, yes right this second while Tyler is in the bath). I’d heard of Jamberry Nail Shields in passing but never much about them. Awhile ago a friend was posting about them on Facebook and saying how great they were and how well they’d held up against her busy mom lifestyle. I was intrigued, especially when she kept talking about how great they still were and posting pictures to prove it.

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How to Colorblock Your Nails Tutorial for Busy Moms!

In case you don’t follow the fashion/beauty scene at all let me be the first to let you know that color blocking is very “in” right now–it’s actually been “in” for awhile and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! Lately I’ve covered all sorts of great ways to update your look for spring, but didn’t focus too much on nail polish or nails.
I Heart My Nail Art
This is because while I Heart Nail Art I have also always felt that it more belonged on teenagers–you know–the ones who don’t have 3 jobs to work, 2 kids to look after, and a home to run? Yeah–I’m talking to you 15 year old former Nicole–I remember those days! In fact many of my pinned nail art posts say something along the lines of “if I only had the time….” Continue reading “How to Colorblock Your Nails Tutorial for Busy Moms!”