Preparing for Potty Training

As incredibly hard as it is for me to believe–in just 2 short months my “tiny baby” is going to turn 2. All of a sudden he’s past the baby stage and things like sleeping through the night, and feeding himself are milestones of the past and the preschool stage ones like ditching the paci and potty training once again loom large.

The fact that I feel that I just did this with Amber only increases my sense of bewilderment! But moving forward and growing up is just a part of this wonderful adventure–so instead of shaking my head I turn to strategy!

With Amber I found that preparing for potty training helped a lot when it actually came time to get serious about it. Buying a potty chair to get her used to seeing and sitting on it and using the Potty Tots video and book helped a lot with her so I knew that they were tricks I’d be using once again.

This time I have a new secret weapon as well! I mentioned with Amber a friend had told me about buying thicker panties so that when you were training and the inevitable accidents happened it didn’t make quite such a mess. This was good–but there still was lots of leakage involved! Antsy Pants Pull-Up Cloth Diapers are the perfect blend of cloth underwear and a diaper–like a cloth diaper but more along the lines of a Pull Up. They’re the perfect compromise for when you’re preparing or beginning Potty Training because they let the toddler feel that they’re wet or dirty–without all that gross mess everywhere!

We decided to give them a test run to make sure they stood up to their claims. One thing that I loved is that they’re super cute and Tyler was still able to do all of his crazy child maneuvers in them and they stayed put. Of course the stinker pooped in them shortly after I tried them the first time (go figure) but they are designed for that so although it re-enforced that my decision not to cloth diaper was the right one for me (lol) it was not a big deal either.

I can tell that they are going to be invaluable once we start potty training “for real”.

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Our Big Commercial Debut!

Learn to make these helpful animations at this graphic design college.

So for my long time readers you’ll remember that I did a review of the Potty Tots potty training program about 2 years ago right after we moved to Boston, and right before Tyler was born! I mentioned at the time that I thought we’d be watching the DVD and reading the book long past potty training, and I was right! We actually still even have the chart up in the bathroom even though Amber is 100% trained, even through the night now. Tyler actually went up to it just the other day, pointed to the pictures, and said, “Potty potty!” So I guess I’ll be needing to get him the boy set soon!

Anyways, I was thrilled to be able to be a part of the Potty Tot commercial! We’re at 5:36 in, and I’m the only adult in it other than Miss Maggie (makes me cool, hahaha)

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Potty Training – Success!

How I Potty Trained In One Week

A week ago I posted about beginning Operation Ditch the Diapers. I’m so excited to report that a week later Amber is what I would consider fully potty trained!!! Woo HOOOOO!!!
And how does Amber feel about all of this?? Well if you look at the picture you can see she’s pretty proud of herself!
I’ve had a couple of different people ask about exactly what I did to get her potty trained so quickly and so here goes!
First I want to start off by saying that by “fully potty trained” I mean she tells me every time she needs to go potty, runs into the bathroom, and goes. Today is the first day we’ve managed to make it while she was still completely dry every time but I figure as long as she’s in the bathroom, trying to make it–it counts! We’re still working on the whole concept of going #2 although she did go with virtually no problem today (yey!) she still thinks it’s kinda scary though (lol). I will also mention that I do still have her in Pull Ups for nap time, bed time, and when we go out and about, but she’s in underwear the rest of the day. Also when we went to church she was in Pull Ups but she still told the nursery workers when she had to go potty and went twice while there! 🙂
When I first started researching and asking around about how to potty trained I got a little overwhelmed feeling. Everyone from friends to websites to magazines and books had tons of advice but most of it was really general and went along the lines of “here’s kinda sorta helpful hints but really each child is different and when she gets it she’ll get it.”
Uhhh…ok great–so what do I do???
(and I will mention that Amber didn’t show virtually any of the “readiness” signs. She was interested in the potty and bathroom but only because of her great Potty Tots program but other than that there were no indicators. She didn’t care if she was wet or dirty–in fact she hated for me to change her poopy diapers and would often insist that she was still “nice and clean” and didn’t need changed. She never said she had to go, still got her diapers soaked through her nap, had a hard time pulling pants on and off, on and on. Just throwing that out there since because of that I thought I was going to have a huge battle on my hands and instead she was potty trained within a few days–just throwing that out there!)
I’m the kind of person who likes being told–look here’s a list of what you need to do first, second, third. That way I have a game plan while fully realizing I can change and adjust it to fit me and my child if need be. So when my cousin told me about the e-book she used to fully potty train her not even 2 year old boy in 3 days I was really excited! The book is called Potty Training Basics and you can get it here. It costs $17 which might seem pricey but if you think about it that’s not even the cost of a box of diapers and it has a money back guarantee. I would highly recommend it! I followed it “to the letter” for the first day with the exception of the Pull Ups for naptime and bedtime. I hadn’t been planning on “night time” training yet even though the book recommends it because frankly Amber wakes up before I do and I’m just too exhausted to tackle it right now! Well, little did I know that I wouldn’t have a choice on this and she was so into potty training that the first several nights she woke up screaming at 3 a.m. that she had to go POTTY!! Thankfully the past few nights she’s just stayed asleep and just had to use the potty right after she wakes up, lol!!
I feel like the e-book was vital for me in order for our success and that Amber’s Potty Tots Program was vital for her part. The e-book gave me guidance and direction and Potty Tots helped make it fun, not scary, and understandable for Amber. You can see my full review of The Potty Tots here!

In addition to those I also created a “sticker chart” for Amber which is just a piece of scrapbook paper cut wavy on top w/ Amber’s name in stickers on it. Every time she went in the potty she gets to choose 2 stickers (one for the back of each hand) and then when she gets tired of wearing them she runs and puts them on the chart. She also gets a treat every time she goes in the potty. The first few days I had homemade chocolate chip cookies that I’d made for our anniversary so she got a small piece of those. After that it’s been more healthy stuff like fruit, crackers, etc. I would highly recommend using bribes although which ones work will just depend on your kiddo. Amber loves stickers and food so those have worked perfectly for us.


Another *great* tip that wasn’t included in the book came from my new Coastie wife friend Katy. She told me about Gerber training pants which are panties but a whole lot thicker so they’re great for training because your kiddo can feel they’re going but it doesn’t make a HUGE mess! I didn’t use them on the very first day since we spent all day in the bathroom and I wanted Amber to REALLY tell when she had an accident but they’ve been amazing ever since! You can find them at Wal*Mart or Target or anywhere like that. I almost missed them in the Wal*Mart here because they had them next to the Gerber sets like onsies and baby bath towels and not by the rest of the toddler underwear.

I have run into a few speed bumps I didn’t expect along the way–the big one was how much harder nap and bedtime has become!!! (including the crazy 3-4 am wake up calls) She’s a smart little bugger and figured out that saying “I need to go potty” gets her out of her crib. So nap/bedtime has become a struggle as I try to not discourage her if she does need to go–but get very grumpy if we’ve been sitting there for 15 minutes only to figure out she didn’t have to go after all. Still working on exactly how to deal with that! A few days she just boycotted nap time altogether by yelling about “going potty” the entire time. That hasn’t happened for a few days now though so I do have hope! Also she has been a little more insecure in other areas–like asking for her pacifier at bedtimes even though she hadn’t mentioned it in months before this! I know this is all to be expected with any huge changes though and we’ll just muscle through it!
Ok–I think that covers it all! If you have any questions just ask! Right now I’m off to chase a 2 year old into the bathroom because she just informed me she “has to go potty!!!!”



Potty Tots *Review & Giveaway*

***This Giveaway is now CLOSED Congrats to Karen who won***
At our house we love the Potty Tots! There are several reasons for this. Several months ago I was playing with the idea of potty training and trying to research and ask around for the best methods. Luckily for me Nichol from KiddiesCorner Deals was going through potty training and hosting reviews and giveaways on her blog. The review & giveaway that really caught my eye was for The Potty Tots, the program looked so cute I just had to check it out!
From the minute I looked at the Potty Tots Website to the time I started talking with their PR rep I was impressed. I requested doing a review and when she came to my blog and saw I was a military spouse she thanked me for my families service to our country and said they supported the military 100% and would get a kit out to me immediately. I was so grateful and impressed by that! It was the first time I’ve ever had a company say or do something like that and it made a great first impression!
The good impressions continued when I got our package and opened it. Inside was an adorable book, a personalized letter to Amber, the “Potty Chart”, another chart you could put cute little boy and girl Potty Tot clingy’s on and use as a motivational game, and a DVD. Sadly the DVD in our package wouldn’t play. As soon as I wrote about it though, they sent out a new DVD which I received in just a few days and they apologized. (Great customer service!!!!)
So far so good, right? But I guess the real question is, did it work?

YES!!! 🙂
6 days into potty training and Amber has gone through 3–almost 4 of those days virtually accident free!!! During the whole process she’s been quoting the DVD and book “Step one, pants down. Step two go POTTY!” To get her hyped up for potty training this week I kept telling her that she’d be learning to use the potty “Just like the potty tots”. When she had success she stood up and yelled “I DID IT! All by myself!” Just like in the book. It was sooo cute! 🙂 Here’s a short video of her (kinda) quoting Potty Tots, of course she got all bashful when I started taping!

Another thing I love about Potty Tots is it also teaches her great things like washing her hands and being polite. Lately she always tells me, “Thanks for helping me Momma.” I think it’s the cutest thing ever but didn’t have a clue where it came from till one day I realized it’s from the Potty Tots! 🙂 I have nothing but good things to say about this program and company and would highly recommend them to anyone! I have a feeling I’ll still be reading the book and we’ll still be watching the DVD long after diapers are a distant memory!

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(miss)Adventures in Potty Training

One of the only pics I have of Amber in a diaper! This was taken when she was just 3 days old, makes me anxious for her baby brother to get here!
I mentioned awhile back that soon after Operation Ditch the Paci was successful I was going to attempt Operation Ditch the Diapers. I decided to give it a try right before my blog shower kicked off since I knew I wouldn’t be going anywhere because of the massive amount of writing for the reviews and giveaways that had to be done. How did it go? Well let’s just say there’s a reason this is the first time I’m mentioning it….
They say hindsight is 20/20 (boy how overdone yet true is that cliche?) In looking back I can see a few key reasons why it was a total and complete flop:
#1 I was already stressed out and preoccupied with the blog shower, along with still dealing with some morning sickness so wasn’t even close to my normal patient self
#2 Because of the above reasons I got upset and frustrated waaay to quickly when Amber had accidents and
#3 Because of #1 I also wasn’t paying close attention to her, which I’m beginning to think is the worst thing you can do while potty training.
SO now that we are all settled in to our brand new apartment and Amber seems to be well adjusted to it Operation Ditch Diapers will commence with full force today!!!! (I’m writing this ahead of time but will be posting it on “D-Day”) This time I am prepared. Here is the plan of action!!!!
#1 Thanks to my cousin’s recommendation I have an e-book that she used to potty train her son that I will be following to the letter which promises a fully potty trained child in 3 days (if it does indeed work I will let you know all about it and where to find it so you can buy it too! If not then I’ll let you know as well!) I will also be using Potty Tots which I received to do a review of and that Amber has been in love with for months. I have been hyping her up about using the potty “just like the potty tots” for the past several days now. Once she is having success I’ll also do a full review of their program and talk about how it’s helped and how much she loves the DVD and book!
#2 I won’t be focusing on anything but potty training! I figure right now is perfect since it’s before baby comes and we aren’t involved in anything or going anywhere since I’m avoiding joining anything since I know I’d just have to stop for quite awhile after Tyler makes his debut.
#3 I’m much more focused and calm and happy now that the move is out of the way and the only big thing coming up now is baby arriving…and that just provides extra motivation to be encouraging and patient since I would *love* to only have one baby at a time in diapers!!!
So there we have it…wish me luck and I will re-appear the middle of this week with hopefully great success!!! If I get a chance I might post daily updates after Amber goes to bed, but we’ll just play it by ear!