Week 40 Preggers Updated

Nope, no picture this time–sorry! If I took one it would show a ginormous, very low hanging belly and a grumpy cranky pants looks on my face.
Use your imagination! 😉
So yes, my due date has come….and gone…and here we are.
Had my 40 week appointment today. Baby is still doing lovely, he’s just apparently gotten used to his warm dark home of the past 10 months and has decided to stay there for a bit.
I’m dilated to almost a 5 (Holy Cow??!!) but not in active labor yet (apparently-since if I was I’d be in the hospital and not blogging–I’m not that much of a die hard) I had the Dr. strip my membranes today in hopes of kick starting labor, so far nothing but my fingers are crossed!!!
Looks/feels like not much is going on yet though.
My mom is changing her flight and will miss my sis-in-laws shower which is next Tuesday. Majorly bummed out about that but what can you do?
If this little guy decides to be difficult I will have my next apt. on Monday. If I’ve gotten to that point (which I’m praying I don’t) without having him I do think I’ll let the Dr. go ahead and break my water. He seems to think that would instantly trigger me going into labor full force since I’m already so dilated and my mom does need to get back before my Dad gets too cranky (hehe). This is the longest they’ve been apart in 28 years of marriage (how cute is that?!) and he’s really starting to miss her.
So for now–that’s the game plan!
On another note I’ve gotten hit on–really truly–twice in the past 2 weeks!!! How weird (and slighty creepy) is that??
The first time was in the Commissary on the 15th. I was waddling past the end cap of pickles and in my peripheral vision I saw a guy looking over at me. I rounded the display that was in the middle of the aisle (which had been blocking me from the chest down) and turned to pick out some chicken–in doing so I revealed my ginormous belly. I heard this weird coughing/sputtering/”whoa” sound and looked over to see if the guy was dying or something. Instead he was staring at me. He was probably in his early 30s, dressed in a business suit, and slightly goofy looking. As he stared he told me, “You are so beautiful!!!!”
My many years of getting hit on by grandpas/truck drivers/marines/jocks/creeps/and the occasional truly nice hot guy while working at Wal*Mart (not being proud–if you’re a girl under 50 who works at Wal*Mart as a cashier–you will get hit on regardless of what you look like) has me trained to respond to any comment like this without being the tiniest bit flustered. I just smiled and said, “Thank you!” Then turned back to the chicken breasts and hoped he’d leave.
He didn’t.
“Are you due soon?” He asked. I replied with, “Yes, next week.” And picked up a package and started walking away (even though I really needed 3 more). He called out, “Well good luck!” “Thanks,” I replied waddling quickly away while scanning the aisles to try to figure out where on earth my hubby had gone!
(turns out he was getting hit on by the cute little Korean cashiers–yeesh are we just a hot couple or what??? Hehe)
Which brings me to today’s incident:
My Drs. office is in downtown Lynn which is apparently the Hispanic District. I say this because virtually every shop on the street has it’s sign in Spanish and I hear Spanish being spoken by almost everyone I pass and in almost every car that drives by. I find it kind of funny on days like today when I’m the only one in the entire office (besides the Dr.) who doesn’t have tan skin (my pasty white legs kinda stick out like a sore thumb) and is speaking very rapidly in Spanish. They’re all very sweet though 🙂
So anyways, I was waddling back to my car (which of course was parked like 3 blocks down in front the The Family Dollar since there is never any closer parking) after my appointment and I pass in front of one of the Mexican businesses and there is a guy washing the window outside. He watches me waddle up and when I get within ear shot he says, “Well hello there Cutie Pie!!!!” Again–my “training” kicked in so I just kept walking but smiled and said, “Hi.” He then asked how I was doing and I said good. By this time I was getting past him and once I was I thought I heard him say, “D#@*!!!” You know–with the inflection that guys do when something is hot?? So yeah..I ignored that, waddled faster, and locked my doors when I got into the car, LOL!!!!
So anywho–hope those made you laugh 😀 And I’ll keep you all updated!!! 

(a late) 39 Weeks Preggers Update

My emotions are so mixed at this point.
I cannot wait to hold my baby boy in my arms, to quit being huge and miserable and pregnant.
I have yet to wrap my head around the fact that I will soon have two children!
My mom flew in late last Sunday night and we’ve had a wonderful week together! Monday was my 25th birthday and it was the best one I’ve had for years and years! To celebrate I slept in (yes that is a big deal, I’m relishing it while I still can!!) then it was lunch at Panera for just us girls (Me, mom, & Amber) then we came back and put Amber down for a nap and while Bob “babysat” me and my mom went and got mani/pedis. I was hoping it would put me into labor but no such luck! It was still wonderful though and we both had a great time, it was my mom’s first time ever having a pedicure! Opened gifts for both my birthday and baby Tyler throughout the day (always fun!) and dinner that night was Victoria Fillet and Snow Crab at Outback *heaven in my mouth* After putting Amber to bed (Bob “babysitting” again) me and Mom went and saw Eclipse. I was so excited–it was the first time I’d gotten to see a Twilight movie in the theater!
I had an absolutely *amazing* day!!!
Thursday was my Drs. apt. for my 39 week check up. I was thrilled to find out that the baby is super low and I’m 3 cm dilated! He said I would probably go into labor this weekend, which sadly hasn’t happened yet 🙁 I’m *praying* that today will be the day! If not I have an apt. tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to see what’s happening and discuss a game plan. It sounded like the Dr. would like to have me go in tomorrow afternoon to get my water broken/start Pitocin but after what happened with Amber I don’t want to be induced!!! My feelings were reaffirmed this morning when I read this really good Induction 101 article! I’ve decided that I just really want to go into labor on my own this time and am determined to wait it out!
Everything has gotten a bit more complicated when it comes to waiting it out, however. Originally the plan was for my mom to stay till the 26th and Bob’s mom would fly in the 25th to take over baby watch duty. That way even if I was way late or way early we’d be covered. Bob’s dad had to have quadruple bypass open heart surgery this past Monday. He is doing well although he is still in the hospital and I would greatly appreciate your prayers for him! Obviously this was a huge unexpected thing that made her change her plans. So now we’re praying Tyler shows up early so that my mom can still leave when she originally planned to and not have to worry about the hassle of changing her flight or missing my sister-in-law’s baby shower.
Speaking of which after going 13 days past her due date my little niece Evelynn finally made her grand debut on July 13th!!!! It’s the first time I’m an aunt and I couldn’t be more thrilled! She’s gorgeous and both mommy and baby did great during labor and delivery. My brother said life is good but that they’re very sleep deprived–ah the joys of life with a newborn :oD
So there’s the update on all things Nicole! I’m hoping I will go into labor right…..NOW!
Ok…didn’t work! But I am very hopeful that one of the next entries will be announcing the birth of my little boy! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! 

Week 38 Update

There comes a point where you’re just OVER IT!
I have now reached that point.
Every night for the past 3 nights I’ve been up every 2 hours with either massive heartburn, an aching-throbbing back, nausea (yes at 38 weeks I’m still puking at least once a week) or because I have to pee since baby boy’s head is pressed firmly against my bladder.
And, of course, Amber has felt the need to wake up several hours earlier than normal screaming bloody murder either because on Sunday she “Had to go POTTY” (I walked in to find her naked from the waist down holding a wet pull up) then on Monday she’d ripped her nail off somehow and it was hanging on by a bloody thread. Sigh. Once I got her into the bathroom a mosquito attacked her and she absolutely freaked out when I killed it in front of her.
So if I look exhausted in the above picture-now you know why.
Pity-party rant is now over. Hey–I gotta vent somewhere right? 🙂 Hubby just told a co-worker what a trooper I was today and that I’m great about not complaining. And I do try to be because I really am so thankful to be pregnant with a beautiful healthy baby–but sometimes, you just gotta rant!
On the upside my appointment last week went great even though I had to get tested for Group B strep and all that fun jazz. I got to meet the midwife on staff and she’s a total sweetheart and is also 100% encouraging about me trying for the VBAC so I feel confident that I’m making the right choice!
My mom flies out this Sunday and I’m SO excited!!!! That’s why I’ve been posting so much lately-I’m trying to get totally caught up before my mom gets here so I can just focus on her and the baby coming after this week 🙂 My 25th birthday is next Monday and it’ll be so nice to get to spend it with her since I haven’t been with any of my family on my birthday since I got married 5 years ago. I’m still really worried she’ll miss Tyler being born but hoping and praying he’ll come early so she doesn’t have to.
I especially hope she doesn’t miss both babies being born since my sister-in-law Allegra is now 5 days past her due date and nothing is happening still. Poor thing–I remember how each day past Amber’s due date just got progressively worse and worse! Hoping something happens soon for Allegra’s sake!
My next appointment isn’t until the 14th! Hopefully I’ll be close to going into labor by that point 😀 I’m definitely ready for this little guy to get here!!!

Guest Post by Moody Mamas

Just because you’re pregnant…doesn’t mean you have to go broke on your wardrobe.

It’s the ultimate battle: baby bump vs. skinny jeans. You breathe a sigh of relief as you finally get that extraordinarily tight waistband past your thighs and over your butt. Right after you finish your routine jean stretching lunges, the button pops off so fast that it almost takes your eye out. Finally, you realize that it’s time to go out and buy…maternity clothes! This uncharted territory can be nerve wracking for many expecting mamas. But don’t worry, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to make you look like a super star and keep the dollar signs at bay:

• As Countess LuAnn says, “Money Can’t Buy You Class”- Sure we would all love to dress up our bumps like Alicia Keys or Celine Dion, but most of us don’t have superstar budgets. What’s a pregnant fashionista to do? Don’t fret, you can still look fabulous while being thrifty. How? Moody Mamas has found the solution by teaming up with Target.com to bring fierce maternity style without an outrageous price tag. (http://www.mmtarget.com/) While browsing the virtual racks, check out the maxi dress, it’s one of Bethenny Frankel’s personal faves. Added bonus–this summer staple is specially designed to make nursing a cinch- trust us, you’ll be reaching for it long after your due date.

• Want to emulate a pregnant and bohemian Nicole Richie? Pair a maxi with some gladiators and a variety of Boho bangles.

• Feeling like a rock star like Gwen Stefani? Make your outfit pop by wearing red lipstick and a fedora.

• Inspired by elegant and feminine silhouettes like Nicole Kidman? Look for dresses with ruffles and neutral tones.

All divas love to be pampered. Don’t have the dollars to go somewhere fancy? Beautify yourself at home with these do-it yourself tips:

o Mix 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice and rub it on your swollen feet, hands or anywhere that feels dry

o Grab your favorite candles and draw yourself a relaxing bath, add some bubbles for added flair.

o Reduce stretch marks by soaking a washcloth in warm milk and gently apply to your stomach. Keep this up for 15 minutes, then apply a rich moisturizer.

And don’t forget the discount code MM Discount is still good for Moody Mamas Website!

Week 36 Update

In a month I’ll have a little baby boy in my arms!!! I find it so hard to believe but I’m so excited! :oD I’ve decided to try to have a VBAC so be praying for me! Labor and pushing really wasn’t hard until I started having problems last time and would way rather have a few days of being uncomfortable than 6 weeks where I can hardly move! My mom is flying in on the 11th since I had originally planned on a scheduled C-section and she’s flying out 5 days after my due date so I’m really really really hoping that Tyler is early or at least right on time! I will feel so bad if she comes and stays for over 2 weeks and doesn’t even get to see my baby!
As far as the pregnancy is concerned everything’s going well. I’m still nauseous and throw up about once a week (bleh), getting HUGE and achey, not sleeping well, and just all that “fun” stuff that comes with 8 months of being preggers! I really am thankful for a healthy happy wiggly little boy in there!
I got to have my first “real” massage yesterday! My Drs. office offers free prenatal massages to their patients so of course I signed up for one! 🙂 It was great! There were a few times where she was pushing kinda hard and at one point she was massaging my face and did this thing where she grabbed my cheeks and pinched them pretty hard, it was kinda weird–LoL!!! I was like…uhhhh ok….Haha! But it was very nice and afterwords I was all relaxed and just wanted to take a nice long nap! 🙂 Every Drs office should offer them!!!

34 Weeks & Decisions

After a bit of hassles I was finally able to get a new OB and hospital! My first appointment with him was today-exactly on my 34 week mark, which works out great since now is when I need to start going in every week! Very thankfully my new OB seems absolutely great and all the girls on staff are very sweet also. Not to mention they offer free prenatal massages to their patients–can we say major score???!! I have one set up for 2 weeks from now and I just can’t wait!!!!
Everything continues to go well for Tyler and me! I’m still dealing with morning sickness (blah) but it’s not been severe enough for me to ask the Dr. for a new prescription. Since I’m so far along I’d like to stop taking the Zofran if possible! Been having really nasty heartburn lately and popping Tums like candy, lol! As you can see above I’m starting to get HUGE as well!
While we were down in NC I wasn’t going to be given the option of having a natural birth. There if you have a C-section you’re required to have another, so that’s been my mindset this entire pregnancy. Up here, however, VBACs are allowed–so now I have a huge decision  ahead of me and I have no idea what to do! Hubby thinks I should try for a natural birth but there are such pros and cons to each I’m having a hard time deciding. I would love to have only a few days of recovery time vs. 6 weeks of barely being able to move, especially now that I have a toddler as well! On the other hand my worst fear is going through what happened when I had Amber again (24 hours of labor, 3 hours of painful pushing all to end in an emergency c-section). Anyone out there been in the same position???? Any helpful stories or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! 🙂

Week 27 & 28 Update

Into the third trimester already! I can hardly believe it!!!! This pregnancy has seemed to fly by! I guess that’s what happens when you’re super busy and trying to keep up with a 2 year old 🙂 I did the test for gest. diabetes last Friday and woo hoo to not having it 🙂 Also woo hoo for having no more nasty needle tests for the rest of the pregnancy! 🙂 I’m doing good, finally have been able to stop taking Zofran on a daily basis so that makes me very happy. I still feel icky on the days I don’t take it, but haven’t thrown up so yey! I’ve gained quite a bit more than I wanted/planned to at this point, but considering I went in to this pregnancy 12 lbs. lighter than I was when I had Amber I’m giving myself a little wiggle room 😉
Tyler is doing good, getting more and more wiggly with each day, although I haven’t felt any hiccups yet! He’s much more mellow than his big sister-who used to make me yelp in pain when she’d violently thrash around in my belly, so that has made me happy-haha!
Less than 3 months to go and my little boy will be here….so crazy to think about!!!!

Week 23 Update

When I found out at my OB appointment today that I’ve gained 16 lbs overall already I knew it was time to crack down! Yes sir, no more tuxedo brownies, seconds, or late night snacks! Even if I got ravenous I would remind myself that I want to be able to lose this weight and then some after the baby comes, and quickly!
Yepp…I was ready!!!
then hubby brought me home this as a treat…
and…well…hey you’re only pregnant a few times right?!
I’d write more but I’m off to dive into sweet carmel chocolately goodness…
P.S. Ice Cream is a good source of calcium and dark chocolate is good for you too..my pregnancy magazine said so
P.P.S. Baby Boy likes it, he started wiggling as soon as it hit my tummy

Dear Belly Button….

Dear Belly Button,
I’m writing this letter to bid you farewell. Although you’re still with me, you leave just a little bit each day, and I know before long you’ll be gone altogether.
Of all the crazy, strange, and weird things my body went through last pregnancy, your loss was the one that disturbed me the most. You’ve always been such a super cute, super deep inny. All of a sudden you popped out into a monstrosity that grossed me out to look at each day and embarrassed me by making my shirt poke out. I was sure you’d never be the same afterwords.
Oh, but the story had a happy ending. Although other parts of my body betrayed me and never regained their pre-baby glory, you sunk right back in and looked entirely like your old self.
Only now I’m losing you all over again.
But never fear, dear little belly button.
Because I know that you’ll be back.
Love always,

Break out the blue….

Because it’s a BOY!!!!!!!
When I was pregnant with Amber I just knew I was going to have a little girl. This time I was sure I was pregnant with a boy, and sure enough I am! We’re so excited to have one of each now! I have a feeling this baby is going to take after his Daddy. During Amber’s ultrasound she was crazy, wiggling and running away from the wand and didn’t stop moving her mouth “talking” the whole time. This baby just wiggled a little and kept his hands up by his face the whole time, as if to say “Hey leave me alone!” It was cute 🙂
Everything looks great, Yey for that!!! He’s only in the 35 percentile right now, so I’m hoping he grows fast. 🙂 That’s just fine but I would hate to have a little bitty boy and a huge girl, haha!
Amber did really well though she did get a little fussy towards the end. She kept saying “Baby sister!” Guess it’s just easier to say than brother, lol! We’re working on that though 🙂
So excited to meet our little man!