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I just love how sweet Amber and Tyler are–they really, really love each other! I’m not looking forward to the day when they start fighting because they’re so super sweet right now! 🙂

Here’s my latest work across the web for all my “hardcore fans” *giggles at the thought of having hardcore fans*

 Attractions in the Crystal Coast in North Carolina <--my first associated content article! Purdy please click, I'll get paid by how many times it's viewed 🙂 Making Cleaning Easy ~ how I keep my house tidy with 2 kiddos, many jobs, and a crazy schedule! 🙂

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Starting My Small Business

Latest Ramblings Across The Web

Life continues to be full of crazy busyness over here! I keep waiting for things to “calm down” so I can get into some type of “normal routine”. I’m beginning to accept that this will probably just not happen-not this year at least!! So with that in mind I will take the good advice given to me by a friend on Facebook and just try to get 25 miles off my 100 mile long to-do list each day and call it good 🙂

Can you *believe* how big Tyler is getting??????? He’ll be six months old this Sunday–ACK! I will get up his Six month old pictures and an update on my sweet cranky pants soon hopefully 🙂 I’m sorry you haven’t heard much about him on here since he was born!

Some of what has kept me so busy crazy lately are my new weekly columns over at Moms of Faith that I’m *so* excited about! For the first time I’m a real writer with a paid column-yey! 😀 Here are my first three articles over there:

Nicole Elliott Introduction
Sippy Cups to Separation: Behind the Name
Faith and Business 101: Does God Want You To Work?

and of course I have to squeeze in some time for writing for my wonderful job as well 🙂

Run With Patience

2 Months & Ramblings

I can hardly believe it’s been 2 months already!!!! I nearly cried when I folded up Tyler’s newborn clothes to put away because he’s outgrown them. Already it’s just going by too fast. Although I will be grateful when I can get a decent night sleep again I absolutely LOVE babies and I ADORE my own and I just cannot get enough of their adorableness!!!!!!! I sit there and smooch on Tyler’s chubby cheeks for forever and babble back at him when he coos and my whole heart lights up because he grins when we make eye contact with each other. As a result I’m still behind in every possible area in life but that’s ok because this time is precious and so very fleeting!!!! Being a mother is truly the most absolutely amazing, wonderful thing in the whole world and I thank God continually for how lucky I am to be blessed with my two beautiful children!!!

And I’m very happy to say that those two beautiful children seem to finally be on the mend! Amber’s all better now although she’s been having a rough time with Daddy gone and keeps waking up a couple times a night sobbing either because of nightmares or to ask where he is 🙁 so that’s been really hard. Tyler’s still not 100% better and I’m hoping he gets that way soon because in the meantime I keep worrying he’ll regress and I’ll have to take him back in. As I mentioned before I’m still SO behind, have 100 emails in my inbox now that need responded to, several reviews that need to be done, more work to do, house things, planning for my parents upcoming visit…on and on!!!! No rest for the Mommy!!!!

That being said I should probably run and go do some of it!!! Here are my various ramblings across the web lately for you to enjoy while I work! 🙂

How To Have a Fruitful Business
How to Have a Fruitful Business Part II


Reaching Out

Becoming a Real Military Spouse

What’s up with us and what I’ve been writing

So I know I’m kinda MIA from here right now–sorry about that!!! Life continues to be crazy, stressful, busy, but as always very good and very blessed!!! So hard to believe that my sweet little guy is over 2 weeks old now and that my little niece Evie is almost a month old! We’re having lots of fun with our new little guy and Amber just adores her baby brother. She goes up to him when he’s crying and says, “What’s wrong little buddy? Huh?” She would hold him all day long if I’d let her! 
I’m still finding time to write in my other spots (because….well…I get paid for some of them and others I made a commitment to so I kinda have to….lol!!!) I thought I’d share those links so just in case you’re missing my writing you can get your fill 😉

Waiting <--this is the post that I wrote 2 1/2 hours before Tyler was born! How To Make A Military Fabric Wreath ~ my awesome crafty friend gave me the instructions on how she makes her gorgeous wreaths!

God Provides ~ cool story about how God provided for us right when we moved here

Making The Most of Vacation Pictures

Faith & Business: Seeking Wisdom
Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Author Nicole

I’ve loved to write ever since I was a little bitty girl. From first grade I was writing stories, poems, in my diary, anything and everything. I got into Young Authors and won various first, second, and third place throughout the different years. As a young teen I entered the Wyoming Letter’s About Literature competition and won 2nd place which included a cash prize and a trip to Casper to for a luncheon and to be “honored”.
There was just one catch.
I hated….and I mean completely and totally and entirely hated to have my work criticized. Even if it was constructive criticism there was something about it that just grated into my soul. If you’re an author you know that anything you write is like your baby. You pour yourself into it and as a result it’s extremely hard to have others slash through it, even when they have the best of intentions. I remember crying and crying because my mom thought I needed to make changes to the first draft I wrote for the Letter’s About Literature Contest. I had thought my first try was brilliant. I made the changes, however, and that’s when I ended up winning. You see, as an author you have to accept criticism. It’s probably the most vital part of becoming a good author. I got to the point where I just couldn’t/didn’t want to take it anymore though, and stopped writing competitively altogether. Yes, it was immature and selfish to feel that way, but I just did.
Writing is in my blood however. As I mentioned before both my Grandma and Mom are writers. My mom got her degree in Journalism and worked as a newspaper writer until I was born, my Grandma to this day is still writing for the newspaper back home. Once I stopped writing for contests I still felt the need to write, so instead I directed into journals, letters to my best friend (who I saw several times a week but what did that matter?) and into an elaborate “story” about me and my best friend and our pretend perfect lives on a pretend perfect island. Oh…it’s quite the novel let me tell you…over 100 pages of a teen girl’s fantasy world where we were best friend’s with our celebrity crush Country music stars and had all our real life crushes lived next door and liked us back. Yeah…if those poor boys had any idea I was writing a huge book with their names in it…..
LOL! I really should probably burn the thing for all the embarrassment it might bring someday. But it’s absolutely priceless and hilarious and I keep it as one of my treasured possessions 😉
Once I turned 16 and “got a life” my writing fell to the wayside. I started actually living my dream life instead of writing it, and my only form of writing became emails to boys and my best friend.
This continued on through college, you have to write so much for school that my urges were more than squelched by the 6 page essays that were always due.
It wasn’t until I became a mom and started to stay at home that the need to write came back and hit me full force. But how could I fulfill it? I still cringe at the thought of being criticized, although I sincerely hope I’m mature enough now that I could accept it.
Then I discovered the wonderful world of blogging!
Oh yes, and a whole new spectrum of possibilities opened before me!!! Here is a place I can write and ramble and do whatever else it is I do to my heart’s content! I will actually have readers no less! At least a couple. And the cherry on top is that I don’t have to run it past anyone! If anyone doesn’t like it, they can simply choose not to read!
Talk about the perfect scenario for me!!
It’s been even more wonderful lately with my new position with CMBR and getting to guest blog here and there. These new “jobs” are challenging me to focus my ramblings into actual articles, and I’m loving the challenge!
Here are my latest articles…I hope you’ll read them and enjoy them now that you know a little more about me and my writing and where it’s all coming from!

Fancy Pants Guest Blogger

My friend Abbey over at Living My Moment just recently had a darling baby boy! Since she’s busy with her toddler and new baby she had several people guest blog for her while she adjust to life as a mom of two. I was fortunate to get to blog for her, and my post is now up. It’s all about digital scrapbooking and the advantages of it, so I’d love it you’d go check it out! You can find it here.
I’ll be headed over the river and through the woods to Bob’s family for Christmas and then over the whole country in January to see my family. During these times I’m looking for some fabulous guest bloggers for my own blog! If you’d be interested in helping me out, shoot me an email and we’ll set something up!