Homecoming Outfit

So it’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here with hubby getting home and then he had 2 weeks of leave time (vacation time for my civilian readers 😉 ) He’ll be headed back to work soon and things are starting to get into a more normal routine for us…which means I finally got the chance to upload my stuff from when he first got home 🙂 Hope you enjoy this video!

Just in case you were wondering I used this tutorial to create my eye look and bought the brushes and primer I used based on fellow RMW.tv video here


Deployment Goodie Box Ideas

**Update They just changed the Amazon Mom program-you can read the updates and changes here

Also we all did receive our books! Hubby said his were old but he brought them to their boat house so they could read them on duty (and hey–it’s free!) Our box was great! There were some that I gave to the thrift store but I was SUPER happy with the board books we got sent–and we got sent one Fancy Nancy book and a super cute Chicken Little storybook. So definitely check all those out!

In this video I talk about Deployment Goodie Box Ideas. Here are the links I discuss in the video:
Amazon Mom program

Free Books for Military Familes
Free Books for Deployed Service Members

Deployment Resources for Kids

I’m really loving Real Military Wives TV! Especially the makeup/hair tutorials, it’s giving me some great ideas for hubbies homecoming! In the mean time here are some of my ideas for deployment resources for kids. Hope you’ll enjoy this first video in which I share my deployment book from Personal Child Stories!