It’s a Treasure Hunt!

We all know that the kiddos are having lots of fun hunts this weekend involving Eggs, Chocolate, Bunnies & Baskets. (remember, Amber and Tyler have had 3 already!!) Well I thought that it might be fun for you to get a chance to do some hunting for a prize too! (because kids should get to have all the fun–am I right??!!)
Right now Shoplet your source for Office Supplies has a great Treasure Hunt deal going on! Just watch the video below which is a fun, short one on how eProcurement can help out your Small Business! It’s super simple to set up and can save you lots of time and money in the long run. In my opinion buying anything online is just so much more simple.  Still asking What is eProcurement? Well watch the video and you will find out all the details much better than I could explain–oh and did I mention you will save too?! 

Here’s how the treasure hunt works! Just watch the video below and take note of all the  “treasure code price tags” hidden within the video and then enter them here to get savings off! (Look up in the right hand corner where it says “treasure hunt” and click on the plus sign) The more you find, the more you’ll save (up to 10%). Don’t forget to share the fun and savings with all your friends across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest–wherever you love to get your Social Media On!


Nicole Elliott

Ideas For College Students

As you might remember my hubby will be going back to college beginning in January.  We recently just attended his orientation so since I have college on the brain I decided to share this Idea for College Student Christmas gift.

 When people are back in school a practical gift is a great idea because finances are sure to be tight and anything that helps ease that up will definitely be appreciated! I hate giving gifts that aren’t at least a little bit of fun, however! That’s why I came up with the idea to make a “Ace The Exam Kit” as a Christmas present which includes:

  • C-Line Expanding File with Handles — super sleek way to keep important papers from all their different classes organized in a convenient, non-bulky way–super important in small dorm rooms!
  • C-line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Bookthe best way to make a good impression on essays or finals is to bring the paper in a stylish presentation book–it would also be great to use to organize a cover letter and resume to bring to a job interview!
  • Stainless Steel Thermos — a must for all the coffee that will need to be consumed! Make this kit even cuter by adding a Starbucks gift card!
  • Bic Mark-It Permanent Markers – great for displays or doodling the 36 set is useful for all kinds of things!

To make the gift even more fun try giving it in a laundry basket with a few new towels and pre-made goodies. You can add a “loofa bow” like I did on my homemade Christmas Gift. A homemade card saying what each item is for and giving study tips would top it all off!
Do you have a great Christmas Gift for College Students Idea? Share it or link it in the comments!

Thanks to your one stop shop for all office supplies for providing me with two of these products!
Nicole Elliott

Happy Families Use Schedules

As a busy work from home mom I really couldn’t make due without our daily schedules and routines! Having the kids go to bed at a specific (early) time each day, and having Tyler nap at the same time each day means that I have built in and consistent times when I can do my work every day.

This year I’ve taken it a step further and broken it down into day by day plans for each week day. Though these moment by moment plans have been chucked out the window when life gets crazy they’ve been perfect for the normal weeks in our life.

You don’t have to be a work from home mom to benefit from a structured schedule and routine, however.

According to the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning,

Studies have documented that schedules and routines influence children’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. Predictable and consistent schedules in preschool classrooms help children feel secure and comfortable. Also, schedules and routines help children understand the expectations of the environment and reduce the frequency of behavior problems, such as tantrums and acts of aggression.

I’ve found that this applies in and out of the classroom-and for everyone from infants to preschoolers! With our many moves and crazy lifes keeping the same day to day routines where ever we are helps to keep a little bit of comfort and normalcy in my kids worlds!

 Planners and calendars help keep schedules and routines on track. This isn’t the first time I’ve gushed over their merits or talked about how much I enjoy physically checking off my to do list–and it probably won’t be the last either! They really are my brain and I couldn’t live without them!

Personally I like to have a big wall calendar somewhere that can hold all the families activities and that Bob can feel free to add to–like the House of Doolittle Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar w/ Large Notes Section.

For my own daily use I love to have a planner that contains both a monthly page and then daily pages-that way I can write down important daily events and see what’s going on that month at a glance, then put my to-do lists down and cross them off each day. The House of Doolittle Wirebound Weekly/ Monthly Planner hits all my must-haves and I’m excited to use it in 2013!

Do you use schedules and routines in your family? Why or why not?

I was provided with the planners by Shoplet your stop for Office Supplies and more! All opinions, tips, and mad good planner pics are my own.

The Magic of Paper and Notebooks

As I’ve mentioned before, even though I’m a techy girl I feel like for many things you just cannot beat good old fashioned paper and pen! We use paper for so many different things at our house all day long!

I always have a big Paper Notebook like the Roaring Spring Wirebound Notebook 3 Subject on hand. My mom saw it the last time she was here and asked me what it was, I replied, “My Brain.” She laughed but it really is so true! I use it to organize my review papers (the pockets are great for that), keep my list of passwords and log on information, use it for my devotion journal, a list of all our family and friends birthdays (some people aren’t on Facebook you know) and prayer requests, and for work information, notes, and ideas.

I also love using office supplies that are fun and pretty for writing down goals. I’m going to use the Roaring Spring Elephant PooPoo Paper to write down my work out goals, including my 10 year goals that Fit Moms for Life inspired me to write down! And yes–when they say poo they mean poo. The notebook is made from, get this, recycled elephant poo!!!!!!! For real, it is the most hysterical thing I’ve ever heard of (and no it’s not stinky and actually super cute–I love it, bahaha).

 Amber continues to LOVE doing school each day and so we continue to go through *lots* of paper for it. Although she has lots of workbooks during her free unstructured drawing time she’s still been defaulting to doing “school” by herself–as you can see here. I can barely believe my “baby” is big enough to write out the alphabet by herself! The Roaring Spring Landscape Format Writing Pad – College Ruled will be perfect and much better for her to “practice” on than scrap paper is.

I received the above products from Shoplet your source for Note Pads and Notebook Online