Pinterest Rave

So this picture made me LAUGH OUT LOUD sooooo hard this week that Amber came running over saying, “Mommy, mommy *what* are you laughing about???”

A friend & fellow blogger had posted it on Pinterest and then put it in her newsletter. Speaking of which have you hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? I put it off for a long while thinking that I really didn’t want to add ONE MORE thing to my social media plate (I mean I’m already on Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, a Youtube channel and addicted to Facebook…….), not to mention the 500 emails in my personal inbox just from less than a month ago that I can barely keep up with, but when my huge list of not so social media savvy friends kept ravving about it I knew I had to jump in.

And Oh. My. Word.

Love it!!!!!!!!!!! So much so that I am now *limiting* my Pinterest time to weekends only. It’s a beyond brilliant way to share the best of the best from around the internet–everything from laugh out loud pictures to recipes to craft ideas and kid activities and DIY cleaning solutions.

Now my dillema is whether or not to take my personal pinterest and mix it into the numbers game. I already see bloggers everywhere giving you 5+ entries if you pin their post. To me the beautiful thing about Pinterest is that it helps filter spam and encourage greatness. So for now I think I’ll just let whoever wants to follow me follow me, and not worry about the numbers game for once 🙂

So if you want to keep up with my For The Lulz, True Stories, or Preschool Musts then head on over and Follow Me! I’ll probably follow back since I’m *loving* all the great resources everyone is sharing!

And now excuse me….I only have a few hours to devor Pinterest in!

Silly Saturday ~ Homeschooling

Just in case you didn’t know–I was homeschooled from 6th grade until I graduated. And then I *somehow* managed to get a college degree, marry an amazing man, and have a productive and extremely happy life working from home! 🙂

Anyways I *LOVED* this video and laughed and laughed at it. All his stuff is pretty hilarious….hubby and I burned 2 hours watching through them all last weekend 🙂

Silly Saturday

 I’m a member of voiceBoks and it’s a great community of bloggers who support each other! One of them started the idea of a Silly Saturday post and I love the idea–I love to laugh and so each Saturday I’ll try to bring you something that has made me giggle lately, whether it be a picture, story, or youtube clip.

One thing that made me giggle today was that the guy in the Wendy’s drivethrough told me “Thanks Beautiful” when he handed me back my card and receipt right as I drove off-that is until I realized they gave me tea instead of Coke and grilled chicken instead of homestyled-oh well!

I *love* this picture above, hope you do too!!! Have a happy Silly Saturday!