Why I love Scrubbing the Bathroom

All this talk about organizing bathrooms  lately has made me nostalgic.

Growing up we had this *fabulous* white, claw foot tub. Our bathroom was teeny tiny but the one amazing thing about it was that tub! I grew up with it and really took it for granted until I moved out and realized that not everyone grew up with one!

For our chores we each had to pick one to do each week-(yes we were lucky, but hey with four of us it made it easy to divide them up!) I hated vacuuming, didn’t mind dusting, but the chore I always asked for was cleaning the bathroom. For some reason scrubbing things until they are shiny/bright has always made me smile!

Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath & Kitchen Cleaner

 Growing up the only cleaner I ever used in the bathroom was the Classic Lemon Soft Scrub in a bottle. So when I was recently sent Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath & Kitchen Cleaner to review it was like greeting an old childhood friend! Sure the “haircut” (i.e. new cap that reduces spills) might be different-but so many things are still the same. Even lemon cleanser smell, the feel, and the white pools all made me warp back to being 14, jamming out to music while I pushed bubbles around and day dreamed about my short, muscly wrestler crushes (I know, I know-how funny is that considering I married a 6’7″ beanpole)

Some things never change–Soft Scrub still does an awesome job making the bathroom shiny and bright. You know a company has a good thing going when I can clean with the same cleaner 13 years later and get the same wonderful results!

And yes, cleaning the bathroom is still one of my favorite chores!

Two Lucky Winners can wax nostalgic (or just give the bathroom or kitchen a good scrub) for themselves!

Is there a certain cleaning product or smell that makes you nostalgic? Leave me a comment and let me know what it is and the memory behind it!

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Nicole Elliott

Soft Scrub ~ Make Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

Growing up my favorite chore was cleaning the bathtub. We had this great old fashioned soaking claw tub that I adored. I’d grab some Soft Scrub and scrub away–usually while blasting music in my bedroom next to the bathroom.

Soft Scrub Complete

While I mentioned I’m more into green cleaners these days the bathroom is the one spot that I always feel I truly need the “real thing” for! 
I love the new spray/foam option that Soft Scrub comes in these days–it really does even work upside down! Our amazing garden tub here is really tricky to keep white but the soft scrub with bleach really did the trick and I loved the Bath and Bowl for the toilet! Just a simple squirt, swish and it was all sparkling clean! 

 Mom Tip: Use your kiddos bathtime to your advantage! While they’re splashing away use the time to clean up the rest of the bathroom, and once they’re out and in jammies give the tub a quick squirt and rub down-it will keep your bathroom shining and you’ll barely notice the effort!

Soft Scrub Complete

Having a little fun and pretending to be a Soft Scrub Model when I was dolled up to go pick up hubby from a month long trip away 😉 bet you never knew household cleaning supplies could be this cute, right? (just teasing!)

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