King Richard’s Faire

 For Labor Day we headed down to King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA. We had never been before, so I was looking forward to it but not sure what quite to expect. It was about an hour and a half drive from where we are in Peabody, but easy enough to get to which is always nice. There are huge fields with plenty of parking (which is free–which is great, especially since little else is!)

It was a little after lunch time when we arrived (Faire house are 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM) so our first stop was for food! No outside food or drink is allowed inside, so we hit up the food ticket booths after withdrawing money from the ATM.

Eating was a great experience as we had live entertainment and music (bagpipes to the feel of Drop Kick Murphy’s)

And we got to eat amongst people in everything from period costumes to shorts like us-which is always fun!

The food itself was indeed tasty, but to the price of $20 for a SINGLE turkey wrap and drink (ouch)–I’d *highly* recommend hitting up the nearby fast food joints or eating a lunch in the parking lot *before* you go in–and save the pricey $$ for the treats that are all around.

There were many pretty girls in corset bound dresses selling every color of rose imaginable. Bob warmed my heart by buying this gorgeous purpley pink rose for me!

Much to our surprise Amber made a friend of the moving goblin gremlin statue variety

It was so much fun taking in the sights and sounds everywhere–like this guy who spent the whole day with his mug on his head!

Amber got to choose one special thing to do that cost money–no surprise that it was the pony ride!!!

Throughout the fair there are 8 different stages–all of which seemed to have a different show going on practically all day long. After the “bad guy” from this show came up and talked to us before he went on stage (he was quite hilarious) we decided to sit down and see how our new friend the evil Duke fared.

As always Tyler was happiest when we let him down out of the stroller and he could dig around in the dirt and find acorns. One important thing to note is that the paths are all dirt–so be smart and wear sensible shoes or you’ll be like me and have aching feet and be needing to wash your favorite strappy wedges once the day is over!

A highlight of the faire was getting to see this beyond adorable brand new Tiger! Just made me go aaawww!!! Out loud!

Amber spotted this giant purple guy when we first went in the Faire and spent the rest of the day trying to spot him. Tyler gave him a high five–and remember–my hubby is 6’7″ so this guy was HUGE!

Hubbies not one for going out and about to things like this–but he seriously loved King Richard’s Faire! We both loved how it was set up in the middle of a forest, and all the amazing shops and decorations!

Do we look a little too happy to be in the cage?

There were several carnival style games and rides that you could try your hand at (for a price) Bob decided to give the cannon ball one a whirl with Amber.

We capped off our day with watching the last show that featured all the big cats and several kinds of rare Tigers–I loved seeing the White Tiger (always loved them) as well as the Liger (“A Liger is pretty much my favorite animal” ~ Napoleon Dynamite anyone??!!)

We spent 5 hours at the Faire and everyone was highly entertained the entire time. I’d highly recommend it as long as you plan out in advance how much your budget for the day will be and stick to it!

You can get King Richard’s Faire Tickets on the website and be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well!

Two Lucky Readers will win a pair of adult tickets to King Richard’s Faire! They are valid September 15, 16, 22, or 23 of this year!

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Enjoying the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston

I’ve been super spoiled this year with my birthday celebration spreading over many days! This past Saturday we headed down to the North End in Boston for a day out as a family to continue the celebration. Hubbies base is right in the North End so we get free parking (woot woot) when we go to places around there (take that all you $20 parking lots!)

Thankfully the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston is just a short walk from base so we enjoyed passing by famous sites like the Old North Church on our way to it. I truly have fallen deeply in love with this amazing and beautiful city!

It was such a beautiful day that we choose to sit outside and soak up some sun. The kiddos enjoyed coloring and people watching!

Hard Rock just rolled out their new menu so it was hard to choose what to pick! I went with the Chicken Marsala (that was super tasty!!) while hubby went bold with the The Texan Smokehouse Sandwich – Chipotle and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy jalapenos and crunchy onions. He thought it was super tasty. He gave me a bite and it was good-but a bit too spicy for my taste buds!

The Mojito Yogurt with Seasonal Fresh Fruit – Creamy, thick Greek yogurt with fresh lime and mint served over fresh seasonal fruit served Island style in a margarita glass. sounded awesome for dinner but we were all super stuffed by the time we finished! I had to take my place on the red carpet before we headed out–clearly I’m a natural! 😉

Afterwords we headed across the street to watch a live street performance over at Faneuil Hall. It was *such* a fun day for all of us!

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Skyhawks Sports Academy

Amber’s never been in a sport of any kind yet. You see, I’m one of those parents who feels that before a kid is 4 years old they should probably focus more on just being little instead of having a schedule jam packed to the brim that makes everyone run around like a chicken with their head cut off.

Now that she’s 4 I’ve known that I would like to give her a little introduction to sports-but haven’t wanted to commit to a full season of anything. I knew our best option would be to find a fun summer  program that incorporated a few different sports and didn’t last too long.

When I hear about Skyhawks Sports Academy I knew it was just what I’d been wanting! A week long and 3 hours a day-this is just what I’d been wanting to get Amber into. It will give her a chance to learn the basics and have fun with it-before sports get too serious. We’re both very excited to try it out!

We will be attending in exchange for this blog post, all looking cute in soccer uniforms and thoughts on the camp are our own.

July is for Birthdays

June 30th kicks off a birthday bonanza in our family! Today is my younger brother’s birthday {who is turning 25…I think this is where I stop referring to him as my *younger* brother??!!}

Then we launch into July which contains me, hubby, Tyler’s, my niece, my younger sister, and my Grandma’s birthdays–all in rapid succession!!

As I mentioned I’m already planning on a super fun trip to How To See Your Dragon Live for my birthday.

I’ve been hemming and hawing over what to do for Tyler’s 2nd Birthday, however. Not quite old enough for a “friend” party we’re also much too far away this year to do a “family” party if we want anyone other than the 4 of us to attend.

When I heard about Storyland New Hampshire I knew I’d found the answer!! Totally geared toward “little kids” I know that Amber and Tyler would have an absolute *blast* here! Storyland offers all-inclusive rides, shows & attractions, reasonably-priced admission ticket, FREE parking, and FREE pet kennels. How fun is that?! I’m super excited about going! (now I just have to talk hubby into being excited about going…..haha)

What even *more* fun is that right now you can Save up to $21 on regular admission

 Superly awesome! I’ll be sure to let you all know how much fun we have! Also here’s something just for you if you have a blog and you’re interested in finding out about great local offers and opportunities!

I will receive and item to thank me for my post, all opinions, birthdays, and excitement are my own.