Thursday Thirteen

I know…like I really need another meme to participate in right?! 😉 But this seemed so fun! And as I’m the queen of random ramblings I thought this was a perfect fit 😉 If you want to join me hop on over to Thursday Thirteen 🙂
1. I’m only ONE follower away from hitting 100!!!! I’m anxiously awaiting hitting it so I can take a video of me doing a “happy dance” and post it for your viewing enjoyment 😉
2. I really shouldn’t be doing this because I still have a to-do list a mile long, and a dirty house, and a huge mountain of laundry..but I’m doing it anyways! So there! 😛
3. I’m so sad that I have missed out on the last couple “Not Me Mondays” I’ve had some really good stuff too! Hopefully I can save it all up for a grand one next week
4. I’ve never ridden in a limo..I don’t know if I should feel like I’m missing out because I really don’t…
5. I’m working on a blog design for Cutie Pa Tutus in exchange for one of her darling tutus (this one) and I’m having a lot of fun with it!!!
6. I never realized how much work doing giveaways and reviews is! Don’t get me wrong…I’m seriously loving every minute!! But I want to do justice to all these great companies plus make the reviews some what interesting to read (so that you’ll actually read them!) and that’s much harder than it might seem..
7. Speaking of which…I have some fab reviews and giveaways coming up and I’m so excited about them, yey! P.S. If you have a company that you work for and want me to promote you please shoot me an email 😀 😉
8. I went from having hardly anything to do to being busy crazy overnight!!! It would probably help if I could drag my butt out of bed before 10 each morning…I set my alarm but then get up and turn it off it my sleep. 🙁 It doesn’t help that Amber is a darling child who sleeps in late (yey for her being like her mommy and not her daddy) and then plays super quietly in her crib till I come and get her…
9. I think the reason I’ve been doing that is because my body is still trying to catch up from being so sick, so maybe I should just try to get caught up? Or is it just being lazy?
10. Got put in “Twitter Jail” for tweeting to much during the TJ Maxx party today (hmm, maybe I’d get something done if it wasn’t for Twitter parties too! LoL, dumb things suck me in against my will…)
11. I thought Twitter was completely stupid and lame when I heard about it. When I signed up for it I only did it to get extra entries into giveaways. Now I’m completely hooked and think it’s a ton of fun! LoL.
12. For the life of me I cannot seem to win a Scentsy warmer, a digital camera, or anything valued over $100 even though I try and try and try….
13. Not that I’m complaining!!! I heart my random awesome funny wins 😀